Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hidden in the Night

Blackbird Calling, mixed mediums

The night is whispering. It's singing to me, of a million tiny secrets.
Some about the past, some about the present and little about the life after.
Do you hear it too?
Do you find comfort in the night as I do?
When hints of light sparkle across the black sky,
and silence engulf the air surrounding you?

It's true. The night is my solitude. 
It is my freedom. My sanctuary.
When Time slows down in my mind,
and showers me with rays of dreams.

At least before I stir and awaken.


The Expedition, mixed mediums


  1. Oh I love them both Amalia, and the words too.....night can be so soothing and inspiring. That is when I tend to read, think and make notes.
    The day is always too busy.....


  2. These are both truly beautiful pieces of art, and so is your writing, your mind must be full of wonderful, magical thoughts and dreams :)
    I love the way the foreground stands out so well against the starry sky and the beautiful reds and greens of the clothing and trees. Oh and the wood texture on that boat is just so detailed and beautiful! Never stop drawing, your art is so unique! :)

  3. She may feel lonely, but she's not alone at night... Not afraid. Full of courage and self-assurance. Maybe not much, but enough to give from them to others... I like the sleeping rabbit, his poor soul seems calmed down. The white colour is an accent - a bright spot contrasted with the dark night and the clothes, moved by the wind...
    Wonderful drawings, Amalia! I adore your unique way of drawing hair and, lately, the big eyes of your little girls, who have seen a lot in their lives!

  4. Yes, "I find comfort in the night", as you do! Especially when it's starry and deep, full of silence and magic. I like the trees very, very much...:)xx

  5. These are both sooo gorgeous Amalia!!! I just love their eyes and the bunny is adorable! Love the story the each tell too!

    Have been missing you lately my friend...hope all is going well for you and your family.

    I'm afraid I am a go to bed early gal, probably cause I get so worn out with kids! My oldest daughter is a night owl and can stay up until the wee hours of the morning with no problem...Not sure how she does it!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my recent post. Let me know how your Dad is doing.

    Smiles and hugs!

  6. Yes, the night moves me to
    into the stillness
    the mystery
    the dream realm and more
    both pieces dear Amalia are simply wonderful. I love the rabbit!
    and your new blog header too~

  7. Your work is mesmerizing! I love the garden tamer too. Beautiful!

  8. This is going to be quick because my access is limited. I was at a blog where I saw a thumbnail and I did not see your blog name and the first thing I said, "Oh goodness, this is just like Amalia's work." Hahahahah! It was THIS post link that I saw. Well, there you go, you have a signature! More in a couple of weeks, okay?

  9. What a magnificent series, these two with the previous one! Such a rich palette and texture, and their animal muses.

    I love the night as long as it's the back side of it, the wee hours of the morning, I can't stay awake to experience the beginning part-- and if I was awake, I'd be really grumpy!

  10. These are magnificent, I love the deep soulful expression in the girls' eyes. You are doing such amazing work which inspires me so much! ~Lauren

  11. Oh, Amalia, brava brava. Such beautiful, romantic pieces with a twinge of melancholy. I love them! I am enjoying your love affair with black birds. It's almost as if the soul of the black bird is captured in her ebony locket. And the trees! The mushroom-like trees! Fantastical! And the bottom image gives me hope. This year is an expedition, many uncharted waters. But the way she is cradling and comforting her traveling companion is enough to calm even the most anxious of souls.

    Hugs to you xoxo

  12. This is a very sweet painting and I like your new header very much.
    Have a great week

  13. I love both of these. The starry night is beautiful and the bunny is so special. The night is my favorite time, too. I so love the darkness, the stars and the moon. I am so enjoying your painting that I received with the girl and the moon and stars. It makes me smile every time I look at it : )

  14. wow, they are both so lovely. I love the night sky in the first one and the intensity of both of them. They are rich and elegant; I love them! Hugs!

  15. Such beautiful new works, Amalia. And gorgeous words. Thank you so much! Theresa

  16. Oh, you're so lovely that I can cry of joy or pain watching your wonderful drawings.

    Thanks alawys for sharing, dear, and sorry for my terrible English.

  17. These are both terrific..Also the words are perfect..Night is my time to think.

  18. oh, I just love "the expedition"....your work is magical....xo

  19. Hey Amalia! I love the direction your creative expedition is heading! These are my two favorite pieces of yours! Along with your last post, you are taking us on a wonderful journey! Thank you for sharing your work with us....such a joy! Still keeping you and your father in my prayers...God bless!

  20. Lovely atmospheric paintings Amalia. :) I'm drawing the mystical night at the moment too! Must be 'something in the air' ;) xx

  21. Night sky captivated me whenever I look into them :) It's just simply awesome to look at the soft glowing moon and the sparkling stars upon the dark sky... I think that should be one of the natural wonders in the world!

    I love your girls, they are are getting prettier and with more hidden meanings :) :) I love them!

  22. Amalia, The blonde with the beret and the bunny is one of my new favorites, as is the poem above about night. Beautiful. Brava my friend. Brava!

  23. Hublo. Oh dear me, the one with the rabbit, a masterpiece madamm,! I think you have surpassed master anderson, and if not, then side stepped him,toward another plane.

    Seriously good. That rabbit is inspirational, a coupe de grace,

    Be well.

  24. I'm absolutely in love with the first illustration here. The slope of her shoulders and the overall flow of her hair and sleeves is just so breathtakingly beautiful...

  25. I am a huge fan of your work and I love this piece so so so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!


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