Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Blissful Slumber

Watch me float into air
while the shimmery clouds touch my senses
and the moonbeam kisses my face
as I gently close my eyes
surrendering to a blissful slumber

Blissful Slumber is available now at The Wish Forest

Peace and love to all,

Amalia, oxx


  1. She is gorgeous, so blissful and serene. xx

  2. love the idea; Your work is always perfect. i mean, everything you do is beautiful...
    xo sandra

  3. Well, I don't have such dreams anymore, but your paintings are a thread, that connects me witn that world of high hopes and day-dreaming...
    A lovely piece of art!
    The perfect hug - with arms, hands, hair...
    I hope you are both well! A joyful and successful schoolyear for the little ones!

  4. i am blissful just witnessing this art of story & paint. LOVE.
    floating, xox.

  5. Hey anyone for tennis? How about a little Haiku then? :) Howsitgoinglove . You know this piece is making me smiley tired. You know when you are happilydreamingandsmilingthensuddenlyyouwakeupandrealisethatyouarestillasleep?

  6. sorry I was typing with my nodes :) Ahh well beautiful and serene, this is a mandala with figurative elements. Bet you never knew that before :)

  7. Simply gorgeous, Amalia..oh, she is so peaceful in her slumber! I have missed a lot out here in blogland..I hope you've been well, my friend!

  8. such a lovely and soothing piece dear lady.

  9. Oh this is so beautiful, Amalia. What a perfect piece to place in a young girl's room! So dreamy and blissful!

  10. Her expression is so calm and soothing... Stunning work, and I'm loving her blushed cheeks!

    // - T.W -


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