Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Revisiting My Magical Forest

When I was little, I used to imagine myself living inside a magical forest. And being an inhabitant of a haunted house for over ten years, I think this magical forest was somewhat different from the kind that most children would imagine. I remember drawing some strange looking animals (like bears with wings or birds with human legs) and my nanny would try to correct me, saying that they looked nothing like the real things. :)

Having this magical forest well kept inside my head until today, I was stunned when I first saw the works of Kathleen Lolley just a few years ago. Her curious looking art describes my "magical forest" as closest as to how I imagined it as a child. It was like reliving my childhood past one long day after another...

Other than her brilliant paintings, she also creates enchanting, intricately made shadow box art...

Now don't tell me that you didn't get goosebumps after seeing all that! I just love how her work harmoniously blends the magical and the curiously dark as one incredibly amazing world. It makes me want to turn back the time and dwell in my childhood days once again. :)

If you have fallen in love with Kathleen's art (which I have no doubt you have!), here are the links to more of her work:
Official website
Etsy Shop

Anyway, I'm so glad I finally got the chance to share her work here. Til next time! ;)



  1. A magical, peculiar world, full of secrets, shadows and lights, silent steps and sudden sounds, amazing creatures and beauty. A little bit scaring, this midnight kingdom makes me feel that maybe it's not impossible to exist in a parallel world...:) Thanks for sharing, Amalia! Hope you are having a splendid Summer!xx

  2. I absolutely love her work and have done for a long time. You've picked out some fantastic ones of hers to show here! I love her world and I inhabited it too when I was young! Thankyou for sharing it.xx

  3. these are all so wonderful!
    i love your taste in art, thank you for sharing.
    Lovely summer to you and your family~

  4. Great post! I did not know this artist and I am glad you introduced us to her imaginative work. I am in love with the sky and fireflies in the Red Riding Hood-like owl painting. :)

  5. I just love this work. It looks so magical and peacefull. I will hop on to here blog. Thanks for your post :)
    Liefs, Melanie

  6. Woah, these are beautiful, that last one especially. Love it.

  7. Gorgeous work :) I think it's amazing what imagination looks like.

  8. Absolutely adorable work that brought a smile to my face. Some real forest magic in her work which is also in your art too.
    Have a lovely week, Amalia! xx

  9. I love your fairy images - they are kind, positive and so inspirative :)

  10. I love all the little animals. It reminds me of the way illustrations in books used to be, so much detail and handcrafted.



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