Thursday, 28 June 2012

Mommy Time for Me


Hello my sweets, how's everything? This week has been surprisingly quiet for me. Probably because my eldest is staying at my sister in law's house and her younger brother has no one to bother. It's funny to see him looked so lost without her, especially because they bicker and annoy each other practically everyday. Lucky for me, the situation gave me plenty of time to finally start a new drawing and finish it faster than usual. I should thank my daughter for giving mommy some time to herself. :)

Well anyway, she is coming home today. I expect the bickering to start again not long after she arrives. :))

What about you? Any highlights for the week?


Art: Dearest Beloved, available here.


  1. Ah that's wonderful that you got some quiet time but your illustration, so beautiful yet so sad. Why? Tsup!

  2. This is a sweet painting, and tells a touching story. Those are my favorite kind! I'm glad you enjoyed your mini vacation with fewer than usual responsibilities as 'Mommy'... I know you'll be happy to have both kids back home together, though! Enjoy that time! (Advice coming from a Mommy whose kids are both moving across the country next month!)

  3. Amalia, it is always nice to steal a little time for yourself. I'm sure you will be happy to see your little one back home, though.
    This is another pretty drawing, Amalia. There is such a sweetness to all the girls you draw. I think it is in the eyes.
    ♥ audrey

  4. so tender and sad
    i wonder what inspired this piece for you
    i love seeing your art unfolding and then the final gorgeous piece
    so lovely that you got some time to yourself...

  5. Such lovely work,
    On Sundays I host a linky party, be sure to come by.


  6. Aw this picture looks so sad. Sad but very beautiful. I love how you've shown the drawing of the feathers and I want to draw with that lovely pointy tipped pencil! :)
    Jess xx

  7. She's lovely Amalia. She is a little melancholy though; maybe you missed your daughter and the bickering ;)


  8. This is just beautiful! Love all the stunning detail, her face...gorgeous!

  9. Whenever I want to feel at peace, I just look at your work - so beautiful ♥


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