Saturday, 4 September 2010

Better Late Than Never

Have you ever had that guilty feeling when you promised someone something but just never have the time to get around and do it? Well, I plead guilty of all charges. A few months after I started blogging, I have had e-mails from friends and friends to-be asking me if they could somehow purchase my work. Flattered beyond anything else, of course I promised them that soon I will open up an online shop to make this possible for them. But then things got in the way, work, family...well, you get the picture. So my apologies for those promises. They were never false and I truly meant every word.

So after long overdue, we have finally (yes, finally!) set up an online shop over at We, as in myself and this super cool elf I met while picking mushrooms in the woods (^__^). You see, although I am blessed with many talents such as finding lost socks and peeling off price labels, unfortunately managing a shop is not one of them. At least not that I'm aware of anyway. So bless the super cool elf for saving the day and volunteering to play manager for me! Feel free to visit the shop here and see if anything captures your heart.

You'll notice that we only sell limited edition prints because I think that the art becomes more valuable that way, both to buyers and myself who slaved away making them (just kidding!!). Also, I feel that it would be a good way to help push myself and keep on creating more art. In case I ran out of prints! (Haha!wouldn't that be swell??)

And to show you how much I really love all of you, I'm giving away a free set of 2 mini prints for each limited edition print purchase within the shop. Just let me know which images you would like to be on them and I will gladly send them to you along with the order.

So I guess I'll see you there! Happy browsing, and hopefully happy shopping! (^_____^) oxox


I'm just so lucky, lucky, lucky! So it's true what they say that Etsy is full of wonderful friendly people with a lot of love... Our shop had just barely opened, and we were already included in these Treasuries:

All the more reason for a huge grin on my face!!! (^____^)



  1. Well done Amalia, your work looks even more gorgeous all together in the shop! I'm off there right now for a lovely browse. :) xx

  2. ~so delighted you stumbled upon such a swell little elf!! excited for you and this new journey ahead...your header and page look beautiful...may it be a rewarding and prosperous adventure that in turn helps keep you creating away...can't wait to see...wishing you l♥ve and light shining brightly upon you~

  3. Oh Yeahhhhh!!!!! I am in the middle of moving in the next couple of weeks, (hopefully) but will order as soon as my address is assured. I am so excited to be able to own pieces of your work Amalia! Truly!

    Smiles and hugs

  4. Oh, you are so lucky to have an elf! Wow! Me thinks you are well loved. And your art will be as it hangs on the walls of homes all over the world! Congratulations on your new store and I wish you endless success!

  5. Congratulations Amalia, your shop looks wonderful!! I had always wondered if you ever sold prints of your work. Wish I wasn't so darn broke at the moment!! :) I mentioned it on my facebook page too to get you a few more visitors. Those treasuries are lovely too! Wishing you tons of success with the shop! :) ~Lauren

  6. Wow Amalia, congratulations!!! Your shop is going to do amazingly I just know it!! How exciting for you I can't wait to see it take off and soar (sounds like it has already) Yay!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations! I know how much effort this took, that is why I still don't have anything set up even if I have a three year old account! I am very proud of you and I hope that this will provide you much joy as well as I know it will bring your customers.

  8. And your smile is so beautiful than your drawings... :-) Thanks for sharing, sweetie

  9. aaahhhhh Teh!!!
    good luck with your etsyshop!
    smoga banyak pelanggan yah, aku yakin pasti banyak yg mau beli, very VERY SURE.
    aku dukung.
    pasti banyak yg beli.

    aku pusing disini.
    my life has been too complicated lately.
    i dont know what to do anymore.
    bukan kerjaan.
    bukan juga masalah hati (woi woi jangan sotoy hahahaha lol!).
    sometimes i just want to shut my blog to please everyone and just disappear.
    back to where i belonged.

    im stuck:

  10. ah, iya deng im not gonna lie to you, ada sedikit masalah hati plus im tired of people (a.k.a family) judging me.

  11. ngga usah ditanggepin deh nih komen2 gw, dengerin aja masuk tlinga kiri kluar tlinga kanan.

  12. Congrats Amalia, I tried to do Etsy several years ago but it takes too much time for me. Good for you! And lucky you to have an Elf to manage it for you!

  13. Congrats Amalia! Oh sooo wonderful you've set up a shop!! Love the design of the header and your works look just amazing!!
    Good luck and much success with your new endeavor! :)

  14. Hi everyone!! Thank you so much for all your kind supports, I am touched. I realize that some of you are probably very experienced in doing this... I'm glad to know I have lovely friends who could also be my mentors! (^_^)

    To tell you the truth, I don't have too much spare time to manage things myself, so I am thankful for my friend elf! Hopefully everything will go smoothly and I'm sure it'll be fun!! oxox

  15. Good luck with your Etsy shop, dear Amalia! I can feel your smile and the joy in your voice! You are so enthusiastic about your new experience and this is just fine! It's so nice to have in this moment an Elf around you - someone to help fulfil your dream! :-) I'm sure a lot of people will be charmed by your art and this will inspire you to create... Be happy!!xx

  16. hello Amalia

    your work is very good you know

    an amazing artist. I envy you.

    good luck with etsy!

    see you from Oz

  17. Congrats on the new shoppe! I hope you compensate that elf well. I hear they aren't really into money... But they Love Neil Diamond. Maybe a CD or a t-shirt (extra/small of course)
    You stuff is so perfect for prints. I pray that your elf will be super-busy, which means so will you.
    I'm heading over to Etsy right now to check things out :o)

  18. don't worry Sister Tree :) I've also been busy... I wish you luck with your shop! :D (hugs)

  19. YEAH for YOU! Wonderful! Your artwork is sooo amazing. I wish you wonderful success and luck!

  20. Hi Amalia, your shop looks fab, love the banner design. Good luck with it.

  21. Way to go girl! :) I love your art, and your vibe too. Your shop is successful already, and soon sales will start picking up. It looks super cool!

  22. ACK! it's not letting me buy the Refuge print. It keeps telling me that I need to enter my country. I will try again this evening when I have more time. Tsup!

  23. Congratulations Amalia, your shop looks wonderful!!

  24. Congratulations Amalia, your shop looks wonderful!!


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