Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Animals for the Heart

Hi everyone, what have you been up to lately? I've been doing some new collaboration projects, creating wooden model carvings with the local craftsmen. Remember the owls from my last project? They were such a huge success in the shop, that I decided to have a few more lovely creatures added to the collection. This yellow bird was one of them, and to my surprise he was sold just a few hours after I listed him. :)

Now if you have a soft spot for cute furry animals like I do, I have no doubt that you must collect a clutter or two of animal figurines in your home. I even know someone who has a whole cabinet full of them! She told me that she started the collection just a year ago with only a couple of clay models, and she hasn't stopped buying ever since. Who would blame her, right? Just take a look at these adorable creatures made by Hamlin Design and tell me they don't make your heart melt...

Cat, the lady behind these wonderful creations is a true animal enthusiast, who has an especially huge love for cats. Her sculptures are beautifully made out of polymer clay with just enough detailing to show a kind of innocent simplicity that I absolutely love! It's amazing how Cat is able to tell a story with these animals just from their shapes and postures. I guess this is one of the cases where less is more really proves to be a successful mean of design. :)

So how about you...do you collect animal models too? Any particular animal you're crazy about? Do tell! :)


  1. They are amazing indeed. I have some cats and dogs figurines but bascially I like every animal. I love woodland animals, deers, foxes, wolves, squirrels, rabbits etc... beside dogs and cats:)

  2. I love them. They are so beautiful. I can see why you couldn't stop collecting them. Yes, they warm my heart.

  3. Hya Amalia :) Beautiful beautiful and beautiful. And those wooden animals - wow - you have the gift and I am glad you are divesrifying (that says "diversifying" in case you wonderededed) in such a wonderful manner! You know it's nearly Christmas here so I thought I would drop in and wish you a wonderful New Year - just getting in Early :) You can never be too early for some things, except for example, overcooking the meat on a barfbecue an hour before your guests arrive :) see you more often (oftenererere) next year I hope. I hope your life is treating you in a kind and interesting way Hugs from Ozstralia :).


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