Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bearer of Good News

Well hello. How are you this lovely weekend? It's always nice to unwind after all the hard work you did throughout the week, so I hope you're taking time to sit back and relax. The last few weeks had been quite a roller coaster ride for me... tons of work to finish and not having enough time to create my own personal stuff. It's "torture" in my book. But now that I've finished everything (thank God!), it feels good to just be able to spend time in my studio doing whatever my heart pleases. :)

Love Mail, 8x10 inches, mixed mediums

That owl up there? Other than being my new favorite woodland creature at the moment, he is also a bearer of  very good news! Remember The Whimsy Whimsical Giveaway I hosted a few weeks ago? Well, I've finally drawn a couple of winners to win the two gorgeous limited edition prints offered by Yeevon of Whimsy Whimsical. And they are... Lisa Petrillo and Patrick Olcott! Congrats, please expect an email from me very soon.

Thank you to everyone who has joined in the fun and entered the giveaway. I hope you will keep visiting and enter more giveaways I have planned for the next months ahead!

Meanwhile... have a fantastic weekend, everyone! :)



  1. It is hard isn't it when you can't do your own art. Your owl looks great is she done in pencil? Manonx

  2. I am enamored with your work... lovely Saturday evening to you...

    Debra Anne
    ps, I'm an avid daydreamer ;-)

  3. I know how you feel...I'm currently working on a commission and hardly can wait to finish's so stressful for is a large peace so really can't rush with it.
    So nice to see new work from you...the owl is lovely!! Enjoy your's only Saturday evening over here :)

  4. Hello, dear Amalia, and happy new year! Yay, glad to hear you are getting some time to yourself and your gorgeous art. Your little owl is adorable! Please, Mr. Post-owl, please let that letter be for me. :) Sending you great big hugs. xo

  5. this is a lovely piece Amalia
    just in time for Sweethearts day
    congrats on getting your work done so that you can freely create!


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