Monday, 26 October 2009

Clever Little Alice

I was watching Alice in Wonderland the other day and I still find it as fascinating as I did when I was a girl. Alice, smart, stubborn and overly curious, is the perfect portrait of an average girl I find these days. Hardly obedient, always able to find the perfect excuses and answers to everything...Believe me, I live with one and have to face her creative mind every single day :)

So here's a drawing I did based on one of my favorite fictional characters ever. Well, not so fictional in my present time...

Alice (pencil on paper)

"In my world, the books would be nothing but pictures."


  1. teh!!!!
    o my, this is PERFECT!!!
    me likey ;)

    teh, sumpah ya komputer gw tuh rese banget, skarang monitornya harus digebrak dulu baru nyala padahal dulu pernah dibenerin sama si bos ayam.
    Mo online jadi susah... huuuuu!!!!

  2. btw, yer new blog is sooooo lovely!!!!

  3. Thx just made my day :)

  4. jeungggg....baru liat blog mu. waduh selamat berkarya lagi yaaaa!! seru banget. gue jg baru mulai buat blog hari ini, gue link yah ke tempat lo.

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