Thursday, 22 October 2009

Spreading New Wings!!

I'm enjoying this new blogging passion, so I decided to create another one. Feel free to check out my old blog and see my works at:

So here's hoping for more new friends, wider horizons, better possibilities and heaps more inspirations! :)


  1. o my goooosssh!!!
    this is remarkable!!!
    you are my guru...
    indeed you are.

    sori ya teh baru OL lagi, komputer gw tuh suka rese akhir2 ini, ga ngedukung banget dalam perjalanan karir gw sebagai illustrator amatiran xD

  2. btw knapa jadi pindah blog?
    lebih enak disini kali yah?
    aku sebagai follower pertama dong!!!

  3. of course you are enjoying...
    mita indira is in the house!!!


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