Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sweet Lilac Kisses

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Life is sweet.... as lilac skies and butterfly kisses,

I hope you are having plenty of both. :)



  1. You have a lovely blog- thanks for featuring my embroidery! xo :o)

  2. You have wonderful taste!! I do believe I have drooled over each and every one of these items on Etsy and have a few on my wish list!!

    Thank you for including my headband in such a wonderful collection :)
    Your art work is amazing, Amalia!!
    And artists have the best blogs!!!

  3. such a lovely post
    you have the sweetest taste in life
    and life again
    your art is a joy to see

  4. Thanks for feature, wonderful!

  5. What a lovely title for a post and what lovely pictures too! Your little girl sits very well with her lilac gems. :)
    Jess xx

  6. Little girls with pink balloons? Well how sexist is that? What about boys with pink balloons. Okay okay, what about colour blind boys with pink balloons then? Well that little girl is so eloquently drawn, she is very far seeing, maybe she will grow up to be Sybil the Oracle. I kid you not. :)And what I wonder is she hiding behind her back .... a blue balloon perhaps?

    Nah, it's my day to be silly. I hope you are well and the moon is bright where you are.
    Cheers from 'ere :)

  7. These are beautiful finds! Love lilac too. I just planted a lilac earlier this season, and hope to see some flowers next year :)
    Your drawing is lovely! You make such sweet faces!


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