Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Garden Tamer (IF - Swarm)

The Garden Tamer, mixed mediums

A little piece of mind to all fellow artists, whether accepting or in denial...

Art is a universe.

We can grow and thrive in it
or simply stand still and fade away
Whichever you choose, it's your decision alone

You may shine and claim your prize
Accept all the attentions
and bask under the lime light

you become untouchable, 
one of a kind

But are you, really?

After all, you are nothing but human
and humans roam this art universe in millions
swarming it like a flood of hungry souls
Sometimes thinking in similar ways
Feeling similar emotions
Expressing them in similar meanings.

So artists, can you claim inspirations?

Just because you love fairy tale, doesn't mean you have exclusive rights.
Just because you're romantic, doesn't mean others can't be.
Just because you admire certain artists, doesn't mean others won't.
Just because you master poetry, doesn't mean you're entitled to it alone.

You simply are not.

Other artists may boldly or secretly follow your steps.
But many, will always stick to their own.
Similar or not to yours.
It doesn't make them followers, especially if assumption is all you have.

So please, be perceptive.
Stay humble.
Stay true.

After all, if you really are one of a kind, why worry?

Good thoughts to all, Amalia, oxx


  1. Hello, good to see you are here. Be back in a sec after I have checked the rainbow bugs.

  2. You know we have those beetles here, some shine like metal, they follow each other just like you have drawn them I love the flowers as well - well love = admirejealouslustfeellivein.

    As for your words? Oh artists are special. People treat me "special." I've noticed at the bust stop, when I sit down, everybody else leaves out of respect... thyey don't even wait for the bus. Sometimes they go down to the next bust stop though

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  4. I mean, "she did not draw" not "drew".

  5. I am so sorry for messing your comment section. So many typos. Please forgive me.

    This is a beautiful drawing!!! I love the ladybugs.

    What a timely post ! I have just been to a blog where I gagged with disgust. This artist created collages and she went to this fancy art school and thinks she is an "artist" because she feels she is. She is a digital artist. She did not even drew the figures. They were photographs she distorted. Kiss my ass! I could not leave a comment. I can't really tell her my true opinion and I did not want to be sycophantic.

    You know, I don't care much about this "artist" thing. People think so much of their "art". They intellectualize it. The truth is, when we dissect these things, they are mere lines, pigments, brushstrokes and squiggles. Some of these things we create are kitsch to others. We gather trash, paint them and call them art. We all die, we rot, our creations are forgotten. Someone sells the sculpture to a bar or a fajita restaurant. The classic artists like Michelangelo, Artimesia Gentileschi, never called themselves "artist". They called themselves painters and sculptors. We write forgettable novels, trite poetry and messy collages and we call ourselves "artists". Too much intellectualizing of something so elementary. Not all of us can be Picasso or Pissaro. A lot of modern "artists" are followers of Dadism. They "feel" they are artists because they draw lines.

    What matters to me most is when someone is happy because of the simple things I do. It's all that matters. In everything we do, if we affect someone positively, if we save lives, make someone happy, cheer someone up with the things we do, whether we call it work, income or hobby, that's enough for me. I figured I will never be Escher nor Artimesia. I am just a squiggler and a Sunday painter.

  6. Oh about this artist I am talking about, I was disgusted because she "corrected" her visitors who are obviously amateurs and reminded everyone that she has a "Masters in Visual Arts". I swear she is making it up.

  7. And here is one of my favorite quotes:

    "They are so damn `intellectual` and rotten that I can`t stand them anymore....I [would] rather sit on the floor in the market of Toluca and sell tortillas, than have anything to do with those `artistic` bitches of Paris."

    Frida Kahlo

  8. Oh gee Ces, can you send me that link. I like to watch. On a serious note your art is passionate and evokes/invokes emotion. There is no good trying to escape your destiny.

    You know, as a painter girl's give me their phone numbers (my wife confiscates them). As a digital worker (sounds like sexworker!) all I get is emails telling me that my bank balance is overdrawn and would I please call my local branch

    no use trying to escape my destiny either

  9. Whaaaat? You gave her my phone number, Andrew? Hehehehe. No no no! I am not making this clear. I am not denying that I can paint or draw but I am not going to roam around the blogs and pretend that I know a lot about art other than what I do and what I admire. I am not going to pretend I know about "existentialist art". What the heck is existentialist art?

  10. And you do not want to watch. I once watched two friends duke it out with another intellectual type and I got into the fray. Ugh! Sorry Amalia, this topic is so significant to me right now. Thank you for letting me rant. Tsup!

  11. How beautiful! I love the antique texture to this - especially the effect that it gives to her golden hair.

  12. I think this is my new favorite. her eyes look so sad but they are beautiful!

  13. I love this Amalia, it feels a little different from your normal work. A little sadder maybe, but really lovely and warm too.

  14. The artwork is beautiful, and the poetry is awesome! Wow! I love this post so much! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  15. This reminds me of a dream I had recently with bugs getting out of hand in my garden. Nice illustration and nice thoughts. Kind of amused by Ces' thoughts too :)

  16. Hello dear Amalia
    I love this illustration, every bit of it!!!
    Your interpretation of swarm is just beautiful!
    Would love to hear the back story behind this Post - you have made me think of my art in a different way.
    How is your father doing? Been thinking of you and wondering how your family is doing.
    Hugs and smiles

  17. I love your color palette and the expressive eyes! Wow!

  18. Hi my sweet friend,do I agree with all your text integrally. if all are part of the same global village.. who is that will complain for itself the creation of everything.. some God?
    I loved your new illustration.. I like that night atmosphere a lot and of the small insects.

  19. Hi Amalia, this is a great post, and very true too!
    I love that she seems to be in some kind of garden at night, filled with roses and delicate tree branches, and the bugs climbing the trees together, oh and the lace on her dress is just perfect!

  20. hello Amalia! :o I'm missing a lot of things! (I've been disconnected from the internet). Anyway, about this post: stay humble - I totally agree with you;

    I just want to say that I love love love love love the "midnight travel", looks like a great trip, or a great escape from something...

  21. Such beautiful colors and textures, Amalia!! I love the layers of ruffles on her dress and the patterns created by the roses and ladybugs. We artists are like snowflakes--no two are ever alike. Creative possibilities are infinite.

  22. Very lovely work. I really agree with the words... got to keep trying new things, improving, but never assume anything and never be arrogant. Thank you for sharing this post!

  23. oh Amalia,

    I have so much to tell (or simply expressing my negative feelings of being imbalance =p) but I couldn't possibly point my finger on top of the table. They might see you as their 'guidance' or merely like 'I want to be like her' hence they started, followed, twisted, paraphrasing, 'inspired' and keeping in a very close distance...

    I do acknowledge that yes I'm working real hard and you might be working as hard as me (or harder could be). And yes, I do know that positive competitive spirit is needed at times to motivate you to strike harder. And yes, I do know there is this phrase "if you wanna achieve success, you need a friend; if you wanna achieve great success, you need an enemy"..

    But sometimes it is just a pain in the a** seeing that the work from your heart has 'inspired' other people in some skeptical way...

    I'm just being mumbling... =p do ignore.

  24. I love your comment over at my blog! I know, honey. I know that feeling. When you are surrounded by nuts and dysfunctional people, it takes a lot to not become like them. For a year and a half, that happened to me and the dysfunctional people and deviants actually considered me the abnormal one because I was straight. So yes, I understand.

  25. This is for you, I think:

    rossichka said...

    I look at these big, sad eyes and I know that I won't forget them! They have seen things I can only guess about, but I think this tender girl with golden hair is very courageous ... Instead of sinking in her grief or fears, she's taking care of others... It's so strange to see all these bugs, like alive, crawling on the trees. I like the contrasting colours and the sense of harmony in nature, for nature...
    I can't comment the theme of the post, because it's too specific. But even in the field of theatre there're people who "follow" and... copy the directors or scenographers they admire to the extent of "stealing" their styles. And they call this to be an art of their own, a result of their artistic searchings... Just be yourself, Amalia, and know that those who like your art and you, will always understand and FEEL the difference between the original and the "stolen" piece of art...

  26. Oh, DEAR Ces - thank you! It's very friendly of you!:)

  27. Go, my ladybugs! Go and rid the garden of its darkness. Protect the blooms and let in the light. Touchingly beautiful drawing, dear Amalia! I love the somber tone and the sorrow in her eyes. Your roses are beautiful. And your words ring true and deep. There are certain illustrators I admire and try to emulate. I wonder if they would bristle at my attempts. In the end, though, it is flattery. I would much rather inspire others than no one at all.


  28. Lovely words and amazing artwork, Amalia. Thank you so much. :) Theresa

  29. Hey Amalia! Wonderful painting! Love her angelic expression and dreamy eyes! Great poem on art and identity. God gave everyone something, we just happen to be artists.... one in a million or two.

  30. This is such a beautiful and sweet illustration Amalia! I love the vintage look you have been giving your paintings. And as always, such lovely and thought-provoking words :) ~Lauren

  31. How beautiful.
    And, what an interesting discussion in the comments.

  32. The words and the image are both so beautiful. Her eyes are so stunning, soulful...

  33. Totally stunning!

  34. JUust making sure your garden swarm is under control :)

  35. Hope there are no nuts hanging around in your garden :)

  36. First of all, I love the illustrations on your page.

    Plus your words on artists are really great.


  37. Hello, very nice work, you capture a wonderful dream world quality.

  38. Beautiful work Amalia! And you know as I opened your page and saw the painting, a ladybird/bug was on my lamp. I have lots in my room that hibernate each year.Now they are waking up and going outside. :)x

  39. Some how I have missed your blog and I am glad I found it..Your work is stunning and your words are honest and true..I also see Ces is a friend.. She also speaks the truth..That is why I love her so.
    Nice to find you.

  40. such a powerful post
    i hear your voice
    a channel of truth and inspiration

    I agree with you
    and this piece of art... the roses are superb beings! and the wee ladies... are wonderful, love the entire piece, of course.


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