Saturday, 26 February 2011

Midnight Travel

Midnight Travel, mixed mediums

Take me away with you.


Just anywhere but here.

Where hope still shines and faith lives on.



  1. Omg.....I love this!!!
    LOVE IT.


  2. Ah I want to read so much into this but I better not. I will just relish this beautiful image and somber note. I hope all is well with you dearest Amalia. I hope things are easing and I think of you and your father. Prayers for his well being and the lifting of your burden. Tsup!

  3. It is so nice to see that your work can take you away for a while to a world of peace and freedom. I can feel sense an escape from the cares of this world in this piece. Sometimes I feel like it is just me and my work as the world fades into nothingness while I create. Wonderful work my dear Amalia :o)

  4. I hope everything is alright with you, please be strong! ! Many hugs and blessings..

  5. Oh, sweetness, this is melancholy beauty at its finest. There is darkness, but somewhere in the distance the light shines and stars sparkle. I hope her winged friend takes her somewhere beautiful where all the darkness evaporates like mist. Thinking of you, dear one. xoxo

  6. I know that feeling all too well! This is so beautiful and heartfelt. I often dream of flying away like this, I wonder what that would be like. I hope all is well Amalia.

  7. What a stunning creation! And such sentiment behind it. I also love the dramatic new look of your blog. :) Thank you for sharing this beauty with us. Theresa xoxo

  8. My dear, precious Amalia! My heart sank when I saw your painting! Sadness, anxiety, worries.... That's what I felt! How are you? What is going on with your Dad? Have you really lost hope and faith? I hope you haven't!!xx
    I like the picture, it has a strong emotional impact... That little girl is so fragile, she has obviously spent many sleepless nights and it's nice that she has a friend who can caress her and help her... I wish we could do the same for you, if you are in need! HUGS!xx

  9. Amalia -
    I hope you are doing well. Know that my thoughts are with you and your dad!

    Oh my goodness..this is just so gorgeous. There is such a serene depth to this piece and I do hope that you know that I am sending you my heartfelt best wishes and hugs.

  10. This is stunning. I love the blues and the subtle texture. Her face is beautiful and I love how her small body fits in the sling.

  11. oh my, this is magical
    and dreamy
    and lovely colors and details
    and sad that our world does make us feel like we want to go away to somewhere better
    life is such a mix
    i send you light~

  12. Take care Amalia.. May God bless u and your loving family always.

  13. You really have your own distinct look, that is so important. I think your work is just splendid!

  14. Wow, this is absolutely amazing Amalia and so magical!! :) ~Lauren


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