Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Both Sides of the Story

Today is a bleak, bleak day. My heart aches, for I have been misunderstood.

It never is easy for me when someone takes my words or actions in a wrong way. Having to hear that he or she is hurt because of them makes my heart aches even more. What did I do to hurt you? would be the first question I ask and I'm sorry would definitely follow because deliberate offense is something I've sworn to delete in my vocabulary of actions since a long, long time ago. However, mistakes is something I cannot guarantee not to make in my life because no matter how advanced a human mind is, each of us thinks in very different ways from one another. The way I see it, some things are never really black or white, some can't always be right or wrong. There are things that are acceptable to myself, but unacceptable to others and vice versa. Our individual minds determine our choices and decisions, hopefully to make the right one at the end, or at least one that is the safest to people around us.

If there's one very important thing I learned from human relationships, is seeing things from both sides of the story. Yours and mine. There is always a reason behind every word and action, strangely enough, asking or listening always seems to be the last thing we do. Some gets emotional and let anger gets the best of them, some stay quiet and let assumptions eat them from inside.

So why was I misunderstood? My heart is still aching.

Different opinions and wrong assumptions. The very classic of all tales.

So my dear sister, brother, friend or any passer by in my life, I apologize deeply if you ever misunderstood me for my words or actions. Believe me when I say that hurting you deliberately would be the last thing I ever do. But please, never judge me or label me in your mind or even let others think differently of me before you demand my reasons. I think everyone deserves at least a tiny right of self-explanation.

That's my side of the story. What's yours?


  1. Oh my goodness Amalia, this is so beautiful. This drawing is beautiful because you poured your soul into it. It speaks volumes. We have all been in this predicament before and even in the future it may happen. Our hearts only break and hurt because we love and care for each other, otherwise, it won't feel pain but freedom when there is none. So I hope that we all learn a lesson from this. Life is so precious and unless our core principles are trampled upon, there is room for forgiveness and understanding. We should strive for peace and love. I know it may sound trite but I believe in making up unless one of the parties has violated your core values then it is time to move on alone, but if we still love one another, why not listen to each other and heal each other's hearts?

    I wish you the best
    may discord be mended
    may wounds be healed
    may scars remind us
    that the best things
    in life are not easy
    The first step may be
    to say to each other
    I am sorry.

  2. oh.. such a precious painting!!!

    Now here is the thing.. just...let it away....

    I used to spend days running things over and over in my head.. it's exhausting, draining and non- productive.
    Now ..this is my thing.. I think this question only!!...

    What was my intent...?

    Was I intending to hurt this person?

    If no.. then I shake it off my back.. people can construe words to fit their own insecurities.. and you have no control over that .. or there response..

    ALL we have control over is .. our intention..
    Big hugs.. release it.. Wednesday is a beautiful day.. go treat yourself with something that makes you feel good..
    Such an amazing work//
    Luv , Helen

  3. Gorgeous work Amalia - I really can't add anymore, Ces seems to have said it all.

  4. Ces, dearest Ces! I LOVE that little poem you wrote, so simple and true! I agree with you that there is always room for forgiveness and I really hope that there are so many more people who believe in that too. Thank you, you have such a kind, kind heart. oxx

    Helen, sweets! You know, sometimes breathing in and out is my only first aid kit when it comes to the matter of heart?? So wisely said! You're right, I think I should treat myself with something nice...hhmm, a tub of ice cream sounds tempting...! (^_^) oxx

  5. I can totally relate to this post...! I agree with Ces... And I'm so glad to have stumbled upon your blog :) Such beautiful works of art :))

  6. Oh Amalia my heart goes out to you! At times like this I feel like this too and it mortifies me when I think someone had misunderstood my intentions. Maybe being artistic goes hand in hand with having a sensitive nature. People that love you, know you and will realise that no hurt was intended. You have a loving spirit and I for one am better off having met you here. All you can do is know in your heart that you meant well and hope that the person in question comes to know that too. :o)xx

  7. Sorry to hear you are feeling so down but I think we've all been where you are now and there's not much more I can add that hasn't already been said. This is a beautiful very emotional illustration that says it all really. Hope you feel a bit happier soon, hang in there. xoxo

  8. Jessie, you really are sweet, sweet as your art to me too! I'm so blessed to have found a friend like you... ox

    Nicola, thank you so much, I have such wonderful friends here...cheering up is a lot easier these days! (^_^) ox

  9. Hmm. yep a tub of ice-cream sounds good!
    Yep.. I was going through a time a while back when just breathing was pretty much the main thing on my mind..I did a big painting at the time..called 'Breathe in..breathe out'
    The lady who bought it could totally relate..we are not alone Amalia!
    I'm so glad your day picked up!! ( thanks for visiting my wee whale!)
    Cheers , Helen

  10. Hi Amalia, thanks for following! :)xx

  11. Amalia, I sincerely hope you're feeling better, and things are close to being resolved. I've been thinking of you. It seems like a lot of us are having a rough week. I have an award for you at my blog and I hope that picks you up a bit, hang in there...Hugs ;0) Susan

  12. Such an honest, candid post. It's so true. We must forgive others and ourselves. Beautiful illo. Thanks.

  13. This is beautiful and so very moving, dear Amalia. Your illustrations are so rich with story. I must agree, trying to see both sides of the story helps lessen the pain of misunderstandings and increases tolerance. You are very wise.



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