Monday, 2 May 2011

Simplifying Things

Never take more than you can handle, I always say. Well, so I keep telling myself whenever I'd misplace my wisdom and absentmindedly take on a project simply because it interests me. Obviously, Curiosity prefers to ignore that small voice in my head and I usually end up with work piling on top of my table. :)

As you all know, I have a second blog where I often post about things that inspire me, and mostly art that leaves me green with envy. Unfortunately, given the "condition" I'm in right now, I find it hard to manage two blogs and at the same time finish all the projects that I'm stuck with, thanks to Mr. Curiosity. So for the time being, I will be posting them right here along with my other ramblings. Hope you're still game!

Meanwhile, here is another piece for Benny Arnas' book...

Sesungguhnya Dia Sangat Cemas, 2011, mixed mediums

Also, I have a little free gift for all of you, something to help you keep your book collection from wandering away and disappearing into someone else' library.

If you're interested, just download the file directly through this link. All you have to do is print it and fill in the blank with your name. Of course, you're welcome to spread the love and give the file to friends and family, as long as it stays free. :)


Amalia, oxx


  1. ¡Cuánta paz y serenidad! Y un poco de melancolía... Bello.

  2. This is very very beautiful, Amalia. :)
    May I ask what mediums you used?

  3. This is so beautiful. The moon is just exquisite. Hope you are well my friend! I didn't know you were expecting Julia told me! Congratulations to you and your family!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love the moon picture... it is absoultely gorgeous... but then I am a bit partial to the old girl. I know exactly what you mean about the small voice... curiousity can be a bit loud sometimes... :-)

  5. would love a copy of your book plate. My granddaughter will love it...

  6. His art does not stop surprising me.
    Center of simplicity lies the beauty .. the poet.
    Only the fact to come by and admired so much beauty is already a great gift.
    I hope you're well and happy my sweet friend.
    yasmin :)

  7. Her hair flows so beautifully just like the waves, and it's as luminous and magical as the moon!
    I tend to end up with a bunch of projects piling up on my desk too, but the thrill of something new is difficult to resist sometimes :)

  8. Thanks for your reply! :D
    And do you paint with watercolours?

  9. Beautiful as always Amalia. I hope you are feeling a little better. (((Hugs)))

  10. I like your world, you can create very special climates in your image. I see that sos a sensitive and intelligent artist. Congratulations for your blog, I promise to visit you again.

  11. This is so beautiful! Good for you to focus on one blog, listen to your body and your little bundle inside(O:

  12. Your new piece is so luminous and peaceful! :) ~Lauren

  13. Very sweet and beautiful illustration, Amalia. I always wonder how you manage to maintain two blogs while still illustrating and taking care of your family:) Take it easy, Amal:) xoxo

  14. Hey there dudette :) That's the new phrase since Willy got married the other night, did you know? (Willy= the guy twice removed from the english throne)

    Oh enough sillyness. Heh. Let's get serious. You know that the early Australian explorers all used paper boats? Serious! Wood was so expensive here that they even made all their furniture from paper... of course you weren't meant to sit on it, especially if you were fat...

    Okay enough blahhing,,,,,

    Seroiusly, your sense of dynamic composition is humming in this one, those curves add that serenity, the glow of the moon, all balanced with the reverse curves of the eyelids and the wonderful left to right flow to get us onto the next page, to hurry us along, yet also 'wait awhile and tarry and observe the beauty"

    ahh so a self portrait :)

  15. Hello,

    This piece is dreamy beautiful! Ummm
    and your book plate is lovely as can be, so generous of you.
    Two blogs can take a lot of time!
    I am sending a warm smile to you.

  16. Hello, MYLA Amalia! "Myla" is the Bulgarian word for "dear" and it sounds so much better when I'm using it for you!:) You must spread your energy and strength to so many places, but I believe you won't lose your directions!...
    The illustration is so calming and shining with a mild light! The book is going to be a treasure for its readers, I'm sure! I see that you draw with pleasure and inspiration and there's nothing better than that!
    Thanks for the beautiful gift you are so generous to give us!:) I'll stick it to some of my most precious books!

  17. hey thanks for the bookplate

    you are very kind as well as being wwonderfully talented :)

    now don't get a big head!

  18. Never before have I been so mesmerized while gazing at the moon! Oh, Amalia, this is heavenly! Such beautiful, feminine softness in all the gentle curves. She is glowing, much as I imagine you are too. :) I love this! And the bookplates are wonderful!!! Aww, thank you for those!

    Hope you are doing well, Miss Lovely!

  19. Very beautiful and ethereal. Love your sense of light, it's very glowing.

  20. I love this!!! The moon is splendid!

  21. You are so incredibly talented. Your work sometimes seems very pop-surrealism to me, which is my favorite. Your artwork is truly inspirational...hope I can become as awesome as you one day.

  22. I love the gentleness of your new piece! The moon has such a gorgeous expression...

  23. Such a beautiful illustration! So dreamy. Thank you for the wonderful gift! I downloaded them to my computer. Enjoy the weekend! Theresa

  24. oh well, taking on too much, too many ideas swirling around in our heads - thats the price of a creative mind i'm beginning to realise. your painting is dreamy, tranquil but there is a hidden depth that makes you wonder what else is beneath the surface.

  25. what a beautiful place this is.
    i'm following for sure
    in my little boat.

  26. Happy Mother’s day Amalia. Blessings, peace and joy :o)

  27. Your artwork is absolutely beautiful! Like something out of a storybook.

  28. What a gorgeous piece! And thank you for the desktop wallpaper too ♥


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