Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Enchanting Art of Nicoletta Ceccoli

Have you ever been so mesmerized by someone's art that it takes your breath away completely? Now I know that I have been shocked and stunned by so many in my life, but only a few could actually send my heart a flutter and bewitch me entirely speechless. Nicoletta Ceccoli's art is without a doubt among one of them.

 Fishing Room

Bloody Mary


When I first saw her work, I must admit that I just couldn't stop staring. Somehow they all looked so surreal yet so vivid that I was convinced she must really live in all of her dream like images. In a way, her art seems to go beyond all human fantasy and I'm always in awe at how perfectly she captures her flawless imagination.


Lollipop Land

 Evidently Goldfish

As an award winning illustrator, Nicoletta Ceccoli has illustrated over 30 books since the year 1995, among many of them actually published by some of the most well known publishers throughout the world. Not a surprising fact, considering she's one of the most accomplished illustrators of this era. Other than that, she also creates and exhibits her fine art pieces across the globe which have been beautifully published in a book. To me personally, she's simply a celebrity artist of her own kind.

Well? Are you as mesmerized as I am? :)

If you're curious to see more of her work, here are a couple of links where you can see them:

And believe me, they are just as bewitching as the snippets you have seen in this post...

Have an inspiring week ahead, everyone!

Amalia, oxx  



  1. Amazing!!!! How are you dear Amalia?
    Thank you for sharing her work with us!!!
    What a talent!!!
    Just like you:-)
    I'm going back to take another look...

    Smiles and hugs!

  2. OH WOWWWWWW!!!! The imagination contained within her is phenomenal!! Incredible works. Thank you for sharing this treasure!

  3. Amazing work!!!! I love Bloody Mary and Lollipop Land so much! Thank you for sharing ;)

  4. I love Nicoletta's work. I'm particularly inspired by the colours, they're like candyfloss.
    Thank you for putting together such a nice selection of her works, Amalia! :)

  5. Bellissimi , a volte inquietanti ma sempre sempre emozionanti ... un esempio , un abbraccio!!!

  6. This young lady's art is breathtaking! I'm enchanted and full of admiration! There's so much to be seen and felt in her peculiar dreamy world, full of so many strange characters, living together in a perfect harmony, as it seems!
    Thank you, Amalia, for sharing your discovery with us!!
    I miss you... I hope you feel great!xx

  7. I love all of the illustrations, but there is something about "Lollipop Land" that just draws me in!
    Her use of soft color and edges is amazing...even when there is a bright color mixed in, it is softened so perfectly as to not stand out.
    And that isn't even beginning to describe the feeling.....


  8. I love Nicoletta Ceccoli. I just have a thing for dollish girls in general...which is why I adore pop surrealism so much. Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Nicoletta Ceccoli all = LOVE! Thanks for posting this.

  9. Thanks for sharing Amalia! I especially like the lollipops.

  10. I love this artist.
    She draw . . . wonderful things and situations.

  11. I love this woman's brain!!! Yes! Incredible.

    Take care dearest Amalia. Pretty soon you can balance your drink on your tummy! Just make sure it is not hot. I used to do that during my time. :) Tsup!

  12. Oh, my! These are so stunning! Thank you so much for sharing - I think I may need to order A Dignity of Dragons, now! So beautiful!

  13. I feel almost embarrassed that I did not know of Nicoletta! She is just AMAZING. Thank you so so much for sharing her fantastic art!!!! Theresa

  14. What a FANTASTIC, AWESOME illustrator, I must say about her... and you too, Amalia!

  15. this art is like a dream, it is slightly unnerving - yet it holds an allure that keeps you asleep because it is so magical, and when you do wake the glow of it remains with you. wonderful wonderful art

  16. I'm familiar with her work and I see her influence in some of your pieces girls. She is a wonderful artist with an incredible imagination. As are you Amalia. Thanks for reminding me of her work :)

  17. oh Amalia, thank you so much for sharing this woman and her art! I feel enchanted and want to see more. You talk about her with such passion and wonder. I loved your post. Lovely day to you!

  18. Hello there beautiful! How are you? Ah I have been sleeping too, but mine is sleep debt. Hope all is well. Rub your tummy for me :) Tsup!

  19. Amalia- it has been far too long. I hope you are well!! I love Nicoletta's work...all that you captured in words is true. I stumbled upon her website many months ago and was mesmerized. Your work is simply magical too, Amalia. Just wanted to pop by and say hello!

  20. Hullo Amalia, just when you think you have seen it all, suddenly you realise that you aint seen nuffin'.


    Thank you so much for spotlighting this artistess. I am going to devour her work and chew it over good :)

    hope you are going great guns and that your fingernail extensions are doing the job

    thank you for your wonderous help on my book, too. I made a big revision after your crit and the text boxes are much better

    owe you one ;)


  21. Her work is simply amazing, just like yours! I have been endlessly inspired by her since discovering her work. I recently purchased her book "The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum" and I love it--I want them all! ~Lauren

  22. Amalia,
    thank you for sharing this artist! I am so smitten that I ordered her book and have been renting children's books that she has illustrated from the library. xo


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