Thursday, 3 February 2011

Come Home to February (IF - Surrender)

February is a special month for me. So many moments to celebrate and enjoy... my son's birthday, my own and many loved ones. To me personally, the arrival of February is like coming home, a domain of time where I feel most at ease as I enter another year in life.

When I was younger, I had a fascination with zodiac signs and not a day went by for me without checking the daily horoscope on magazines and newspapers. What does the forecast say today? Will I meet a tall dark stranger and find true love? Will I finally stumble upon a huge fortune or fame? Well, I was young, and obviously knew very little about real life or how the accuracy of horoscope reading is more or less like probing around in the dark with a candle in your hand. But what I loved most about zodiac signs is how you are able to get to know yourself and your characteristics better. If you choose to believe it.

Pisces, digital painting

Pisces, for example, is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions as the internal struggle of the soul within them. They are said to be extremely creative, sensitive, and artistic, with the tendency to be melancholic and imaginative. It is one of the most adaptive signs in the Zodiac. They are very intuitive, which as a result can be flexible and prosper in many different situations. Rather than taking an analytical approach to life, Pisces react to the feelings of others and can be very influential when they choose to be. They are very common as inventors, writers, musicians, painters, and dancers.

There. a whole paragraph that supposedly describes myself as a person. The only question is, should I believe it?

Pisces postcards and hang tags set on Etsy

Well, between that period of time of my fascination with zodiac signs and my present life now, I have learned that life can only be as abstract and unpredictable as Jackson Pollock's dribbles of paint. No turn is certain, no change is definite. Like the weather, it chooses to display patterns and inconsistencies at the same time. With this in mind, I have chosen to see horoscope forecasts and zodiac signs simply as complimentary. Because no human is identical and no fortune is carved in stone.

So I surrender. To life and to the natural course of fate.

I hope February turns out to be sweet and magical to all of you. And since it's my favorite month of the year, I'll be giving 30% discount for every 3 purchases of art prints over at my shop!

God bless, Amalia, oxox


  1. I was awed by this painting even before I read the part about Pisces. The blues pulled me in! Gorgeous! But I am a pisces too. and the description is accurate!

  2. The color on this is amazing is tranquil and bold at the same time. An excellent interpretation of a Zodiac sign!
    Be glad you're not Sagittarius, like me--we're very creative, but I think the word *stubborn* or maybe it was *head strong* is right up there in the description! LOL!!!


  3. Wow, beautiful digital piece... love your soft style!

  4. Beautiful! Love the way you used the text too.

  5. Buena ilustración...
    Mi signo zodiacal es piscis, soy un soñador.

  6. Your illustrations are remarkable! The blues are so pretty for Pisces!

  7. Oh I just love blue pictures, they're so calming and tranquil, you can definitely see this in her expression here too. Sounds like you have a wonderful month ahead of you, times like these are the greatest!
    I love those flowing folds and the way her hair sweeps along with it too. Another beautiful, wonderful, spectacular piece of artwork :)

  8. My goodness, she is a goddess! Very serene and beautiful, indeed, with that Mona Lisa smile. She knows something. And the fish! Beautifully fluid and graceful. What an utterly gorgeous piece. Happy Birthday month to you and your son! Yayyyyy!

  9. This is glorious Amalia! And I love the self reflection here and learning more about a pices was fun too. I'm a cancer so haven't really looked into the pices sign much.

    I don't do anything digital so I am in awe of this process and the results you get!

    Oh so very talented you!

    Hugs and smiles

  10. this is beautiful Amalia! Happy birthday month to you and yours!!!

  11. Some of the people I love dearly were born on February. I hear they are a smart bunch! Love your style Amalia. It's becoming quite tender.

  12. Hey Amalia! Happy birthday to you and your son this month! I have a daughter born in February and of course, being the romantic that I am... Valentine's day is one of my favorites :o) I don't believe in the Zodiak signs, but I do find myself attracted to the symbols and designs. And you, my dear, have surpassed any design for Pisces that I've ever seen! Add your sweet little beauty into the equation , plus your wonderful text and it all equals another stunning work of art! I thought you were at the pinacle before. I don't know how you do it, but this tops it all!

  13. Happy birthday month! (mine too)
    So so beautiful! It has a fluid, watery feel. All the elements flow together, very harmonious.

  14. They are said to be extremely creative, sensitive, and artistic, with the tendency to be melancholic and imaginative. It is one of the most adaptive signs in the Zodiac. They are very intuitive, which as a result can be flexible and prosper in many different situations. Rather than taking an analytical approach to life, Pisces react to the feelings of others and can be very influential when they choose to be. They are very common as inventors, writers, musicians, painters, and dancers.

    well you fit the mold my friend. They left out kind to other people though :)

  15. Okay I looked at the work, I looked at a lot of your work recently and let me say, you are a hellofanartist.

    One thing that describes your work is err umm like well sanded wood, you know you can run your hand up and down a piece of wood smoothed nby the sea and the sand and it feels so good to touch, like everything is in place and that is how it should be and is.

    I even like the 'Pisces' bit though of course I am aquarius


  16. Oh such a beautiful piece Amalia! Love the colours and the fluid movement of your lines!
    Happy birthday to you and your son!
    I have loved ones born in this month too...and they both fit the description of the zodiac sign, my brother is a musician and my father was a painter and very artistic.So I guess you can believe it! ;)
    Have a wonderful February!:)

  17. Hi Amalia! February is truly a month of love for you! :) I enjoyed seeing this painting representing Pisces. So soft and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your latest lovely. Theresa

  18. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!! I love it. Great work. It's wonderful. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  19. Amalia..this is lovely! I wish your son, and you a very happy birthday month. I always am so amazed at the wonderful work you do. Loving her sweet serene face! Hope you've been well!!

  20. I hope you have a very happy February!

    This picture is so magical! I love how her hair seems to glow...

  21. I love the painting of Pisces.. gorgeous.. but then all your work is that way..

    Received my order the other day and simply loved all of it... seeing you have such a great discount... I am heading over to your Esty shop right now.

    Blessed February..

  22. this is lovely Amalia, sweet, calming and lovely! I also am a February Pisces. I wonder if we share the same birth date?

    Wishing you and your son a lovely birthday, may each day of your new year feel wonderful to the each of you! xo,t

  23. "No turn is certain, no change is definite" I really really love your quote. I have another chinese version that sounds a little like this:

    Stop saying that you don't have a choice
    There are not only right and wrong answers in the world
    So there are many choices to one single thing
    That's why we always have different paths to choose
    You can find a reason to cry
    You'll definitely discover reasons to smile

    *pardon my crappy translation*

    I do partly believe in zodiac even though I think it is much complicated in a human being (well we have so much emotions and personalities, aren't we?) but I do think pisces are very soft, delicate and romantic human beings. I think the softness of yours definitely portrayed in your artwork :D

    Happy Birthday to you and your son. Wishing you and your family have a fabulous february!

  24. It's beautiful Amalia, so filled with feeling and I love the swirling lines. A lovely caring pisces! :) xx

  25. I love February, too, Amalia. It's still winter here, but we have Valentine's day and know that spring is just a matter of weeks away. For me it's a hopeful month.
    Even though the symbol for Pisces is fish, this looks celestial, heavenly! The colors are lovely!!!
    This is such fun subject matter. I don't know how much reality there is in the zodiac, but certainly it's fun to have a sign and a symbol.

  26. Just beautiful. Have a happy birthday!

  27. Wow, it's absolutely beautiful!! Don't ever stop what you do!

  28. Hi Amalia! This painting is just gorgeous, you have interpreted the sign beautifully :) Happy February to you! I hope you are doing wonderfully! :) ~Lauren

  29. The year is flying by already! Happy birthday, and happy February!Gorgeous blues, and most magnificent fish!

  30. My dear Amalia, Happy Birthday to you and your son!! I wish you a lot of joy, wonderful moments, love and health! Are you both Pisces? I don't have close friends or relatives, born under this sign, but I know its representatives as sensitive and artistic persons. Here're some famous Pisces: Victor Hugo; Albert Einstein; Vivaldi, Hendel, Rossini, Maurice Ravel, Chopin; Renoir, Botticelli, Michelangelo...
    When I was younger, there was a period in my life when I was interested in astrology. I never believed completely in the horoscopes, but I keep a notebook with horoscopes for all the 365 days of the year, because most of them as if had been written for me! A little bit unbelievable, but true!! I don't feel such needs anymore... :)
    Your drawing is so tender and shining! I love the girl's golden hair and her closed eyes... And, oh, that smile! Wonderful as always!! Have a very exciting February!

  31. Heya Amalia, I read your comment and it made me laugh our loud, great minds think. Eh?

    Yours works good,

    I hope everything is travelling brightly and sparkley.

    fromoz :)

  32. Dearest Amalia, apa kabar? I hope that everything with you and your family is O.K.! It seems to me that you've been silent for quite a long time...xx

  33. Oh I miss you. You have been on mind. I hope you are well. Tsup!

  34. I'm waiting for her real soon XD

    At some point, I think we all express some hidden meanings through our artworks, whether is happy or sad. I personally think that the more 'personal emotions' you express through them (artwork), the stronger they (audience) will response to it too :)

    May all be well to you. Many blessings to you and your family. Take care!


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