Monday, 26 September 2011

The Queen of Hearts (IF - Ferocious)

"Sentence first, verdict afterwards!"

~The Queen of Hearts~ 

The Queen of Hearts, pencils and digital mediums

Although depicted in a calmer and more silent mood here, this Queen of Hearts can be as ferocious as a lioness! (trust me, you don't want to mess with her...)

Here's to a fine week ahead, everyone!

Amalia, oxx

***The Queen of Hearts is now available as cards and fine art prints in my RedBubble shop.***


  1. I think she has this underlying furious look, you can see it hiding there just under the surface - ready to pronounce 'off with her head' at the slightest provocation.

  2. I can't believe she can be ferocious, but you did your best to convince us... The winning card, the rose with thorns are significant accents. The "locking" pose of the hands says: "Better do not touch me, the power is in me!"
    But still I think that if this beauty loses her crown, she would be someone else...
    Lovely composition and choice of colours!

    A wonderful week to you, too, dear Amalia!:)xx

  3. Wow Amalia I hope you don't mind me saying but pregnancy really suits your creativity! This is a fanastic piece, love it!
    Jess xx

  4. right on! i love her
    + know her within me too!

  5. She is AWESOME Amalia, love the cards, the attitude... well, ok, I love all of it :)

  6. I am officially a fan!Lovely work!

  7. Watch out for those sweet-looking queens (especially of hearts)! She is certainly adorable and sweet-looking, but we all know about her! Lovely work Amalia! Thanks for sharing and for all your kind and encouraging words when you stop by :o)

  8. She is just FABULOUS, Amalia!!! I can sense the fierceness in her. :)

  9. Very nice style and illustration. I will check out your other work. Well done and good choice for the topic.

  10. I will take your warning! She is gorgeous and powerful.

    lovely week to you.

  11. yes, it's always the least intimidating who can be the most ferocious...
    She's definitely got the gears turning and ready to shift.


  12. Hey :) Do I detect a hint of autobiography here? Hmm let me check her cards - be right back!

  13. Haha she has the "Ace" ... why didn't I guess!

  14. Great choice for this weeks theme. She definitely has a steely look in her eyes:)

  15. The Queen she likes 'em red
    If she saw white instead
    She'd raise a fuss
    And each of us
    Would quickly lose his head

    Now she's a lady that knows what she wants... ferocious!

  16. Hahaha, she holds the Ace in her hand, and more up her sleeve, I'm sure. She may be ferocious, but she is beautiful!


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