Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Vintage Heart

I've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately, finding plenty of inspirations in retro, vintage things.
And one thing lead to another...


... I ended up recycling this old piece and gave it a more romantic feel.
Don't you just love how flexible art can be? :)


Fab inspirations:
1 - Black Ballerina byclairelafaye
2 - iPhone case byonyourcasestore
3 - Antique typewriter at Modred12  
4 - Silhouette necklace by lepapierstudio 
5 - Leather pumps at CoyoteMarmalade
6 - Art Deco necklace by LucieTales  

 Art: Vintage Heart, digital mediums, 21x29.7 cm 



  1. I like very much this retro selection! So feminine and delicate. I'm thrilled to see my Minuit lariat in such gorgeous company, thank you!

  2. Love your choices!-thanks for including me with them.

  3. Amazing collection! Thank you so much for the include!!!

  4. recycling is wonderful, it's lovely

  5. Oh, she's simply gorgeous...again! Amalia. I've missed so many posts, but wanted to wish your sweet little girl a happy belated birthday! Yes, dreams do come true and I know you'll make hers come true. : ) Your recent illustrations are perfect for a new little one's beautiful! And wow! The commission turned out wonderfully! How creative and I'm sure she loved it! And! You are so talented and I can't wait to share your work with my eldest in July..she will swoon. ; ) Thank you again, my friend!!

  6. Yes I do! I love this new costume for your girl, she look beautiful. Lovely photos too. :)
    Jess xx

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