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Are you an artist? Do you own an art or craft related business? Do you belong to an organization dedicated to art or craft? Then you are more than welcome to apply for a free sponsorship and have a badge advertised on the spots I have available here, absolutely free of charge. Please fill in the form below and send the information by e-mail to, using FREE SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION as subject.

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Please bear in mind that I do have the rights to filter all requests and decide whether your application is in line with my blog, with no necessary explanation. All requests will be reviewed and considered for viewing each month, I will notify you by e-mail if your application is approved.

I also provide intensive support and active promoting for all sponsors through my available social networking:
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This has proven to be an effective way of gaining exposure and traffic to your site. However, I will have to dedicate my time and energy to do this, so please spare a little donation and send it through my PayPal address. All donations will be saved and put toward promoting this blog, which will help generate more traffic for everyone at the end.


"When you are beginning as an artist and a creator of crafts, it is very difficult to get yourself out there, to get noticed, to be given a chance... Being successful, Amalia has the goodness of heart and the generosity to share her abilities and to help out beginners like myself by sponsoring our sites/etsy shops on her blog (which has many followers) so that we might get a chance to get noticed. I am so grateful for Amalia's help! She approached me by email, offering her help without pressure. I felt very happy, lucky and very comfortable with Amalia's help and service, and I was very happy to compensate her for it. Since she helped me out, I noticed that my shop has gotten more traffic, and compared to last month, I did much better this month! I wish there were more people out there like Amalia who care about their fellow artists and who want to lend a helping hand because they know how much artists struggle the first years! Thank you so much Amalia!" ~ Annie Hagopian of The Crafty Pixie ~

"Amalia, as a sponsored link on your blog, my experience has been nothing but positive here. You presented this offer professionally and from a place of genuine support of the community. It was super to see so many wonderful and warm artists amongst my little sponsor badge and it was a great way to visit others whom I've not known of before. Exactly what you were hoping for I believe, which was cultivating exposure. I also appreciated your kind Facebook "shares" of my work or posts. Thanks again and glad to know you are still open to hosting the sponsor spots and offering this for others out provide a warm and safe place to do so." ~ Shirley Ng-Benitez ~

"Amalia has created a nook for sponsors on her lovely blog and has selflessly shared their talents through various social media networks. As independent artisans, it's so important to network and Amalia recognizes this. I am grateful for her support and the opportunity to share my work with a new audience!" ~ Theresa McNaughton of Faerie Moon Creations ~

"I had the pleasure of Amalia presenting both my businesses, Spirithelpers and Beauty Flows for two months on her beautiful and classy blog. She also created treasuries on Etsy and shared the art of the people that sponsored her on Face Book. I personally love Amalia's way of sharing our arts. She is caring, thoughtful and supportive with each presentation. I also enjoy every visit to Pencils and Fireflies. I find it friendly, real and overflows with artful beauty, whether it is what Amalia writes to us, her beautiful and charming art, or the arts of the people she shares. I highly recommend becoming a sponsor of Pencils and Fireflies!" ~ Tammie Lee of Spirithelpers and Beautyflows ~

I so appreciate the opportunity to sponsor not only an amazing artist but more so an amazing woman. Amalia is an artist that I have long admired for so many reasons. Her artwork is flawless and enchanting and takes me to magical places I love to explore. Amalia is also a huge supporter of her fellow artists and never misses an opportunity to build others up and share her talents and gifts with others through support and encouragement. I so appreciate her support of my own art and I have had the chance to be introduced to many, many other lovely artists through Amalia. She is a teacher, a mentor, a gifted artist and a dear friend. Thank you for the opportunity Amalia! You know I adore you! ~  Julie Ippoliti of The Ruby Nest ~

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!

Amalia, XOXO