Friday, 17 September 2010

A Little Peek Just For You...

Just a quick peek into a few pages of the book I was working on...

Yes, I was practically bound to the drawing table for months, until all pages were done. Thankfully, they are. All 'one hundred and eighty' of them (writing it in digits really freaked me out!).

Well, I'm exhausted, but very happy. (^_^)

Hugs to all,
(Which is right? OXOX or XOXO? Heheh..)



  1. ~oh my hundred and eighty of your beautiful pieces bound together in a book...these pieces each a different side to see of you...the tree with the leaves gently blowing in the wind, the raven wise and curious all the same, the ship sailing the wild sea...i l♥ve them all...and your new background is gorgeous!! you should be ever so proud of yourself completing this much time and energy spent within each page...capturing the pure beauty and magic that lies within you and your hands...much l♥ve and light upon you always~

  2. I love the wave and cloud effects. Your sense of color is very calming.

  3. Oh-Oh-OOOOOOHHH!!! They are so beautiful, and I love your new blog BG!!
    Amalia, I bow before you! (of course, I can't get back it's a long bow! LOL!)
    I think of all the items that caught my eye, the swirling clouds just popped out. Amazing.
    Now go rest!


  4. Oh my wowowowza...beautiful and 180 of have reason to be proud and happy...I love every one..can't wait to see the rest!! Wow!!!! Namaste, Sarah

  5. a gorgeous flow....i feel like i am floating when i see your artwork. I just love it. Congratulations on 180 pages! wow! yay for you!! Love the new blog layout!

  6. pokonya kalo udah jadi kasi tauuuuu mau beliiii XD
    eh background blog mu keren banget mbak Liaaaa masyaolo huhuhu pengen nangis liatnya

  7. Ya-Hoo for you!! I want to hold it in my very own hands! So lovely-- Congratulations!

  8. 180 pages???? Oh me oh my! What an achievement!! They are fab by the way!

  9. My dear friend I'm so happy and proud of you.
    all images are really beautiful .. but I like especially the black bird.
    I am sure it will be a success!

  10. My dear Amalia! What a nice and big surprise!!! You must be very happy and should be proud with yourself! I didn't understand whether you have written something. Maybe some poems?... Your bunch of drawings was a like a breath of fresh air for me! All these colours and movements of water and wind... And YOUR clouds, waves, islands, trees... Have a good rest now, 'cause you deserve it!! Kisses!xx

  11. Holy mother of all mothers! YIKES! I would have been chained to the desk for years, if I attempted that!

  12. Oh my goodness, Amalia. These are BEAUTIFUL! Such beautiful, dramatic scenery. I am drooling, and I want to see more, more more!

  13. When's the book coming out? What's it about????

  14. Get your jar of fireflies, woman, tell me the truth! When??? Where can I get my hands on it????

  15. And seriously, I am bowing. There is hardly any room, though, because there are so many other people here bowing down to you! You need to get a bigger room.

    All hail Amalia!
    All hail Amalia!

  16. P.S. I vote for XOXO, though if you SAY it out loud as "hugs and kisses" it should technically be OXOX...hmmmm

  17. I forgot to say how much I like the new design of your blog!!

  18. Amalia This is AMAZING!!! where can we find this book? I just love each of these - You are an amazing artist and illustrator.

    just absolutely lovely!


  19. Congratulations on completing your book, Amalia!!! That certainly is a lot of art! Hope to hear more about the project. Your blog update looks great!!!

  20. Amalia dear, I love, love, love your new blog. By the way are you and Andrew in a competition of who can produce the longest book? Just kidding, I am amazed and overwhelmed by the patience and dedication you both have. Wow, 180 pages, so many pages of beauty! By the way those swirling clouds are great, and I vote for xoxoxo
    hugs sweetie!

  21. Wow this is so exciting and such and amazing achievement! congratulations they look beautiful so far and I'm sure the rest are just as amazing. Love your new look blog! So whistful and beautiful!

  22. WOW one hundred and eighty!? That's a lot of pictures! Congratulations Amalia, I think you have really outdone yourself here, you must have put so much time and effort into them and I just know they'll all be fantastic! I am so curious about this book you speak of, will you be releasing it so it's available to buy?
    Anyway, this little preview here looks amazing, I can tell just by this that it'll be a really beautiful book!

  23. Wow, you've been really productive. I love the way you do the cloud.
    Keep me posted about the book. Are they going to be distributed at bookstores there?

  24. I'm so curious to know what kind of stories you were working on, I can feel a constant agitation in all your drawings! one hundred and eight? then it will be a big book! :) hugs and thank you for all your support, Early Bird!

  25. Hey, hey, lovely people! I had just awakened from my beauty sleep (hah!) and found so many generous comments I'm happier than before. (^_^)

    You know, this is probably the longest book I've ever done in all my life! It's a book on folk tales and legends of the prophets. Noah's Ark, Moses and Pharaoh, King Solomon, and so many other incredible stories. The book will be published in a few months time and sold throughout Indonesia. I do plan on suggesting to have it published in English too and maybe have it available at least on line for international readers. So, we'll see... :)

    And Karen dear, interesting idea there, maybe I really should have a competition with Andrew! Although knowing how 'suspiciously' fast he works, I doubt I would even have the slightest chance to win!! Hahahaaa..

    Oh! And look at that train of comments you left me, Bella! Aww, shucks. I don't do well with compliments, and now bowing??? Aagh! My head! Help! Anybody got a pin??? (Heheheheee....)

    Anyway, thanks again everyone for your continuous support. LOVE YOU!!!!

    OXOX...XOXO :))

  26. Your arts are amazing, especially like your blog background! And thing make me 'wow' is your got long long lovely comments.


  27. Oh Dear, how did I miss this? Amalia, you are very oarsome! You know that. ? I hope so. The backing image is so very rich. And the ones from the book are so full of movement and dynamics. 180? Oh I feel like I have just begun reading that.

    Big congratulations. You can go out into the garden now.!

    Oh it must be like having a heavy pair of ski boots removed - and getting a little apres ski spa-aing!

  28. Oh I guessed the story. I am not as silly as I keep forgetting that I am. :) I think its xxxoox - no that sounds like a rating!

  29. Oh yes I am sillier. I guessed Noahs ark, yjen realised 180 pages would be a lot of character development for not much plot,

    Noah builds boat.
    Puts animals on boat.
    It rains,
    Noah watches friends drown.
    It stops raining.
    167 pages of floatiing.
    Noah sends out bird.
    Second bird comes back.
    Boat lands.
    Noah lets off animals.
    His wife leaves him.
    Noah becomes vegetarian for four months.
    Gets hungry.
    Eats animals.

  30. Amalia,
    WOW WOW WOW !!!! These drawings are OUTSTANDING! And SO many. You must be thrilled and very tired. Please let us know when the book is published. I'm sure some of us will want to order it just for your lovely drawings even if we can't read the words. (:
    You are amazing.
    ♥ audrey

  31. Oh, I love, love, love, love it!!!!!

  32. fantastic, a book! and it sounds as though you have completed it. I look forward to you sharing more with us about this project!
    i say; xoxo if you kiss then hug
    or oxox if you hug then kiss ;-}

  33. These are incredible Amalia!! I hope I can see all of the illustrations sometime! That must have been so much work (although I know your talent is more than up for the task :) Well done, that must be such a sense of accomplishment!! :) ~Lauren

  34. I am completely and utterly bowled over! Not only are these pictures stunningly gorgeous, you did HOW many?????? I'm going to take a while to get over this Amalia, well done!! :o) xx


  36. You always bring to me a smile, Amalia,I'm so glad about that :) sorry for being so distant these days, I'm exploring my new univerity, my new city and my new home... is scary and exciting at the same time! I wish all the best to you and your work, Hugs, your Sister Tree

  37. Hey there!! SUPER people, SUPER comments. I'm touched and my head is...well, you know.

    I still need that pin.

    (^_^) ♥♥♥

  38. By the way, Monsieur Finnie, I give you 150 points for guessing right! Although I worry for them if left floating in 167 pages... should I add an island somewhere in the middle? Maybe a few dancing girls and acrobat monkeys for entertainment? Hehehee...

  39. Amba my girl, HAVE FUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!


  40. Okay, where have I been? How come I missed this party? Oh goodness! These illustrations are amazing. You know, I collect Noah's arks and these illustrations tell a familiar story. I also read Indonesian so no problem for me.

    Of course, I read Indonesian. I may not understand all of the words. :)

  41. Lady Amalia, you are never late. The party waits for you!

    How are you? Are you working on yet another 180 page creation??? Perhaps Volume II of your illustrated trilogy?

    Your trusty, loyal snail made a heroic and epic journey and delivered the package safely. I now bathe by the light of fireflies, thanks to you. I make sure to blindfold each one and every, though.... Such tiny blindfolds.

  42. Hi Amalia,
    Wow, you have been busy, busy, busy!;-)
    Your illustrations are wonderful. I hope you sell many beautiful books.
    Who is publishing your book?
    Let us know when it is available in the book shops.

    Thank you for your lovely comments at my place.;-)
    Best Autumn wishes to you!

  43. The blog looks GREAAAAATTTTTTTTTT!! I love what you've done with the place. It's delightfully whimsical and fun. Thanks so much for you the birthday wishes. I send you so many, many hugs and well wishes too. I love the work you did for the book. Magnificent indeed girly! Hugs to you.

  44. What book?! I want a copy! NOW! Your work has such a uniqueness about it. I love it!

  45. Holy Cow.... What talent and dedication in awe.

  46. Hellloooo Amalia !!
    So lovely to 'see' you again .. thanks so much for popping in to visit after my 'hiatus'..
    WOW 180 pages!!!! The ones we can see look AMAZING!!! Let us know when it comes out!!!
    I loved that instantly every page was recognizable as your work.. so much passion and beauty!
    Love Helen

  47. 180 pages! Wow... and I felt overwhelmed when I had a 38 pager... You certainly fit your name(hardworking)! Each one of these is a masterpiece! That water is amazing! So I want all the info on the book. When it comes out will you sign my copy if I send it all the way to you? Love the new blog layout and artwork by the way... Very Amaliaish!


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