Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Topic Remains Open

First of all, I'd like to thank each and everyone who has commented on my last post. It was quite an ugly thing to discuss, but crucial, nevertheless.

I realize that at the beginning as I started watermarking my work, all I wanted was to 'protect' them from being taken and used without permission. However, after further observation and having the art of vandalism being 'demonstrated' to me so boldly a few days ago, I have seen a new light in the purpose of watermarking. It may only act as a veil-like shield for our work, but with no doubt works effectively as our 'claim' on them. Our name, written on each piece of art that we publish will function as a label, an information of the rightful creator and owner of the art. Thus, being spread widely throughout the internet, people who view them would automatically have this information stored in their memory. It's quite certain how the work of one artist with just one group of friends could be recognized in that particular group. So could you imagine if the artist had more than one group of friends? The label will be recognized in an interconnected chain link of people throughout the world. Frankly, with this in mind I could let out a tiny breath of relief.

So this is not a lost battle. My voice may be small, but I will not falter or surrender quietly into the night that easily. Yes, the topic will remain open for I suspect to be quite a long period of time. So please, lets look out for each other, as I will look out for you. Just as wolves do in their pack.

I must also point out that every human being has their own spatial rights. With our mind working differently from each other, I'm certain that we all want just a little bit of respect from one another. So friends, artists especially, lets always remember that permission comes before borrowing, not after. No matter how strongly you need to prove your point and especially if you plan to tamper with it. Of all people, we should know that better than anyone, don't you think so?

All in all, again, my deepest gratitude for sharing your brilliant thoughts on each of my posts. My perspectives on things are widened because of people like you, and I'm more than grateful for that.

All my best,


  1. well my thoughts on your artistic voyage. I like the dark direction you are going, the subliminal part is darker. Dark is good, because one's work can be aesthetic and 'cute' and dark at the same time (like me :) :D) . Cute being acceptable to most peope and not giving them horrid nightmares

    Serioulsy (seriously) I am responding to the medieval feel.

    As far as the water mark? Let you know.

    cheers from oz

  2. Thank you, my good, dark, cute, bearded friend. My head is spinning at the moment, but that crooked smile just made me giggle. So again, thanks for showing! Heheheheee...

    And of course, your thoughts on my artistic voyage is always appreciated too. (^_^)

  3. Ooooh! She is beautiful!!!

    More power to her and you!

  4. "POW!!" As you put it so perfectly ... Thanks, Ces. :)

  5. Love the warrior woman defending her rights! Also like the revised watermark. I think that's a good idea to put your web address on it. I'm thinking I should follow your example. Thanks for having the discussion!

  6. Amalia, this is a wonderful piece, I love her (your) strength and the wolf! I will most certainly be in your pack and look out for you. xo

  7. First of all, she is just amazing! I love how she seems a warrior...and what a noble cause! I think the new watermark is wonderful too! You have a wise take on this subject. I wish you would publish a book with all your artwork, I would just LOVE to have a collection to page through on cosy evenings. Your art soothes me.

    Smiles and hugs of encouragment.

  8. She is glorious, Amalia..I shall call you amazing, Amalia from now on. I am so sorry to see that your beautiful work has been pilfered by the pirates (no, not you, Andrew!) : )

    I recently had an Etsy-er ask how I "copyrighted" everything...what it took to do so, and such. I © everything, Amalia. I don't know if it's mostly the US that does this but it is important to do so here. If you have time, please go here: a faq sheet about copyrights:

    It states this:
    Who Can Claim Copyright?
    Copyright protection subsists from the time the work is created in fixed form. The copyright in the work of authorship immediately becomes the property of the author who created the work. Only the author or those deriving their rights through the author can rightfully claim copyright.

    I don't know if this helps, but I so do wish to help you in your battle against the hamsters who thieve.

    I am so overwhelmed by your amazing works recently - I see your inspiration from Mita...gorgeous! And this lovely heroine is one that takes my breath away. I hope she stops thieves in her tracks from her beauty.

    Take good care and hugs, Amalia!

  9. PS - I really like the idea of adding the date (or year) as some people this ©2010 Amalia K. All rights reserved.

    Just my 2¢. : )

  10. My dear Amalia! I like that girl and the new strength in her look. She's ready to defend herself, not to fight... I see that you are a courageous woman, who tries to change those things in her life that bother her, not take them for granted... A lot of thoughts were written down in this discussion and it was filled with so many different emotions. I agree that everyone has the right to tell his opinion. And it's nice when trust, respect and the "good tone" walk side by side... I'm sure you'll do the best thing for your art! After all it doesn't matter whether I like or not the way of protection. What I know for sure is how much I admire your works! Please, check out your mail!! xxx

  11. Hola Hola Sister Tree!!!

    ohhhhhhhh!!! what I have lost this week! wait a minute, or maybe hours... I need to read everything!

  12. hmmm, your watermark on your drawings/illustrations/art never bothered me, in fact they are discrete and yet your signature, is special, is YOURS.
    (ohhhh I love what you wrote about this! I make mine your words, well, but I don't want to steal them ahahaha)

  13. I'm so proud of your strong soul, Amalia :)

  14. Linda, thanks! It was Mr. Finnie the Pirate who actually suggested to put my e-mail address on the work. But since I don't really want people to start e-mailing me for any topics such as pots and pans, I settled with the blog address instead. Heheh. :)

  15. Tammie, thank you! I would certainly LOVE to roam the night and howl in the full moon with you! Hahahaa...

  16. My goodness, Shirley! Amazing Amalia? I feel like a great magician!! HAhahaa... Thank you, my dear friend. :)

    And of course, a whole lot more thank yous for that link you gave me. Yes, I do see how copyrighting for artists is crucial, and I will actually consider your suggestion on using the copyright symbol and year. Hopefully the thieving hamsters would think twice before nicking my work. Hahahaa!!

  17. Personally, watermarks have never bothered me, as long as it's helping to protect the artist then it's doing no harm to the artwork!
    As for your picture, I see a very courageous and strong willed lady prepared for anything, she's rather lovely and has the most entrancing eyes!

  18. Julia sweet, thank you for being so generous. As always :) Yes, the She Warrior will now forever grace and guard the front door of this blog, allowing only the good people in. :D

    Karen, thank you deary! :))

  19. Hi Rossichka! Yes, people have such mixed emotions on my last post and frankly, I think it's all right to share our thoughts and disagreements are natural in discussions, no?

    Thank you for your kind, kind words. I'd like to think everyone who create arts, whether images or words, are all in this together. :)

  20. Aaaahh, not only you are back, Amba, but now here to make me smile! :))

    Well, you have missed quite a colorful discussion on my last post, but thank you for your sweet generous words!! (hugs)

  21. Vanilla, to tell you the truth myself, I have always thought of watermarks as something very common for artists. But of course, I also wouldn't want people to feel annoyed by mine.

    Then again, Now I am glad to hear the majority voice, that they never really bothered anyone in the first place! Thank you, my friend. :))

  22. great idea to add the blog address as watermark. I really don't see it as an obstacle to appreciate your work.
    I love the eyes in these drawing, both the girl and wolf.
    Thanks for your visit, take care :)

  23. aaahhaaaaaaarghh greetings and spin the skipper and walk the tightrope ... ahem.

    Okay I like the sig one which I never noticed :)

    Great idea the web site. Maybe you could put the address at the bottom where it is inconspicuoous err incsonspicuaous.. err you know what I mean.

    So signature in middle as it used to be claims image, web site down bottom, or even better a new email address that automatically sends enquiries to your present email address (inquiries?)

    anyway what's wrong with getting adds for pots and pans? better than what us blokes get from spammers!

    somone was trying to sell me a new jib the other day

    gee that's only my opinion by the way and only a suggestion!

  24. ahh so the red squiggley lines meen spelling mistake? wait till I tell the captain

  25. Hey Ana, thanks for your thoughts, great to see you! :)

  26. Heheh. Well Monsieur, didn't think that pirates get surprises from spammers. I thought they get loads of coconuts shipped in crates instead. Hhm. You could always turn them into oil you know, more useful that way. Especially on chilly nights (to cook with, that is!). Better than pots and pans, I'll say!

    Heheheeheehehe... :))

    And thanks, again. Your suggestions are always appreciated!

  27. coconuts? :)

    okay I put my email on my new images, good idea! (in case i get lost)

  28. But of course putting the e-mail address is a good idea, you came up with it!! :D :D :D

    And don't worry, there's no way you could ever get lost... Believe me, have faith in the beard and let it guide you, my son.

    Heheh. :))

  29. I agree that watermarking is quite important and yes! more importantly, looking out for each other! btw, I like how you got a unique style and feeling throughout your works! :D Really nice!

    All the best!

  30. Amelia,
    This is a very beautiful, strong image and I love the new look to your blog as well. :-)
    I'm really sorry to hear you have had problems lately with people using your images without permission. I have had similar problems too and it is very upsetting as well as disrespectful! Unfortunately some people have no shame! ;-(
    Some also steal your ideas, which is a subtle form of stealing and call it inspiration. I have had this happen to me recently by a very well known and established illustrator, who really should know better!
    I will be watching out for you as well and you are right. The watermark idea is a really good idea!

  31. P.S. Sorry Amalia, I spelt your name wrong in my last message!

  32. Dear Amalia,
    Sorry to hear about your misfortune with thieves....but the 'lucky' thing is in this situation that you at least found out about it! I mean how many artists could be out there whose work is used and stolen without even they would know about it! Your work is so unique and recognizable I don't even know who would be that stupid to steal it!?

    I think your new watermark looks nice and doesn't effect the enjoyment of your art (though your old one never did either!)
    I think the risk will always be there with anything we post on the internet..with watermark or's the sea of pirates and we can never be too safe.We just have to watch out for each other.
    Your situation was a wake-up call for me too though, I should protect my work better, but I just never think that someone would actually steal my work.But I guess it happens...

    This new piece is BEAUTIFUL and in particular I love her eyes and the colours you used to create the mood. She looks brave and ready to fight! I hope she will protect you from the pirates! ;)

    Be well! :) xo

  33. Ahhh... nasty business those pirates... it really is a dilemma isn't it? I have more than once thought about giving up blogging because of it. (My agency has my complete portfolio online, but manufacturers must have a password to view it, so I feel like I am exposing myself by having a blog. Although of course there are many ways to have one's art pilfered.) I, too, have recently added a watermark to make myself feel a bit better.

    Than you for your thoughts on this, you are very wise.

    And, oh!! This huntress is astounding! Such a feeling of strength, and possibly even, defiance! So no, let's not give up blogging-- this community has too much to offer each other!

  34. Hey Charles! Nice to see you here. It's good to know you feel the same way... Yes, we should all look out for each other. :)

    And by the way, I'm a fan of your work, so ditto! :)

  35. Hello Jo, dear. Now, I see that I'm not the only one who had this experience? Well, the more reason we should keep our guards, don't you think?

    Now, having ideas copied is another story. Much harder to prevent, so much harder to prove. I'm sorry to hear you had this kind of experience before, Jo. :(

    Well, I will definitely look out for you! :))

  36. Katalin, aww, you're too kind with your words. Thanks very much :)

    You're right. We're putting our art and ourselves at risk by publishing any form of information about our work on the internet, but a little wisdom always helps. I've seen many sensible bloggers who stay friendly and open, but still draw a line between them and the outside world. Maybe like putting up a sign "I MAY BE NICE, BUT DON'T MESS WITH ME"? Hahahaa... (hugs)

  37. Oh, Krista! Don't even think about giving up blogging, because I will miss your lovely art very much!!

    Yes, I think pirates will continue to roam the oceans, but that doesn't mean we should stop following our aspirations, right? Well, watermarks may seem pointless to some people, but even the smallest form of claim is necessary.

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  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Sweet Amba, it's always so wonderful to see you here! I've missed you too!! And I loved seeing all the souvenirs you have from the vacation, at least now I know you came back all fresh and happy.

    By the way, elf ears are good omens, did you know? You may possess special powers that you haven't discovered yet! Keep on searching, I can see the signs. Hahahaa... (BIG HUG)

  42. I didn't know it! wow :0 I'm so curious now... :) ahahah, my sweet sister tree, you can see the horizon from your upper branches!

  43. Well OT I put my mail on the pics... yes I told you. Sorry sillynelity is catching up with me!

    I came to say that I loved Legend, thankyou for the reminder!

    cheers from oz


  44. You, Andrew and Mita are the ones I follow the most all are evolving so fast. I sort of feel like a little meteroid hanging out that a major comet has passed...still, it's exciting to watch. I wish you well, big three.


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