Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Portrait of Jane

For as long as I can remember, I think I have been drawn to things that are old and unique. Those with quite a bit of history in them. Antique wooden chests had always sparked up my curiosity, the same way old dusty books seem to call out my name every time I visited the library. Somehow, I can't help but imagine all the wonderful stories these things must carry with them throughout their long years of existence.

Which is probably why, I like to incorporate "age" into  my art. There is something very delicious about tinting and rubbing colors to make my work look aged and worn out. Each effect seems to add a little bit of character to the piece. Just like this portrait I made, based on one of my all time favorite books, Jane Eyre.

It all started with a simple black and white sketch...a little smudging here and there...

...followed by layers and layers of paint, each one light in consistency, to achieve a more deep and solemn finish.

And of course, what's a painting session without some coffee staining? I know, I know. I use too much of it sometimes, I think it's just an excuse for me to have my studio smelling wonderfully of coffee. :)

And lastly, the most anticipated part of the whole process. Detailing. This determines the final look, adding even more depth and dimensions to the whole piece. Now, no matter how enjoyable this part may sound, it usually is the one phase where you tend to keep adding and adding, not knowing where to stop. Sounds familiar? I think we've all been there... :)

So anyway, I hope you've enjoyed that brief peek into my studio life. I know I haven't been much of a blogger lately, but I've had quite a few requests from some of you to share previews of my work process. So there you have it. Until next time, lovelies! :)

Much love,

Note: Portrait of Jane is available at The Wish Forest.


  1. hello dear Amalia,
    so lovely to see your art unfold
    it is such a lovely piece that overflows with feeling
    sweet week to you

  2. it looks great. I like her happy/sorrowful eyes. and wow, great shading and details. I would have used tea instead of coffee as unlike you, I don't like the smell of coffee but they do have their use.

    have a wonderful day.

  3. Beautiful work as always Amalia. One small question: what kind of pencil sharpener do you use in order to get that awesome, precise, smooth point on your pencils? I need to get me one of those asap.

  4. just stopping by to wish you a blissful new year. have a great day.

  5. That is wonderful! Been loving all your artwork since last last year :) You are truly so talented.


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