Friday, 1 March 2013

Savoring the Quiet Moments

Two days ago, another year was added to my life. And just as the year before, I chose to spend the day as quietly as I could, trying to savor as much peace and serenity that I could find. I suppose this is just a new kind of celebration for me. Something that I find so much more fulfilling for my mind and soul at the moment. Some may say that I'm probably going through a phase when everything I experience in life triggers a set of questions that make me ponder and wonder about the past and future. Even if most of them still stay unanswered.

Although my life seems to be quite an endless tale of quests, I'm truly grateful that my work is the one thing that has stayed consistently real to me. Not a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars for letting me have probably one of the most satisfying and heart nourishing jobs that ever existed. At least to people like myself. To me, it is a sanctuary, a friend, a guiding star, a shoulder to cry on, and most of the time, a place where I can truly call home. It has grown with me throughout the years and will probably continue to be my true confidante as I carry on with the journey ahead of me.

I realize that life will always be an unknown frontier. I may or may not end up in a place that I dream to be, and many questions will probably stay unanswered. But life is a riddle, and I'm more than grateful to have something that will keep me standing tall, no matter the weather.

I hope life is kind where you are, my friends.

With love,

Note: The artwork above is my latest original piece, titled The Wish Forest.


  1. 2 years ago, a day was added to my life. Nyuk Nyuk. Hahaha!

    Happy belated birthday dearest Amalia. I am happy for you. It's nice to love something you do. If you love your work, then it is not work. It is fun. You are blessed that way.

    Love your illustrations. They are so meticulous and refined. Just lovely.


  2. Beautiful blog post and art too!!

  3. as always your work is beautiful and your post as well. Happy belated birthday. So glad to hear it was a day of contentment - as it should always be. blessings

  4. Hmm, we might have had the same birthday then (the 27th?) Happy birthday to you! :)

  5. So wonderful you celebrated YOUR day YOUR way....a reflection of the talented soul and creative you are!

    Happy belated birthday wishes!

    Wish Forset evokes all you spoke of...and more :)

  6. Serenity, peace, and inner joy are some of the best gifts possible. She is beautiful, and so is her creator. Happy birthday to you!

  7. hello dear Amalia,

    I hope you enjoyed your quiet celebration. that sort of day sounds perfect to me.

    This piece is so lovely~

  8. I think that sounds like a wonderful way to spend your birthday.

    Your new art is beautiful, she seems so serene.

  9. stunning....sometimes we need the quiet times.

  10. Dear Amalia, Happy Birthday! Dream and draw, contemplate and draw, follow your emotions and draw!... You have obviously found the most suitable way of expressing yourself, the most wonderful "job" for you, bringing you joy and satisfaction! May your lucky star be always with you!
    I'm always in awe with your drawings - so tender and dreamy, drawn in such an exquisite way - as if you have used gossamer (hope this is the right word!) in different colours!
    These "kind" of girls is my favourite and I can watch them over and over again...
    Have a lovely, happy March!

    With love!

  11. hey, i've found your blog. and your coloring technic is adorable. i love it.
    by the way, happy belated bday :)
    and check out my blog if you want. i share my drawings too :)


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