Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Cycle

The Cycle, mixed mediums

Grow, tiny light
Cast upon me your magic spell
Caress my soul with your warmth, and
soothe my aching heart with your love

You are the seeker of truth
Intoxicated by the scent of life
Bewitched by the motion
that comes to a complete circle

Thank you, tiny light
For bringing light upon darkness
For showing hope above fear, and
igniting fire in the cold

You are a gift I bear in my hands
To love and to care
Today and the days after

Sleep tight, my love
I shall wait for the day we meet

A kiss for now. Until then.



  1. This is absolutely lovely Amalia!
    The words with the illustration....yes!yes! ;-)


  2. Gorgeous Amalia!!! Is there a message for us here? Lovely words to go along with this stunning illustration!
    I love your work and your gentle spirit too!
    Smiles and hugs!

  3. Dear Amalia, your image and poem are like a meditation... You really do create from the heart!

    I'm sorry it has taken me a while to visit you, but I am pleased I have manged to stop by your blog today to see this new and wonderful creation!
    I hope you are well my friend.
    Jo. xx

  4. She is lovely, lovely, lovely Ms. Amalia. I love the wood pattern on her arms, so beautiful :)

  5. Beautiful poem and the illustration is a charm!
    A big hugs,

  6. Hi Amalia, this piece is so amazingly lovely and moving. Your words are just as gorgeous as the art itself! :) Theresa

  7. Felicidades, un poético y hermoso trabajo. Francisco.

  8. Oh my God! Are you expecting???!!! Ooooohhhhjh!!!

  9. Oh my God! Are you expecting???!!! Ooooohhhhjh!!!

  10. Aaaahhh! I have no Internet so I came here via broom power!!! Hehehe!

  11. Like a prayer? It's amazing the subliminal message in this image, well for a thickhead like me it is subliminal,

    I see Ces is not a thickhead :)

    Holding breath here :)

  12. Such a wonderful, inspiring and comforting image and poem here Amalia, like always your work makes me feel so much happier - your talent and imagination are both amazing :)

  13. Beautiful, dear, beautiful!!!

    A great kiss!

  14. Everything about this image seems to draw my attention to that beautiful girl, with her eyes closed, which makes me wonder which images she sees when she closes her eyes.

    Love Amalia, as always!

  15. You make us feel happy, when you are not... You make us smile, but you are sad... Things haven't changed, or maybe have?... More depth and dots in your recent drawings, my dear friend! I look at the girl's arms and think: "Is it really so hard?" Such a strange figure! A semi-person, a semi-marionette!!...
    This tiny fresh germ, whatever it is - a new life, love, light, hope - seems so precious for you! It's your breath of fresh air. I know you'll take care of it! I wish you to feel happy again!! xxx

  16. Oh, Amalia, such loving tenderness in your drawing and words. I have no doubt the tiny light will be well nurtured and grow until it is a glowing warmth unparalleled by none. Beautiful, my dear!

  17. such a lovely poem, so intimate and hopeful. and your art is so beautiful, every detail. I see you in your art, your depth, wisdom, love, joy and tenderness. A sensitive creature....
    Thank you for sharing with us.


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