Monday, 29 March 2010

Love for The Pain

Isn't it strange how life keeps reminding you of things that you tend to forget or rather not think about? Pain, illnesses, death, being some of them. Though these things do exist in the past, present and most likely in the future, we often get carried away with just 'living' and could only gasp when it hits us right in the face.

These last few days I've been remembering past memories of my late friend, Andia. We met during my first year in college and we became inseparable instantly. She died at the age of 30 from cancer and never once during the eleven years we were friends, did I think that I would be living this day without her. She was the best friend I've ever had and will forever stay in that special place in my heart.

A few days ago, I received a message on Facebook, from a new friend, Camille. She had openly told me of the illness she's suffering from and had confided that one of her wishes was to have just a little token of my art at home. I was touched by her bravery and of course, that little token of my art will find its new home with her very soon. Again, another reminder that somewhere, in another part of the world, oceans away from where I am, someone is battling for her life.

And now a little twist to the story. Just this morning I received a kind, kind gift from my wonderful friend, Ces, who has generously given me an award. The Renee Award. For those of you who were blessed to have known Renee, you'll know that she was an extraordinary woman with a heart of gold, and battling with cancer was also the last story of her life.

This particular award is one framed with love and friendship. Designed by her dearest friends, Ces and Bella, The Renee Award is a strong proof that life has its own way of creating love for the pain. So thank you, Ces and Bella, I'm so glad our paths crossed somewhere in this life and I hope I'm lucky enough to call you friends for a very long time.


  1. A well deserved award. It's a wonderful thing that your art can rtravel acroos the oworld to shed light into someone elses life. Thankyou for this post, it made an 'off' day on! :o)xx

  2. huks :( terharu bacanya :D gbrnya juga...sweet yet gloomy...bagus mbak Liaa :D

  3. So sorry to hear about your loss, I agree with Jessie a well deserved award to you. Your art is so full of feeling and emotion I'm sure your new friend will love what you send her.
    Take care xoxo

  4. awww.. what a gorgeous sweet moon!!
    I know.. what's up with this cancer thing??? It sucks! So sorry about your buddy.. I'm sure your new friend will be delighted with her little piece of you'... Congrats on the best award ever!!
    Lots of luV..the bird queen ..:)

  5. Oh, you guys are just the best... (^_^) oxoxoxo

  6. quedo maravillada cada vez que te visito! tantas ilustraciones hermosas! me encantan tus colores, son tan cálidos y amables...

    besos desde la orilla del paraná

  7. Oh, Amalia, you are the embodiment of generous love. I can see it in your art, the soulful faces and sweet, secret smiles, and the beautiful comments you leave throughout the blogs. You are an acorn who has grown into a tall oak.

    This is one gorgeous moon, very much like the moon that awoke me from my slumber last night with its bright, irrepressible shine. The red curtains are a very luxurious and vibrant way to frame it, too. Swooooon!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dear friend. Cancer is a hateful disease. The artwork you made in her honor is incredible, so peaceful. Beautiful golden leaves and deep blues. Your artwork moves, and there's no doubt it will bring much happiness to your new friend as well.


  8. So beautiful and dreamy! A lovely way to honor your dear friend and share caring and compassion with a new friend. I think that is what we are put here to do!!

  9. Hi Amalia, thank you for your visit and your friendly comment.
    Your Blog is wonderful and your artwork amazing.
    I love your friendly moon.
    I just signed in as a follower.
    Have a great week

  10. Gosh Bella, you really think of me that way?? I don't know what to say really, except that I'm So flattered by it, coming from a person like yourself... (^_^) oxoxox

  11. Oh my goodness gracious Amalia, you've done it again - such gorgeous work! That moon is charming, reminds me of the huge harvest moons we get in late summer here, love those swirly clouds too, so dreamy! I'm so sorry to hear about your dear friend, and your new friend too. I must know about 15 people going through cancer right now, some close and some not, but one is my father in law and it is just such a monster. I don't know if it's what we're eating, the plastics, or what but it's too much. I know you're new friend will love your art and get much comfort from your special gifts.

    I also had to bestow the Renee Award on you! You have been a terrific inspiration and given much support to me these past months, so I count you in as one of my sturdy oaks!

    Check my Rescue comments real quick, I think you'll appreciate a true colored pencil junkie remark I made!

    Take good care my dear xoxoxoxo

  12. Oh my friend, you expressed your precious heart and I felt everything that you conveyed so openly and beautifully. I can truly say I know how you feel. I lost my good friend many years ago to cancer. She was only 25 and was married only a couple of weeks. I still remember Amy. Her face still stays with me. We loved each others very much. I think about what that horrible cancer did to her beautiful body and while I miss her so very, very much, I'm so happy that she is out of pain and I know in my heart that she would never come back even if all of us wanted her too. I believe in giving people their flowers while they live. I really do. Tell them you love and care for them now. This is such a fabulous and needed post. The illustration is soooooooo beautiful and prefect in every way. Great job my friend. Excellent even.

  13. Susan deary, I know! They keep talking of cure, but more people are dying from cancer, and we don't even know FOR SURE what's the real cause behind it. This may sound morbid, but I know someone who once said that he'd rather die from a heart attack than cancer.. :((

    V, darling, isn't it sad though, to lose someone so special in your life? I went through times when I all my dreams at night were of her. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes they were even nightmares. I'm glad now that I've come to terms with reality, I feel like she's never gone at all, just away for a long vacation...

    And thank you, again, for your kind comments (^_^) oxoxox

  14. Such a beautiful post, and amazing artwork that touches my heart.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your very nice words.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  15. Hi Amalia!
    Join me at my First Giveaway ever!
    Maybe you can win a nice surprise!
    Happy Easter!

  16. Amalia, sweet, I will be back. I want to say something more but I just wanted to tell you that I have been by several times already for quick visits.

  17. Hello! thanks for the comment. i really think your work is very beautiful too! i'm finishing studing illustration by the time. Thanks a lot, we keep in touch through the blogs.

    Pd: my english is not very good!


  18. Oh Amalia! How heartbreaking it is to lose friends at a young age. I know. i lost my best friend after we graduated from nursing college. We met at a Girl Scout encampment when we were in high school and then we spent 4 years together in college. She died when the ship where she was a passenger collided with an oil tanker. We never forget them and they hold a special place in our hearts.

    What a noble thing it is you are doing for a friend. You make her life very happy and sometimes those little moments mean a lot. You are a kind soul and I agree with Bella. I remember your Christmas greeting. I know I did not reply (I am very bad with emails, I am getting better) but I thought to myself how wonderful, generous and kind of you to send a Christmas greeting.

    I wish your friend comfort and you too. Take care Amalia. I love your moon!

  19. Dear Amalia, this time I am... speechless! While looking at your drawing a verse came up to my mind, from the time I was a school-girl:
    "Sad eyes, moon face,
    why cry, moon face!"
    Light and dark, day and night,happiness and grief, might and weakness, joy and pain... Some of the major components of our lives. Until the curtain falls down...
    I'm sorry for the loss of your best friend! I hope your new one will find consolation, joy and strength in your piece of art!
    Congratulations for the award!

  20. Ces, dearest... You know, it amazes me that there are in fact quite a few people who have lost a very good friend like we had. And my heart goes to you to have lost such a dear friend that way, it's quite a tragic story :((. I suppose life is always a contrast in so many ways... whenever there's light darkness will soon follow, and hopefully light will always come back to shine. Hugs to you, my friend! oxx

  21. Rossichka, that is such a beautiful verse! I never want you to be speechless, because I always love your much wisdom in one woman. (^_^) oxx

  22. Thank you, thank you so much everyone for your comforting words... oxoxox

  23. I agree with Vanessa-- tell people you love them now while you have the chance! I came so close to losing my sister (not to cancer, but something else) and words can't express how grateful I am that she is still here. She is the sister I always wanted, 14 years younger than me, so I waited a long time for her to grow up! She lives so far away, but she is truly a soulmate!

  24. Oh Amalia - the love you have for your best friend will live forever within's so apparent that your art speaks of love and connections. Look at how your new friend has connected with you and how your art has touched her! It's wonderful..simply, purely wonderful.

    Monsieur Olivet loves your MOON! He sends his love and if he does make it to Scotland, (OH how it sounds so beautiful how you've described it!), you will be with him in spirit I'm sure. : )

    Always wonderful to hear from you - have a lovely, lovely weekend!

  25. Amalia, I am not sure if it is appropriate for me to greet you a Happy Easter. It is rather a solemn and holy day for me but here in America they start looking for eggs laid by bunnies. At any rate, I wish you and your family love and peace this holy week.

  26. hello amalia, thank for your sweetest comment on my blog.. i love your artworks.. full of emotion :-D
    this post reminds me of my father.. he died because of cancer.. never thought that i would lose my father before :-(

  27. Amalia thanks a lot for your comment, i read this post (as i can because mi english is not enough to knows the mean of a lot of sentences,) but i can saw that you are a wonderful woman an frend.

  28. Such a tender history! I send you a hug for you a your friends.

  29. Adorei seu trabalho!!! Snao muito bonitos!
    Hi! I love your work! They are very Beautiful!


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