Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Morning Muse

Hi everyone. I can't believe a week has gone by without a post from me! My apologies... I guess I have been too caught up with life and work that I lost count of days. It's a tad disappointing that my first days of 2013 were spent catching up with deadlines, when I remember promising myself that I would be finding more time just getting my personal ideas out and drawn onto paper. So that's exactly what I did today. I put my work aside, grab the nearest piece of paper I could find and just drew the first thing that came to me.

And it sure felt good. It's amazing how a little change of "scenery" could refresh the mind! I'm really happy at how this muse turned out, I think I may even make more of the same style. Mind you, she's quite small, so that would put less pressure on me. You know how nerve wrecking it is to work with large pieces...I think the anticipation of finishing just one would be a slow death for me right now. LOL. :D

So anyway, what kind of projects are you working on early this year? Any tips on how to keep yourself refreshed and motivated while trying to fulfill your deadlines? I could sure use some! :)


  1. What a beautiful muse she is! I am trying to tackle a project a week and wrote it down so I will have the joy of crossing it off my list! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Beautiful art work Amalia! Love it! It is so elegant & mesmerizing! It's art to LOVE!

    Elizabeth Aviles

  3. What a beautiful girl....she has a look of gratitude and knowing in her she knew you'd bring her into the world :)

    It is too hard to get back into a routine after the holidays....add a bout of coughing and congestion for me and the energy I need to get back into it isn't there :(

    Ah well, hopefully, I'm just getting my yearly illness out of the way now and will be healthy the rest of the year *fingers crossed*

    Always happy to see a post from worries about time in between!

  4. What a beautiful face, such powerful eyes.

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  6. This si absolutely adorable. I really am a fan of the way you shade. It just gives it something really deep. If you knkow what I mean. Well done on starting 2013 with such a lovely picture

  7. I just found your blog! This is adorably cute - very sweet. xxx

  8. Oh she is just beautiful!! I adore your work! :)


  9. what a lovely drawing. it's too bad I'm as active. I do find visiting blogs like yours does motivate me a bit.

    hope you have a great day.

  10. she is most definitely a muse... i feel inspired just looking at her! it's awesome that you are prioritizing your creative vision - i've been falling asleep designing in my head, but have yet to bring the ideas into reality... maybe tomorrow i will!!

  11. Dear Amalia, this girl is so beautiful, tender and innocent, as if she's just come out of a book with fairytales or has flown from a parallel reality... It would be great if you draw more of the same style!
    I'm still not very busy, although I have my work with the children theatre studio and our weelky workshops reopened, some evaluations to be written, a puppet play to be edited... When I have a lot of tasks and I feel overwhelmed, I just stop for a while and make something that I really love to do, to see, to taste, i.e. I give myself a break to recharge.
    Wishing you all the best and wonderful moments with your family! Love!xx

  12. Love her! I absolutely love drawings like this!


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