Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Dusk at Dawn (IF - Star Gazing)

tilt your head up, star catcher
plunge yourself high, far and beyond
for fear and comfort are here
whenever dusk retreats at dawn

~ A.K ~


  1. so beautiful artwork, so so great !!!! Thanks

  2. Hi Amalia :)
    I love this one and the last post about geishas, they are so beautiful. A real living work of art.
    Her dress and hair are lovely, also the detail on her neck.
    Have you seen a japanese movie called Sakuran? I think you might enjoy it.

  3. Oh, by the way the movie is not about Geishas but Oiran. But it's beautiful and inspiring.

  4. Hello Amalia,

    Just stumbled upon your blog. What a thoughtfull artist you are! I am moved by your images of these beautifull faces..Looking forward to my next visit. Sincerally~Shelly

  5. Hi Amalia, i really love this illustration, so many subtle textures:)

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  7. WOW!!!!! This piece is absolutely beautiful!! I love how you have managed to keep your beautiful style and make this Geisha so unique. We stopped over in Japan on the way to the UK and back and I've picked up lots of beautiful Japanase paper which i am going to do a mixed media Geisha with, you have inspired me even more!!! Love this piece!

  8. Beautiful...I love the colors and textures you use in your ilustrations :)

  9. Amalia,
    oh, just gorgeous. That reflection on her face is MAGNIFICENT. She's a beautiful one!!!!

  10. Oh! This is magnificent! With this piece, you are showing a new dimension to your work, I think. You keep growing in leaps and bounds as an artist and writer! Wow!

  11. Hey Little one,
    OMG how absolutely magnificent is Dusk and Dawn. Such wonderful names for such fabulous character. You talk about me being an inspiration, but you also inspire me with your beautiful illustrations. How wonderful!! I love the way the blog looks. It's so fresh and Zen like! Very nice. Hugs to you Pretty Girl.

  12. The dawn's here and the starcatcher is back to reality! The reality where "fear and comfort" go together. An odd combination, but this is life, isn't it? As if the Geisha is saying "bye" to her innerself who remains behind the curtain, behind the mirror, back in the night, when she could gaze at the stars with the hope to see just one falling... I like the palette of colours you've used and the reflection. Oh! It can be seen because of the rising sun, I suppose! I have the feeling that water is moving, just wonder where it is - behind or beneath the woman?... And what is written with the hieroglyphs? I like this Geisha, dearest Amalia!! And the poem, too!xx

  13. Beautiful detail Amalia. Especially the application of the white makeup on the back neck area---absolutely perfect!
    Lovely, lovely, lovely..... :)


  14. One word to sum it up - gorgeous

  15. This may be my very favorite so far Amalia. You amaze and delight every time! poetic and full of emotion, your work so obviously comes from a full heart.

    what a joy to share this with you!


  16. every detail and the spirit of this piece is amazing! You really have talent and vision that I adore.

  17. Really nice work - I'll be back to check up on you from time to time.

  18. oooo! Another Geisha. Now that I am educated on the subject (thanks to your last post), I really appreciate this! This is one of the most amazing pieces you've come up with yet my dear Amalia! Love the emotion! I agree with all the comments. Magnificent,gorgeous,amazing and beautiful which makes this work of art......magormaziful! ( I saw you liked the combo-word for Shirley ;o) Have a happy day!!

  19. Hey there everyone! So nice of you to come by and leave such kind words...

    Woman, Jackie & Fripouille, hello and thank you! :)

    Ana, you're right, they are real living works of art. And no, I've never watched Sakuran but it sure sounds fascinating! So I'll be ransacking the stores this weekend...hahaa! Cheers! :D

    Shelly & Will, hello and welcome! Thanks for your kind comments, it would be nice to see you here again.. :)

    Amanda & June, hi and thanks! Yes, I've been using different kinds of textures on my work lately. It's been fun! (^_^)

    Hey Amba! Only a little pinch of sadness this time...heheh. The ‘opposites’ are still tickling me these days, maybe because they exist in most of us? And yes, my observant friend, fire and water, indeed! Thank you, sweetie! :)) oxx

    Nicola, thank you! I keep thinking how lucky you are to have set foot in Japan! I long to go there myself, I can imagine being overwhelmed by all the beauty there. And I will impatiently wait for your Japanese creations! :)

    Lins Artyblobs & Paty, thanks! You're so kind... :)

  20. Heather & Tammie, you're just too sweet, thanks so much! oxx

    Katherine, I do the best I can to always leap and bound, although I stumble lots of times too! Hahaha... So thank you so much, I find myself encouraged whenever I read the comments here! :))

    Aaah, V, my onee-san! (^_^) Yes, you are such an inspiration to me, your work is incredible! Thanks for always leaving your lovely words! HUGS!!

    Rossichka deary, yes, yes! The star catcher is finally seeing dawn! Although I'm sure there will be many more dusk to face. Hahahaa... Well, the water is there to separate the two, and they will always be linked in between. The Kanji symbol, which is something I find utterly fascinating to study, represents the word 'Birth'. Thank you my dear friend... oxx

    Anne! You are better! And now back with a bang with that gorgeous new avatar!! Thank you, darling, I'm sure there will be no stopping the 'wit' now, huh? Hahahaa... And yes, the make-up is something I marvel at each time. These women are like the supreme elders of beauty! Every single detail amazes me. :))

    Julia dear, thank you! "Emotion" is my middle name! It gets me tangled up too much sometimes, I'm afraid! Hehehee...

    Mr. Jack, hello, hello! “Magormaziful”??? Ahahahahaaaa…!!! That head of yours must be full of little mischief-dwarves playing havoc, tossing ideas all about the place! Well, I will ask the cleaning ladybug to tidy up a bit, although I’m sure it would be pointless. Hehehee… Honestly, “magormaziful”, indeed! Best call Longman again and make them offer you a price on those words before you sell them to someone else! :D :D :D

  21. This is gorgeous I really love your colors and texture ♥

  22. Any word on your new shop yet Amalia - I'm itching for some prints of your work!

    If you knew the joy and peace your art gives me during turbulent times...I cannot spend enough time soaking it in ~ "Oh goodie!" escapes from my lips every time I log on and see a new post from you.

    Thank you for that.

    Smiles and hugs

  23. Okay I am over my gibberish. Amalia this is wonderful,,, I am so surprised!

    Ho, just kiddin. You know, you are really taking your work onto another plane. A good plane, like up there , neck hurts looking all the way up there plane.

    Hmm. I might come back and look again after I check my Jung. (My Jung is stuck in the tap.. very painful - but it's just another archytpe...)


  24. oh my, I have been out of it and missed so much beauty, such beautiful work from such a beautiful person! This is, well I am speechless! It's just gorgeous, really, really, truly gorgeous! Thanks for the well wishes and sweet words.

  25. Okay I had another look. Gee err the harmony of the colours, the pattern of the fabric, the mystery of the whole piece!! Plus the second glance we need to make sure we are ssing a rfelection of the woman... or not?

    Technically, well the casutics (reflection of the water surface) is used to the utmost in this to give us literally the feeling of another dimension

    I like. :)

  26. Amalia K..

    I'm so happy to stumble upon your blog because it's so inspiring..
    your artworks and writings are simply beautiful.

    How do you get the 'classic' effect of colors in most works? Is it done manually (watercolor painting) or digitally? Juz curious :)

  27. something about you stands out. something about you shines in the dusk.
    let's leave.
    leave with me.


    see you.
    ~tetangga atas

  28. Stunning! I agree with Andrew-- the evolution of your work lately is over the top! (And you started up in the clouds anyway!) Lucky us, and Bravo to you!

  29. Hi Amalia, just came across your blog and the artwork is stunning to say the least...loved it!
    Have a nice day.

  30. I love your works, it was a good look to find you.

  31. you have captured Japanese style very well!

  32. OMG OMG OMG!!!


    And yes! I am screaming with delight!!!

    Absoultely delicious!

    Yes, I am hungry...

  33. Vilt og vakkert & Ivy, hey thanks! You're too kind :)

    Hi again, Julia! I'm working on it... Keep those finger crossed for me! Hehehe...

    Hey there Andrunymus! Up here! I'm on a plane, flying to God knows where! I hope that didn't really hurt your neck..heheh. Well, thanks so much for your compliments... Mystery is my playground these days and I think you'll like it. (^__*)

    Hello Doodle Design, thanks so much and good to see you! Actually, I've been playing around with Photoshop lately. The colors? Well, I have no special tricks for that... just comes out naturally. :)

    Karen & Krista, my sweets!! Thank you, thank you, thank youuu...! oxx

    Mita, leave? Leave where? And where are we going?? Sorry, I'm pretty thick, you know...hehehe.

    Arti, El Jose & Design Traveller, hello, hello! Thanks, nice to see you here. :)

    CES, HUNNYY!!!! Oooo, you're here... Thanks so much for saying that! I'm screaming with delight too!! (Come to think of it, I'm kinda hungry myself...heheh).

  34. Amalia,
    I just posted a little tribute to you and your wonderful art at my space ~ come visit and let me know what you think.


  35. well it must have been a mutual contagion I think :)

  36. PS Taste is a matter of taste. I try to think like someone with bad taste!

  37. You're Geisha series is heart touching... you've captured both the highs and the lows of these women of strength. Lovely work Amalia!

  38. This piece is just amazing, I can't believe how much intricate detail you depicted! :) She looks like she has so much inner peace. Just lovely! ~Lauren

  39. Incredibly beautiful this illustration.. she is magic.. and she has an elegant sensuality atmosphere!

  40. Hi Amalia. I found your blog today via Julie Christie's feature on her own. She was waxing lyrical about the way you capture hair and she was so right. Beautiful :)

    So glad I stopped by and had the chance to soak up all that sweet inspiration. It makes me want to go paint now... so I'm off to pick up my paintbrushes. See you again soon.

  41. Hello Amelia, what can I say but dito to all the above comments...just a question, what medium do you use? I always look forward to seeing what you create next I can tell you put so much thought and time into your work, I only wish I had the time to spend on my stuff I always feel like it leaves me in a rush and I don't get a chance to fully realize it. To me everything I do is kind of a sketch that someday I will make into a resolved day.

  42. Julia, again, thank you so much! You are SO kind to me... :))

    Monsieur Finnie, how do you know which taste is good or bad? I could very well have the worst taste and convince myself that it's just grand! (^_^)

    Roberta, thanks! I absolutely adore your work! :))

    Lauren, you know that I often have to push myself with details? Sometimes all I want is to get the message across that I just forget putting them in! Hehehee... Thank you, sweet!

    Hi Yasmin! Well, sensuality, did you say? Somebody said that about my work a while ago, and it still struck me as something strange because it's never what I try to get across! :D

    Well hello, Lisa Wright Stuff (cool name!)... Thanks for stopping by my humble abode, and it would be lovely to see you here again! And yes, yes, you should go get those paint brushes! See you soon... :D

    Hey there, Kylie! Well, if you've noticed, I've actually done the few recent posts with Photoshop. It's something I've given up a long time ago, but somehow my curiosity is taking over these days. Well, there's always room for experiments and improvements, right? And I think you should keep going with whatever you have time to do, every little doodle counts, I say! Cheers! (^_^)

  43. OMG! Girl! You have reached perfection with this series. These are truly incredible!!!

    A balancing act: It is an ongoing business of life!


  44. Hello and congratulations!

    You won my give-away. Please drop me a line and email me your mailing address. If you are giving me a P.O. Box, please know that the package measures at least 9" x 12". Due to customs requirements, I do not think I can send to a P.O. Box, if you live across the ocean. I will email you when I have mailed your package. Thank you for participating.


  45. Oh this is so beautiful and dreamy, she appears so graceful and there is such a wonderful calming atmosphere in this piece.

  46. This is SUCH a beautiful piece!!! I love the mirror image and the rippling reflected light. Wonderful color. Haunting image. It's great!!!


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