Friday, 16 April 2010

One Award, One Gift


Hope, courage and faith. These are the three graceful words engraved in The Deborah Award, that is now bestowed upon me by my darling friend, Ces. Although I wonder whether I'm worthy of such an award, I am truly honored to have it here at 'home'. I'm sending the same award to these remarkable people...So guys, feel free to spread the love to your friends too!

Susan Mordigal
Nicola Toms 
Krista Hamrick
Jessica Stride
Karen Davis
Patricia Gonzales
Andrea Heredia
Alexandra Garland
Winnie Luthien Thye

And as for my dearest friend, Ces, I hope this little gift below amuses you... Thank you for the friendship, I'm so very excited to discover more things about you!


She traveled far from a distant land
Searching for dreams and sparkles of life
Ask her a question that she could ponder upon
Let her amuse you with her joyful thoughts

Play a game with her, if you will
Then find your spirit set free
As she amuses you with her wits
And humor you with her bursts of laughter

Never mock her, I dare say
Stay true to yourself
As she would expect you to
Honest and brave as she carries herself

Ask her for nothing more
And she will ask you just the same
Always, forever a friend
To her, yourself and each other




  2. Let me recover, I'll be back!...

  3. Oh THANK YOU!!!

    I promise I will be back AAAAAW I lost my voice and I have tears AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW! THANK YOU!

  4. "Go to Amalia.... see what she has done," she told me. WAAAAAAAAAA AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Oh, Amalia, this is beyond perfect and heartwarming and just downright fab fab fab fabulous! You have Ces down to a T. Clever and witty and a pussycat at heart. This is astonishingly beautiful, Amalia!!!!

  5. Oh Amalia, now I look like I am spamming your blog but I am so touched. Thank you. Thank you very much. Your poem and that drawing.Oh my goodness. What a great honor you bestow me. You are so kind. I am honored because a great artist did this for me. I am just a Sunday painter and a squiggler. I am you know what I am doing right now? I am drawing. My darn wrist and fingers are hurting but I am drawing and what I am drawingn makes me happy, you will laugh when you find out. What an auspicious day this is. The stars are crossing paths but not colliding. They are lighting up the world. Isn't this marvelous? Here I am, I was born to a family of of strong, gifted and loving women. You think my mother and sisters will be enough and I won't have the need of other women's friendship. In fact they were my playmates. But as I grew up I was even more exposed to more women. I studied a profession that is dominated by women. I lived with 93 young women in a dorm, I worked with women and now in the blogs, the women are here too but they are different. Finally I have met women who understand why I love to draw and paint. Why I go crazy and wild when I see an illustration or painting. I am fulfilled. And now and then I meet someone who truly affects me and I have done something that I would never have done before... deeply care for someone I sometimes have no idea how they look and you know what? You are beautiful for I see your heart. You are beautiful Amalia and you are good and kind. You are my sisterfriend. Thank you. Tsup! Tsup!!!

  6. I'm so glad you like it, Ces... I kept thinking that it's about time Sir Rabbit had a company... Maybe then he wouldn't be sitting alone in the dark with only a bowl of carrots to chew on! HAHAHAHA....!!!

  7. Now you've got ME all teary!!

    I understand you completely about how wonderful it is to have friends who truly connect with you...especially on the levels that others couldn't even picture! I lost my best friend once, but I still believe there are other spirits like her in so many others. And I'm so grateful that I've found a few friends here who make me feel free to be myself. That includes you, of course...

  8. Beautiful drawing and lovely lovely poem!

  9. And, Bella... YOU, are definitely, one warm loving spirit and you are always so generous with your words! Can I keep you too? Hahahaha...!!!

  10. May I please post this on my sidebar?

  11. Keep me??? Just try and make me go away. :D

  12. Amalia...
    This is a most wonderful drawing and how sweet of you to write this poem for Ces. You are a beautiful person with a big heart. I am sure Ces will treasure this gift.
    ♥ audrey

  13. Ces, sure you can post this on your sidebar... (^_^)

  14. She is beautiful.....and I love your poem. I want to sit and sip some tea with this kitty and hear all the stories she has to tell! : )

  15. wow amalia :) thank you very much for your award :)) i am honestly touched! LOL!! and the poem really has some amount of effect on your fren :) keep on doing what you are doing my fren :) only happiness awaits you :))

    oh btw, my main blog is actually ... sometimes i might not read the other blogs for days!! ;P just so you know when you visit next time :))

    thank you once again for the lovely award!! :)

    luthien :)

  16. Hi Amelia, sweetie,
    Congratulations on the award. It is a lovely one and oh, this is such a beautiful illustration!!!:)
    As you know, I am very fond of cats and this lady kitty is really elegant wearing a nice green hat!
    She does look like she is pondering over something and has just answered a question and said yes!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely work and poem.
    Have a good weekend and cat sandpaper kisses to you on the cheek! >^.^<

  17. Oh, look at Ces, so regal and wise!! What fun! And thank you so much for the lovely award! I am always a little intimidated by these awards, but I do so much appreciate them, thank you for thinking of me. You are one of the sweetest souls in Blogland!

    And, like Ces said, it is truly wonderful to be connected to others who are thrilled to look at other people's art. I have very few artist friends and only a couple of my non-artist friends have any clue what my work looks like. (My family, on the other hand, are my biggest cheerleaders!) So, it tickles me when anyone comments on my work, which makes me more creative and productive. Thank you for your inspiration!

  18. Amalia
    Thank you so much for giving me this award!
    So kind of you, I am very honoured.:) xx
    Your work is wonderful and i do like this cat his expression is brilliant.
    Have a wonderful weekend x

  19. Audrey, YOU are too sweet... (^_^)

    Julie & Jo, cats are such extraordinary creatures aren't they? I personally find them so lovingly mysterious, you never know where you really stand with them!

  20. Luthien, Krista & Karen... you are all super artists to me! I never thought I'd find so much inspiration through blogging... You guys are wonderful!

  21. Sweet...I haven't been here for a while. Lovely work...I am still crazy about the rabbit.

  22. Dear Amalia,
    Thank you so much for the Award. I'm deeply humbled and greatly appreciate all visits to my blog. I keep my place award free as I don't think it's worthy such recognition. The greatest award are the visits and commens. Please understand ;o)
    I'll see you soon, thank you again!!

  23. Alex dearest, I can truly respect that... Of course, I do. You write such beautiful words in your blog, you'll always find me coming back for visits. :) oxx

  24. She is beautiful! Oh just look her just sitting there like the perfect little lady. Has more manners then some kids I know he he he! I'm in love with the green hat and cape! Awesomeness from you talented hands. YOU ROCK GIRL!!! hugs from Jersey!

  25. Hello dear, what did you expect this morning? HEHEHEHE!

  26. haha.. such a perfect wee kitty. with such lovely lady manners!! Ces sounds pretty happy!!!! Gorgeous illo Amalia!

  27. Hahaha, just having a little fun. I have to be the yin to Ces's yang. Black cotton candy would surely be as sweet, only it would leave your teeth all inky.

    Still loving this kitty. What a dignified pose!

  28. Oh my goodness Amalia!!! Firstly thank you so much for passing the Deborah award to me - to receive this award from both you & Ces is double the honor & I am truly grateful. OK now this kitty WOW & WOW & WOW! She is just gorgeous like her namesake - you are such a gifted artist Amalia, and so gifted with words too, such a beautiful poem. No wonder Ces was speechless! She will treasure these gifts always. You are such a dear friend, and like Ces & Krista said, the understanding we share with each other thru our art is just priceless. I don't know where I'd be without all my wonderful artsy blog friends, you are all such a lifeline! Thank you again my dear!

  29. Amalia, I'm so sorry I haven't popped in til now, I was away on a family camping weekend this weekend and only returned today. I logged on to my blog straight away (it's amazing how much I missed my blog friends ) and I saw your award. Thank you so much for thinking of me you are a sweet heart, I feel very honoured. I love love love that cat what a fantastic drawing you really are an inspiration.
    Thank you again!!!! xxx

  30. Susan and Nicola, you are both such wonderful artists and friends! I'm SO keeping you for good...if that's all right with you? Hahaha... (^_^)

  31. ah such a wonderful post. I love how you thanked Ces! Your cat is so purrrrfectly charming. Congratulations on this award.

  32. Beautiful, the look of that cat is very strong, charming.
    I love your header.
    Big Hugs...

  33. Hello, see I go away for a minute and come back and you have produced another amazing work. You know, this one confident cat. On top of the world. Captured perfectly, poise. Could it be a self portrait - metaphorically speaking of course?

    Anthropomorphism with a touch of anthropotheism perhaps?

  34. Hey there, Tammie...thanks for stopping by my humble blog... (^_^)

    Ah, Ev! Thank you... I've missed your comments... Hehehe...

  35. Aaaahh...I see you're back, Monsieur Finnie? And with another attempt to jog my memories on college years so long ago?? Hhmm, anthropomorphism, yes? I suppose I always like the idea of transforming human characters into animal forms, seeing they all possess such unique qualities (and resemblance to us in so many cases!). I mean, what would the world be like without The White Rabbit and Puss in Boots?? Hahaha...

    Now unfortunately, the kitty is not a self portrait, but I wonder what kind of animal I would be portrayed in? What animal do you think YOU're most likely to be? ;0)

  36. Hey Girlfriend! HA, keep me - like Bella said, just try to get rid of me - keeping you too missy! I know it's a bit redundant, but I bestowed the Deborah award to you too, couldn't help it - we just can't stop giving each other these things, guess we gotta stick together! Oh I finally got on jacketflap and added you as a friend there - now there's NO escape! Take good care my dear!

  37. Hmm, now let's see, I would be a camel with two humps, and clean teeth.

    Either that or a dugong with less wrinkles. :) than a normal dugong (not that many less).


  38. Really? A camel or a dugong?? Both portraying such calm and peaceful creatures. Hmm... I wonder...?

    I can't really see your preference on the humps, but clean teeth and less wrinkles are understandable. I mean, hey! even as animals we still deserve a little bit of vanity, right? Hahahaha!!!

  39. :) Clean teeth? Gee, I wouldn't want the other camels to think that I was 'ugly', now would I?

  40. Hi Amalia, Thank you so much for passing this award on to me! Congratulations for yours too! Sorry I'm a bit behind with everything. I've been frantically trying to catch up with everything since we got home a couple of days ago, I had my youngest daughter's birthday party to organise and so much to do! Thanks so much :))xx


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