Sunday, 8 July 2012

Night Time Solitude


The school holiday is almost over. I just can't believe how fast the weeks had flown by! Other than spending time with the kids, I've also been busy drawing my little thoughts away. Finding time here and there throughout the day, but mostly during the wee hours of the night when everybody else is fast asleep. It's amazing how a little quietness can bring even the tiniest vision inside my head to life. It's like falling into a hollow space in time where everything stands still but the movements of my hand drawing away.

I spent a few nights awake finishing off this drawing of Alice. It's incredible how I can stay up all night without sleep when I'm eager to see the end result of an unfinished piece. I know it's probably something I shouldn't make a habit of, especially when I need my health more than ever now that my baby is old enough to crawl all over the place! But I must admit that seeing a drawing finished is always a wonderful feeling, even if sleep is the price I have to pay. :)

How about you? Do you stay up at night too?

Art: Yes, Miss Alice (pencils on paper)


  1. i love that you shared the process....she's beautiful...and i really like the addition of the white rabbit behind her!

  2. yes, I do stay up late..... i love drawing at night...
    this is so lovely~

  3. Hello, Miss Beautiful! Ooooh, dreamy Alice! She has the perfect faraway gaze, completely lost in her thoughts.

    I sure do know that feeling of wanting to finish a drawing 'till the end. But I'm old. I just can't stay up late anymore. :) Hope you are having a brilliant summer so far.


  4. It's so wonderful to be engrossed in the drawing. I can't stay up late any more, too many years spent with sleepless nights with my children! I value every minute in bed undisturbed these days! :)
    Jess xx


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