Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Oh Lazy days...

Wow. I'm officially amazed. Never thought there would ever be a time when I'd spend my days doing absolutely nothing. Well, when just getting out of bed in the morning becomes a major task of the day, then you can imagine what it's like for me now to do the house chores or let alone work. Seriously, I get headaches when I go near my drawing table and the computer seems to have fangs on most parts of the day. Pathetic, isn't it?And they say that this would stop at the end of the first trimester. No such luck so far.

But as pitiful as I may sound right now, I am still trying to finish up some work, regretfully at intense snail speed. And I have proof to show it too! This piece below is one of the illustrations I did for a book by a young, talented Indonesian writer, Benny Arnas.

Seperti Natnitnole, 2011, mixed mediums

It really was quite an interesting project for me because the book is mainly about the bittersweet taste of love, and you all know how much of a sucker I am for love and romance. Bitter, or sweet it may be.

So while I carry on with my 'long break' ahead, I hope you're all having more fun and action in your days!

Amalia, oxx 


  1. A lovely illustration Amalia and don't worry about feeling like this at the moment, by 16 weeks things will start to change. Quite hard to believe in the first weeks I know, but this will be a creative time, just you wait and see! :)xx

  2. Such a great illustration, the perfect accompaniment to a book! You know, I think your art is really suited to book illustration too, your work always seems to have a story behind it :)

  3. Beautiful Amalia. So sorry you are feeling so poorly. I remember this well and I remember counting the days until I felt better to. I hope you will be feeling wonderful very soon. Hugs :)

  4. Amalia, even under the weather, you still create beautifuul!
    I am hoping all goes well for the remainder of your time; maybe some of the illness will pass.
    I have no excuse for thinking my computer and art table have teeth and hate me~~I go through that part on a regular basis! So see, you are STILL the queen of beautiful art production!!!
    Many hugs to you my friend and take it easy; no apology necessary.


  5. Ah, it's all for a good cause! And your thrill for your work will be there once again, just where you left it! Sleep, rest, take care of yourself, you're doing great things!

  6. hello dear Amalia,
    it is hard to feel poorly for so long, oh! Wishing you peace in your body and joy in your days.

    This piece is fabulous! I love every detail, I can only imagine that the writer is thrilled!

  7. Oh this is lovely!!! I just miss you so much!! Do you know what you are expecting yet? I think we should have a bloggy baby shower for you! Miss you and am glad to hear that you are taking things easy!

    Hugs hugs and smiles

  8. I am always so in awe of your work, this is really beautiful!

  9. Dear Amalia, I am sorry you have been feeling poorly for so long. It will pass and once you hold that little miracle, you will forget all about the discomforts in getting there.
    Be well.
    ♥ audrey

  10. You are tooo coooool. Your artwork is just so amazing I am having eyegasms.

  11. Amalia, this is really beautiful, i am glad i stumble upon your blog..sort of, thanks for posting in the Etsy forum, you have a beautiful style!

  12. Beautiful. It drew me in right away. You have a surreal talent.

  13. Ooooh, intriguing! What a great illustration. She sure needs some love to turn her into a real girl. Beautiful, dear Amalia!

    So sorry to hear you are still feeling yucky. If it is any consolation, I have read that morning sickness means you have a strong baby growing inside. :)

    Love and hugs.

  14. greetings Amalia ! :)

    You know I have a feeling that your work is getting deeper, tapping into (what's the word when the sum of the parts is greater than the whole because of the way you juxtapose certain contrasting images?) word :)

    Aha, the wooden woman, the flower with deep hardy roots ... you're getting that objective correlative thing happening in a mistressful way!

    Aha mistressful isn't in the dictionary :) Must be antifeminists who run google!!

    nice to see you back, now if you want a kick in the pants I'll send a shoe over by airmail!


  15. What an amazing illustration! I really am drawn to it. So sorry you are still feeling so tired and sluggish - I hope it lets up soon so you can enjoy yourself fully. Take care! Theresa

  16. I love, love, LOVE this. I don't think I can throw the word 'love' in here enough. It's gorgeous. I love that wood grain texture.

  17. Un travail rempli de poésie et de charme...

  18. Hermosamente triste. Qué belleza!, Me gusta mucho el encabezamiento del blog. Niceeeeee.

  19. What a strange, lovely illustration, dear!

    I've left a little present for you in my blog. It is a friendship blogger award :-) I've left some words in English to my anglophones friends in the end of my last post.


  20. My dear Amalia, if it's not a problem to follow what your body needs, then this is the best thing for the moment! I suppose you'll reach an inner balance and your soul will sigh with relief! Still it's a pleasure to see a new drawing of yours,'cause I miss your art and the contact with you so much!...... Brilliant, emotional and deep as always! The accent is the marvellous flower, but I think that the girl, who cares so well of it, should take care of herself, too! It's high time to look around, to move, feel and dive into life... Big hugs, my dear, I hope you are fine!!xx

  21. Just gorgeous!! I wouldn't worry about your lack of motivation at this stage of life. All your creativity is probably getting chaneled into the creation inside of you. And yet, you're still creating on the outside too. You should be patting yourself on the back for it! Nice job!!

  22. Hello my dear Amalia :o) I'm sure Benny loved this illustration for his book. I sure do! Such a talent you are. I hope you are back to yourself soon. The reward is great however... you will soon be holding a precious gift from God. Hey thanks for taking the time to stop by... You ROCK!


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