Monday, 29 July 2013

The Golden Twenties

If you follow my Facebook Page, I'm sure you would know that I had a severe Great Gatsby fever just a while back (although I don't think I'm entirely over it yet). Long before this movie even appeared, I have always been fascinated by the Golden Age of the 1920s. I think it's one of the most romantic and beautifully portrayed days of the past. The glamour, the art, the fashion, the music, all seem to flow harmoniously together like a beautifully written song. Artistically, to me this era itself is a vision of a great masterpiece.

And here are some of my most recent works, inspired by those marvelous golden days...

Don't you think it's incredible how a single movie could trigger such a wide ripple of influence? I'm just amazed to see how the trends have changed their directions and present the twenties in a more brilliant way. Suddenly women are wearing their hair shorter or in curls, taking the dance floors in flapper dresses and trotting the streets with their cloche hats. Such a fabulous way to relive the past, and I'm glad we all got a taste of it.

How about you? Were you hit by the fever too? ;)


Note: All works above are available at The Wish Forest.


  1. These are fantastic Great Gatsby pieces! I have yet to see the movie, but definitely on THE LIST!

  2. Wow! So beautiful artworks. Very stylish ladies. 20's would be a great era to visit with a time machine.

  3. If the Time Machine arrives at your place, I know where you'll go, Amalia!:))) You are enchanted by this epoch (I admit it's a very stylish and interesting one) and we are fascinated by your drawings on the theme! Your ladies are all beautiful and you are a Master of drawing with pencils!xxx

  4. My goodness, Amalia! These girlies are so sweet in all their 20's finery! Love them all :)


  5. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News

  6. Oh my God! I am so in LOVE with The Great Gatsby right now. You really can read my mind. :p
    Btw, I really love your artworks. Fascinating. :D


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