Monday, 16 July 2012

A Perfect Monday

Monday morning is approaching fast, and you know what they say about the Monday morning blues.... 
So here are some tricks to brighten up your mood!

Have a yummy colorful breakfast

Start clean with a sweet and fresh fragrance

Be bold and wear something that makes you stand out in the crowd

 Be sure to have everything you need in your bag

Always wear shoes you can "fly" in

  Hang on to at least one positive aim throughout the day

 Think only of happy thoughts

Share some love, and you're likely to get some back in return.

Now that you're all set...take a deep breath, and go step into the world. :)



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  1. Well, I do maximum half of those things... Maybe I should try the other half?:)) Thanks for the optimistic urge to face the new week with a smile and in a good mood! Lovely week to you and your family, too, dear Amalia!xox

  2. such a fun post Amalia, now i know, i shall always wear shoes i can fly in, thank you and lovely Monday to you ~

  3. What a lovely way to start the week off :)

  4. Perfect Monday! What is that? Hahahaha! I had the worst Monday this morning. I hope it was the worst because I don' want to have another Monday like that again. Oh get this, I should be sleeping but I woke op thinking today was a weekend (Saturday) and so happy. No it isn't. Hahahaha!

  5. Thanks Amalia just what I need today(tues)! My monday was quite good but today I need a shot of energy and these beautiful items are just the thing! :) It's great to hear you visited Skye as a child! I hope my daughter will have fond memoties of it too in years to come, she wasn't very impressed! She is at 'that' age though!;)
    Jess xx


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