Friday, 12 March 2010

Sunshine Through My Window

All I wanted the first time I started this blog was to share my thoughts and show the world what I see through my eyes and my heart. I never dreamed that I would meet so many incredible, honest and loving people that I am now blessed to call friends. I guess this goes to show that the world isn't all that bad, since there still are people who could be sunshine on a rainy day. So thank you my dearest friend, Susan Mordigal of Susan Beth Studio, for giving me this award and I'm more than excited to pass it along to 12 other beautiful 'sunshine friends'. And seeing that Susan has already presented the same award to a few people I also have in mind, I'm afraid I'm going to give the award to those people too because I love them so much! You know who you are, so if you get more than one award, then it's just solid proof that you are that wonderful!!

Kathy Hare of Moongazing Hare

Jessie of Jessie Lilac

Rossichka of Out of the Shell

Sandra Vargas of SandyGrafik

Julie-ann Bowden of Heavenleigh Art

Flor of Zumbudrule

Evangelina Prieto of Evangelina Prieto Ilustracion

...And since I'm cheating already... I'm giving this award back to you, sweet, sweet Susan!! xx

So you all must know how this works, right? (of course, this doesn't apply to you, the experienced award recipients!!). Just do exactly what I did... minus the 'cheating' if you can!! Hahaha...

- Display the award logo within your post.
- Mention the person you received the award(s) from, including the link to their blog(s).
- Pass along the award to 12 more people who you think should receive one, including their links too.
- Of course, don't forget to notify these lovely people about their awards!


  1. Amalia - that's the nicest cheating I've ever seen!!! Wow, what a sweetie, thanks so much. I too never expected to meet such loving people - but then again, we're artists! I am so happy to call you friend, thanks again!

  2. Haha.. I am a newbie blogger.. umm. nope what am I sposed to do??

    you know there is always one in every bunch!!
    Yippee got an award from a lovely what?? hehe

    Thanks , lovely human!!!!!!!

  3. Awww thank you so much!! You are so sweet,I love blogging and all the people I have met, it's such a lovely experience,I can't remember what I used to do with my time before it heheheh xoxox

  4. Well then cheat on! he he he he!! I love this . Thanks so much my dear sweet sisterfriend!! How awesome and wonderful. Thanks for even thinking of me. I am so grateful for special ones like you. Reveal in that great creative minds think alike LOL!!! We do! I send you a great big old sloppy teary hug from New Jersey! Have a great weekend sweetie!

  5. My enlisting among the bloggers you feel friends means a lot to me! I'm very touched by your sweet words, Amalia! It's strange, but I think I've found for myself several ladies in the blogging space that I feel close to me in a way and you are among them! "The words are a source of misunderstanding..." says St Exupery in "The Little Prince", so I'd better stop trying to explain. I've received this award not so long ago and it's strange that it's happening again, that someone else, from different culture and with different profession has liked something in me... But maybe this is one of the "miracles" that happen while blogging - that our souls meet another souls...

  6. I never follow the rules about awards. Ha! I just share them with my favorite bloggers. Thank you very much for this one. Now I have a lot of sunshine! Thank you.

  7. Thank you SO MUCH!! How lovely to be included in your list. You certainly bring ME sunshine :)xx

  8. Amalia - you sweet one! Thank you SO much for's lovely coming from you - whom I consider a ray of sunshine. WOW, your work is wonderful - I've just been looking at all of your recent are inspired! There is definitely an intriguing aspect of your illustrations - they draw you right in! Hugs to you from me. : )

  9. Thank you so much Amalia, for such a beautiful suprize and gift. You have cheered me right up.
    Positive, good and loving. I feel so honored.



  10. Amalia, I woke up and read that lovely message that you sent me and I couldn´t believe it my dear. What a gentle and lovely person are you!
    I´m really honored to be included in your list. That makes me feel really lucky to find people like you at the web. Let´s have a lot of sunshine! Thanks a lot again!, Flor

  11. Thank you, my dear! Shine on!

  12. Thankyou so much Amalia, this is so lovely and thoughtful of you... I also am not very good at following the rules! but I will share this lovely award with some of my blogging friends..
    Thankyou! xxx

  13. Aww this is so lovely :)) I just wanted to thank you for your very heartfelt comment on my blog the other day :)) It was very heartwarming! I hope you have a lovely week ahead :D xoxo

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, Amalia!! Your work is gorgeous! I'm surprised that I haven't found you before.

  15. Aaaaah, congratulations! A beautiful award for a beautiful person!

  16. Awwwww, Amalia. You are incredibly sweet. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is a high honor coming from such an incredible artist as yourself. :)

  17. Incredible artist, Bella??? I'm way too far from that, hope I'll get there someday soon, though. Thank you so much! ((Hugs))

  18. Dear Amalia, congratulations on receiving this wonderful award and thanks for sharing me. I receive with great joy, more if it comes from you whom I admire greatly.
    big hug

  19. Hi Amalia,
    Congratulations on winning the award, it is a lovely one... You deserve it sweet lady.:)
    I love your cute illustration too. It is a very gentle image.
    Many blessings to you.


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