Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Signs Will Come...

Signs, mixed mediums

If time ever stood still, will you hold my hand?


Dearest friends,

I can't thank you enough for the warmth you've given me through your kind messages in this especially hard time. It gives me great joy to know that I've been so fortunate to have met many wonderful souls out there who are truly generous in comforting others. I hope I will have more time to visit each and everyone of you soon. Bless you! :)

Hugs, Amalia, oxox


  1. I will, my dear, I will! I'm holding it in this moment - just reach your hand... Can you feel mine?:)... I'm so sorry about the worries you are having and the hard days you are passing through! There's so much sadness in this drawing! The black colour is somehow frightening me. BUT, I'm glad you are leaning to the tree, to life... Because the birds will fly away, the flowers will fade, the day and night will change, but that tree will remain on its place, no matter what's changing around...
    I like your new header with the image of the dark, starry night... And those keys in your hands!? Secrets, mystery, quietness...
    I want so much to feel joy in your voice again, Amalia!! Hugs!xxx

  2. this is sad yet scarily beautiful.
    Whatever you're going through, be strong ya mbak Lia, my prayers for you and your beloved ones *hugs*

  3. Amalia, may you have peace in abundance delivered to you soon. Even with the melancholy tone of the illustration, it is most beautiful.
    I am reaching out to grab you hand!
    Across the miles....


  4. Aaaaww, this illustration is so tender. Amalia dear, you know I have been here since I met you two years ago. I will keep on coming and hold your hand. Tsup!

  5. sending gentle thoughts and wishes your way. May the peace you seek come soon

  6. ~there will always be unexpected moments when it feels time has stood still and our hands will forever be here to take hold of yours and carry you through...a beautiful piece my dear well and time is in your hands...take as much as you need...we will always be here...much love light and blessings always shining brightly upon you and your family~

  7. Amalia, this is so lovely, all of your little ladies seem quite sad lately. I hope that all your difficulties fade away quickly. Blessings to you and your family; I pray that your father is getting better daily and will recover to full health in the coming weeks. I am sending you a big virtual (((((HUG)))))!!!

  8. Dear Amalia,
    oh i am sorry to just learn of your dad's illness.
    i hope you are holding up ok. Know that you are in my thoughts. A big blog hug to you!
    your work here is just beautiful...and i so love the girl with papa bear and the thoughts on your previous post!

  9. I'm also so sorry to hear about your dad's illness, Amalia!! My thought are with you, my friend!

  10. How are you my friend? How is your dear father? I think of you daily and hope you are all doing better!

    I love this new header and this illustration is so powerful - they are both powerful!

    How I have missed your art! You inspire me so much.

    Hugs to you and to your family!

    (Smiles too)

  11. Oh, dearest Amalia. I will not only hold your hand, but your soul and your heart for as long as you need. Your image is as hauntingly melancholy as it is beautiful. The black blooms and the raven keep this little one on her toes. But the dove is there, and hopefully it will not fly away until it is time. Your new header is also mystifying and wonderfully dreamy.

    I send you strength and peace and love.


  12. Hi Amalia, I hope things will work out good soon. Stay strong and remember there will be better days to come :)
    I can see there are a lot of hidden meanings in this piece, there's so many little details and objects to look at. The colours work together wonderfully. You are a fantastic artist Amalia, and I always enjoy seeing your work!

  13. You are incredible!! So much talent and a heart of gold. Best wishes to you and your family!

  14. Amalia, this piece is beautiful. You are very talented.
    May the tides turn and happiness be tapping you on your shoulder soon.

    Kyles =D

  15. I love your new header Amalia! This painting is stunning too! Your work is really touching me at the moment, more than ever. Thankyou for sharing your talent here.xx

  16. oh gee, I've posted on the wrong post!!

    "I'm waiting for her real soon XD

    At some point, I think we all express some hidden meanings through our artworks, whether is happy or sad. I personally think that the more 'personal emotions' you express through them (artwork), the stronger they (audience) will response to it too :)

    May all be well to you. Many blessings to you and your family. Take care!"

  17. Dear Amalia,
    You are in my thoughts. I understand about the ups and downs of life. Things have been difficult for me lately too.
    This painting is very beautiful as it touches the heart. We all need someone to hold our hand.
    All of your friends are holding your hand by visiting here and leaving you kind words.
    Thank you for your lovely message.
    Love and hugs,
    Jo. xx

  18. Wow... this is so beautiful...
    Love her intense eyes, her beautiful hair and the tree in the background... Amazing work, you're incredibly talented!

    Best wishes to you and your father, hope things will get better soon.

  19. Gorgeous. I love her expression and how she seems to be blown by the wind. This seems so sad and heartfelt. I hope that everything is going well and that you are able to spend lots of time with your father!

  20. sending light to you and yours... always.

    this is a tender and moving piece, so wonderful!

  21. Hello, it;s the guy with the eyes crossed (there is an umlatgraveacute over the 'e' in crossed.

    Heh, playing with our archetypal subconscious minds here :) The crow and the pigeon so well juxtaposed, the black and the white eh?

    Glad you are back. Hope things are settling down.

    looking forward to your return.

  22. Oh your header is so fluid - the horizontal comp[ostion, the floating world is a delight to discover

  23. Wonderful piece. Sweet, haunting and melancholy but utterly beautiful! Wow, so nice!

  24. Hello dear Amalia! First of all your new header is stunning! Love it! Second of all, my prayers and God’s outstretched hands are there to take hold of you. Love your “signs” work... so lovely with a touch of mystery. The keys? Hmmmm.... and your character... so sweet! Peace and blessings to you and your family.

  25. Hello Amalia - I hope things are getting better for your dad. I'm wishing better days ahead for you, my friend. ♥ Still, in your difficulties your work is beautiful. I just love your new header!!! And this illustration is beautiful as well. I admire that you can keep this up with all you've been going through. Hugs to you!!!

  26. That latest illustration is so beautiful, Amal.
    I'm sorry to hear about your dad's illness. I hope he'll get better soon. I know how it feels when people that we love get sick:(
    Hugs. xoxo

  27. I am keeping your Dad & your family in my thoughts and hope he is doing better.
    I absolutely love this painting. The symbolism is so beautiful with the birds, mirror and hourglass. I really like the dark colors, too.
    Take care of yourself : )

  28. Peace and comfort to you, Amalia. I hope your Dad is feeling better. Sending prayers for his healing and blessings to you and your family.


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