Friday, 19 February 2010

Luna in Her Eyes

  Remember the first time we met? 
You had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen...

An ode to Luna, a woman's best friend.



  1. This a soft, warm, intimate picture! I perceive the two figures as a whole - they seem to understand each other without words. Peace. Silence. You can feel only the wind!Wonderful!

  2. Sweet! Our animals are so important! They share so much with us.

  3. maxutnya ini loh birutembuscahayadotkom, i LOVE this one, i LOVE Luna, i LOVE ALL, ALL, ALL.

    ps1: maxutnya yang sibuk aku deng :D hahahaha si pipi ngajakin liburan tapi dedlain dari gramedia kira-kira akhir bulan ini banget...

    ps2: i miss Nero too...

  4. So beautiful Amalia, every time I see your work I get such a sense of peace!

  5. Everyone is so kind with their words... Thanks y'all! xx

  6. Maravilloso trabajo, te felicito , cariños paty

  7. Amalia..this is just so lovely! Your mysteriously shy (yet strong) young lady and her beautiful friend are so wonderfully illustrated. There is a great sense of calm/peace and solidness (does that make sense?) to them..really great, Amalia. Awaken is gorgeous, too. I know I am going to be missing out on all of the IF fun, but I get to visit now and then, right?! Many thanks for your kind words and being there to encourage me. I really appreciate it so very much! I shall be checking in now and again! : )

  8. hi Teh.
    saya baru tau kamu ada Flickr juga, ngga sengaja liat di komen salah satu kontak temen saya.
    waaaah, hebat ya Teh kamu, salut!

    oh ya, kamu kenal juga sama Simone ya?

  9. maksutnya baru banget bikin Flickr.

  10. Hello sweet and lovely Amalia. Am I too late for the New year's Party? Is it too late to greet you a happy new year? Thank you for the holiday wishes. I was rushing then and I apologize for my unfashionably late reply.

    Again, your illustration. I love them.

    Okay the lovely witch Lakhsmina is here. Is she saying bad words? HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love languages and I love that people use their native languages in the blogs even if I don't understand them.

    Have a lovely week dear Amalia.

  11. Ces, dear! So glad you came by... and yes, the witch chants alot of nasty spells around here! Heheheheh... (^_^)

  12. Your work is stunning and I too adore Wayne Anderson's work.
    I'll call from time to time to see how you keep.
    Warm regards,

  13. I'm glad you left a comment on my blog so I could pay you a visit.
    Lovely, heartfelt art you have here!

    I'm sending this link to a friend who has a dog named Luna.

    I was a vet tech for 36 years. I can't imagine life without pets/family ;)

  14. Once again, so very beautiful. This girl and her dog look like they were made for each other.


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