Tuesday, 20 December 2011

'Tis the Season to be Knitting

I must admit that knitting fascinates me. Besides the fact that it's harder than it looks and I failed miserably at my only attempt years ago, I also find it incredible how so many ideas are born and people are able to transform these ideas just by knitting them. It's amazing how I could type in the word "knit" on Etsy alone and end up with thousands of options, from sweaters to art, from scarves to toys, even socks to knitted beards. Now, how on earth would we ever survive without knitted beards? :)

Kitty Knitting, pencils on paper, 6x8 inches

Well, here are some gorgeous items I found on Etsy under the word "knit"....

1 - Little Bear Hat by SaraLagace
2 - Yes to Yarn by TrishaBrinkDesign
3 - Knit Stitch Knitting by pspress
4 - Marine Neckwarmer by Stylishknitting
5 - Mohair Fingerless Gloves by LoveandKnit
6 - Ecru Knit Bag - by Nzlbags
7 - Knitty, knitty by ashleyg
8 - Blue Knitted Pillow by MissWool

So if  the weather is cold where you are and now the festive season is just around the corner...maybe it's time put on the fire and knit your dreams away! :)

Amalia, oxx


  1. I love the neckwarmer!!! Oooh I want one of those. That is like a scarf without having to mess around with the knot! I hope you are having a wonderful and happy Christmas holiday or whatever holiday you are celebrating. Tsup!

  2. Ah, I love to knit. It is very relaxing. I was sitting here knitting tonight while I watched tv. Love you knitty illustration too :) Etsy has soooooo much knitted and crocheted things it would take eons to look at it all. ;) Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Amalia dear!

  3. so cute is your knit art!
    love all the knitting you have shared with us! I have a friend who is an extreme knitter and i know that i am missing out by not taking her up on lessons.... but i am trying to stick to photography, art and poetry.... no more new arts to learn.... yikes, so tempting.

    wishing you a lovely and wonderful holiday season!

  4. Wowww!!!

    This is wonderful knit/Crochet collection!! Thank you for adding my Knit bag!


  5. Love your kitty knitting picture, so beautifully done.

  6. I adore your new drawing! It doesn't hurt that you put my favorite animal in there! <3

    I love knitted goods as well, but can't knit because it aggravates my tendinitis. I can crochet if I limit the amount of time I spend at it. I personally think it's easier than knitting and it hurts my hands less. I've made scarves, stuffed animals, and even doll clothes with it! :)

  7. Hello Miss Amalia! Thank you for stopping by and the warm holiday wishes! The same to you and your family too! First christmas for your little one ~ so exciting!

    Do you have very different traditions from ours I wonder?

    How I wish we lived closer so we could share a christmas cup of tea!

    Hugs and smiles and happy Holiday wishes!


  8. Oh! Duh! And I love the playfullnes of this illustration - So adorable! Glad to see the colored pencils out again - you so inspire me!!!

    The knitwear is amazing too - thanks for sharing that with us!


  9. Your art is so beautiful!!! I love the composition. I can't knit for diddly squat. I wish I could!

  10. What a beautiful images, dear!

    I wish you a very happy Christmas and a new year full of great blessings for you. Hugs!!

  11. Knit one drop one pearl one, knit knit knit. :) Did I tell you that many children in australia have them? In fact they try to give them to me but I foil them by making them wear plastic bags on their hands whenever they are within three feet of me...

    Ahh I laughed when I saw Kitty Knitting. This image is full of joy and fuin I am worried about you. Come over to the dark side my friend.... look into my eyes .... heh.

    Umm, where was I? I always get so excited at the chance of corrupting someone, especially someone bringing happiness and joy to the world like yourself :)

    Okay, I know, without darkness there cannot be light - . Hey enough dribble from me. :) Amalia, I just wanted to say that it's so wonderful that you are getting a chance to share your work with us again, baby on one hand, Kolinsky sable in the other,

    thanks for a wonderful year, and thanks for all your kind critiques on IC and for all your kind comments :)

    Hugs from here!


    see you

  12. Haha so it;s true about men with large sandals.... that they have large feet?

    Is it true for noses? I noticed that mine has grown half a foot since I started my blog.... hopefuklly it will not grow the other half, it might run away with itself if that happened...

  13. Oh how fun! I DO love to knit! Your piece truly shows how fun it is to do. And your etsy choices are just lovely. :)

  14. Beautiful illustration, I'm not sure the cat is going to let her finish that scarf or sweater she's doing :)
    I wish I could knit too, I would be buying all those patterns I've seen on Etsy...to bad I failed too, some things are just not for me.
    I hope you have a merry christmas with your little baby and all your loved ones :)

  15. If I could knit, I'd knit me a motorcycle.

    -but I do like this piece, Amalia K.

  16. Tis indeed the season to be sat somewhere warm surrounded by wool! Thanks so much for the link you sent me Amalia. :)
    I wish you a restful and happy time with your family and your little one's first christmas!
    Jess xx

  17. I know, I know!!! I love the idea of knitting, but i can only knit squares and rectangles at the moment. I'm hoping to learn how to do more this year.

    Adorable drawing, dear Amalia! Beautiful warmth, as warm as a knitted cozy.

    Happy New Year to you, Lovely!


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