Friday, 10 September 2010

In the Midst of Intricacy

save me from myself,
o brave hunter of the truth.
let me speak in riddles,
hear not my pretenses.

for here I am awake,
yet far deep in sleep.
almost in death,
vivaciously alive.

~ A.K ~

My second piece of the series I'm working on... 
There's not much to add, but I'm working, working, and yes, still working.
I hope you're having wonderful weather and sunny smiles around!

Hugs & kisses,



  1. Oh that;s better, what a cute snub nose, it's funny how snub noses effect us like that. Well the iconography here is very emotive - headless lion (was it a tiger?), headless tree, prickly pear and an empty treasure chest. What stories can we conjour up with these elements alone?

  2. oh sorry I am installing windows live writer and it through a dadda poem at me

  3. Amalia, the use of the Venus Fly Trap is excellent both as a thought provoking image (female? killer? Venus in the classic sense?) but also in the play of color from the hair/facial area to the barbs of the plants edge spines.
    The series is deep and visually interesting, and of course I love that blood red....
    Delightful---in a vortex way!


  4. There are a lot of stories from this artwork: from the Venus Fly Trap, to her expression, and the tiger with the mysterious head of treasury box and fireflies in the bamboo forest... intriguing and fascinating!

  5. look at the magic in this piece, it is as though you have captured more than one world and a depth of spirit that is moving. Wishing you a lovely day and night.

  6. the background looks so magic!

  7. What a curious and brilliant collection of images! Your paintings and poetry are the kind that make me linger and dream wildly and want to investigate. What could it mean?! Such an enigma, but one so dazzling to the eyes!


  8. I love the magical glow in this piece of art Amalia, it feels like a very sleepy kind of place.
    There's so many messages in this image, to me this treasure chest appears to be speaking the truth previously long locked away and now gracing the ears of the listener sat beside, but at the same time there is a more sinister side to this with the venus fly traps. Ahh there is just so much I could say about this picture, but I'd be here all day! But you should know, this is a really great piece of work Amalia, I really like these colours and the way things glow so wonderfully!

  9. lovely and magical Amalia! I am so loving all of your new work. So beautiful and dreamy!

  10. Sorry, that just shows that we react to icons in relation to our previous life experience. So in Oz we have prickly pears - a bad cactus. And yet it is a venus flytrap! Hmm, I wonder why it is "venus'?


    PS Hello Ces.

  11. Wow, this beautiful and haunting at the same time :)

  12. Well, well, this drawing is a riddle itself... I'm astonished that a girl, not a woman is alone in this strange company - a tiger and a cactus, both dangerous, though beautiful. And she is so self-confident! And calm... Maybe she has found some answers that she wants to share with us?... And aren't just they flowing from the open chest? No more keys, no more fear... I like the snub nose, too!
    P.S. If this is amidst the intricacy, what will be at its end? Keep your inspiration, Amalia! Hugs!xx

  13. Hello, hello good friends! I hope everyone's having a blast in life? :)

    Thank you for your great comments on this particular piece... I am prancing on an open field of black roses right now, and still searching for hidden answers. It's always wonderful to read each of your interpretations... you all being so brilliantly perceptive and all!!

    And yes, snub noses are the cutest, aren't they? It's also amazing how well named the Venus Flytraps are... Now, do you think the 'Venus' stands for the prey or the predator? (^_^)

  14. thank you amalia, your comments are always too kind..;-;
    i usually watch at 70's/60's photography, and i love desaturated old pictures and also grotesque ones.
    i have way too many influences and i absorbe them like a sponge, but my Favourite Ever is dave mckean, wich i follow religiously. (wanna be him in next life)
    and you?i'm curious!:)

    by the way, this is like my favourite illustration you've ever create!
    (and the tiger reminds me gianni de love at first sight!)

  15. My goodness! You are blooming right before our eyes!!!

  16. Ooh, I love this!! I love the slightly surreal element of the tiger with the treasure box head, its wonderful! Very beautiful work, as always :) Looking forward to the rest of the series! ~Lauren

  17. Are the fire flies of truth locked within the tigers chest? Beautiful painting, love the light emerging from the darkness!

  18. Hi Amalia, I'm really glad my comment encouraged you, I hope to see many more beautiful pieces of art from you in the future :)

  19. Sister tree, I finally can see all the details... do you want to know which of the details on your drawing is my favorite? the background, seems like a forest at night, and the carnivorous plants... but these details are best in conjunction with the ENTIRE drawing! Your technique is becoming better and better, it's amazing. I'm glad to hear that you're working and working, I hope you're working in what you like and I hope you're enjoying it!
    Hugs ;)

  20. And have a great and inspiring day :)

  21. Mystical and magical! The colors, textures and symbolism are so rich! (As always, you know!)

  22. la magia è nelle tue parole Amalia , ogni volta nel tuo blog trovo momenti di intensa emozione , grazie ...un grande grande abbraccio ...

  23. Well, hello again lovely people! Thanks for those positive words... They are still my number one vitamin these days! Hahahaa!

    Daryl, you are as always very good with that imagination of yours! "Fire flies of truth locked within the tiger's chest"? I like that!! :))

    A huge hug to everyone!! ♥

  24. Amalia,
    your work continues to amaze me. You are so clever in prose and in your magical illustrations. Rich beautiful colors, too. Love the sparkling forest,and her deep,luminous eyes.
    I hope you are having a good week!

  25. Oh my goodness!! YOU JUST BLOW ME AWAY each an every time with your fantastic work!!!! Girl you are something so special and wonderful really you are!! This is wonderful. I love her! Great work once again Ms.A I love it!!!

  26. Hello, hello, is anyone here?

    I came back to swim in your deep colors and sip a martini glass full of your beautiful enigma. Oh say, I do love that curtain of gentle bamboos in the background. Do you, by any chance, sell jars of those fireflies? I think they will work magic with the twilight dust.

  27. Just checking. Thanks for the latin lesson. I never was a latin lover until recently.

    Omniverous cardiflorus! Recaclitrant exodermis!

    Harry Potter eat your wand out.
    Hope you are busy and productive

  28. Ooooh! Truth fireflies! Oh YES, make that TWO jars, please!


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