Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hello again, everyone! Just letting you know that I'm in the process of opening a brand new shop over at Etsy. com. New concept, new look, and definitely new work by yours truly. Right now I'm having a Clearance Sale with huge discounts on all available items, which will commence until April 30th. So, chop chop, there's not much time left and limited stock won't last forever, yes? :)

Hope to see you there soon!!

Amalia, oxx

Click here to go to my shop


  1. I'm excited to see your new shop and new work! And I wish you lots of success with your clearance sale. :)

  2. Hi Amalia,

    Hope everything is going well with you =p I'm stopping all my drawings at the moment because of the busy schedule and I need to have enough rest to stay fresh the next day =p

    Looking forward to your new shop and curious on your new work! :) Any launching date? lolz XD

    Take good care of urself and hear from you soon ya~ <3


  3. OOOOOOH, a new shop! I am intrigued!!!

    I am currently tapped out on my budget, but I will save up for your new shop! Can't wait!


  4. Hey Amalia! Congrats! Now tih all these posts you are wearing us out you know ;) Now where did I leave my walker....

    see you!


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