Saturday, 2 April 2011

To Innocence

To Innocence, mixed mediums

Hello beautiful people. :)

As much as I hated to be away from blogging these past few weeks, I must admit that it was simply inevitable. Everything has kept me distant from work and leisure. Other than coping with the old, I've been adjusting to the new. Such as a constant drowsiness throughout the day, unpredictable mood swings and the need to just indulge myself with sleep. Not to mention a few days of being confined to bed from lack of rest. (Yes, Ces, you guessed right that time) I am, once again, expecting. And being over 30 makes the previous two seem like pony rides compared to being on this roller coaster.

But what can I say? This little guest has made it into my life unannounced and after three months, I can honestly say that it's probably one of the biggest surprises I've ever had in my life. No matter how perfectly you try to plan life, something eventually happens to remind you that you never have total control. C'est la vie. :)

So I hope life has been treating you kind during my absence. I have missed so many of you, and maybe I'd be able to steal some time to visit you soon. That is, if the hormones ever decided to give me a little break. :)

Amalia, oxx


  1. Aaaaaaaawwww! Look at at this way. This baby is going to be blessed to come into this world with you and your husband as Mommy and Daddy. There are way too many children born into this world with a difficult beginning just because of the bad luck of being born to certain individuals or places. Your little acorn has a beautiful beginning, a mother who is intelligent, gifted, passionate, caring and loving. And just imagine who the aunt is going to be. Hehehehehe!!! Tsup to her too :) Tsup to all of you! God bless you and your family. I love you guys!

  2. oh my my
    I love Ces's term 'little acorn'~ may your hormones relax and you feel wonderful!

    Such a beautiful piece, I just look and look and look some more.

  3. Oh and I hope you get over the morning, afternoon, evening, night sickness. Ugh. That's the only bad thing. I always liked being pregnant. It gave me big boobs! Take care of yourself, honey. Tsup!

  4. What a sweet drawing, what a sweet little face, as always, I am moving seeing your work!


  5. I love your illustrations, they are magical :)

  6. Love the illustration Amalia~~so sweet and tender!
    I am sure there is a reason you are to be the mother to this little sprout, and a good one too!
    Take care, give yourself time for rest, and the blog will be here.
    Life, as always, comes FIRST! ;-)
    Many blessings to you!!!


  7. Oh, Amalia, another blessing is coming into your world. I am sorry you have not been feeling well through this, but once you hold this wee one in your arms, you will forget the bad feelings you experienced on the journey.
    ♥ audrey

  8. My dear friend, what a wonderful surprise to read your writing and know that you expect a baby.
    I sincerely wish that you and the baby are well and everything goes in peace and tranquility ntil the arrival of the big time.
    You know the sex of the baby?
    I really felt his absence and I'm longing for you.
    I love that your new picture.
    the textures and colors are beautiful and the girl has an angelic look so .. I think it should be a reflection of your state of mind.
    a huge kiss.

  9. If I could give you an embrace as big and warm as the one from this bird to the girl, I would! Beautiful and tender illustration, dearest Amalia. I am excited and happy for you and this little light within you. Life does drop surprises, but sometimes they are wonderful ones. I hope you are feeling more spritely soon, dearheart.


  10. How exciting! I'm so happy for you(O: I hope you begin to feel more energy as you progress with your little bundle. Congratulations!!!!!

  11. Hello lovely Amalia, sorry I have been away. Too busy lately to visit :(. Congrats on your newest addition. I had my two girls when I was in my early 20's and my son in my early 30's. He is 10 years younger than my oldest daughter, so I can empathize, there is definitely a difference in the earlier pregnancies and the last one. Exhaustion, wow, soooooooooooo tired, I fell asleep sitting up many a day. You wake up in the morning and a few hours later feel as if you need a nap.
    Anyhoooo, I love, love, love this illustration, the moon is so beautiful. Hopefully you will feel much better soon. Hugs sweetie :)

  12. Congratulations, Amalia... I wish you're near so I can visit you when you're not well :(
    But then again, you do need a lot of rest. So I hope you'll feel much better sooner or later. Are you boobs getting bigger like C.P.Adorio said? hehehe.. I thought that's funny. Laughter is always a good medicine, they say :).Take care, dear.

  13. WOOOOOOOWWWW CONGRATS CONGRATS :D :D Must be exciting to welcome another new life to your family!! :D :D Well you are right that life is filled with unexpected surprises! And that's the beauty of the universe!

    p/s: is it a girl or boy? or is it too early to tell? XD XD Many blessings to you and your new baby!

  14. Congratulations!!!! And your art is so stunning! I love how the bird wraps his wings around her...

  15. Congrats Amalia. Ces was right! Children are a gift from God. No matter how we plan our steps, He is in control. You are so special. Your children are so blessed to have a mother as loving and as compassionate as you. God bless you and your family Amalia! Love the face on this illo. She looks so innocent. Wonderful work... as usual :o)

  16. My dear Amalia, I'm so glad to hear the Big News! You must be very happy! We both know that all these indispositions will pass away and will appear in your memories as the beginning of the new happy period of your life, in the storybook of your family! Follow your body needs and signals, take a rest and sleep as much as you wish! You are the most precious Mummy and wife in the world now, aren't you?:)
    Your painting is so tender! It reminds me of Thumbelina and the swallow... I can feel the softness of the bird's feathers... It's so importnat to be a loving person when you have taken the responsibility for someone... No matter what it costs!
    Lovely texture, moon and colours... Silence... Tranquillity...
    Take care, my dearest friend! xo

  17. Congratulations to you, Amalia. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and a lifetime of love for your little surprise gift. :) Your new work is as fantastic as ever. Take care! Theresa

  18. Amalia that's wonderul news! I remember when I found out I was expecting my youngest, she wasn't planned, in fact I was about to begin an art degree that week! She was the cherry on the cake! Many congratulations to you.xx

  19. Oh, and your painting is beautiful :) xx

  20. Congratulations, Amalia!!!
    I am happy to hear your good news and I'm sending you all best wishes. Take good care of yourself---baby is telling you to. You are doing wonderful things with your illustrations and I know it will continue. Sometimes a break is necessary. Your art will always come and find you. ♥

  21. I knew it! I am so excited for you!!! What a blessing to have this special gift sent to bring you joy - I wish you a speedy return to feeling well and send you lots of hugs!

    Blessings for you and your family!

    hugs and smiles
    missed you terribly too!

    Oh, and I absolutely love this latest piece. The birds shape is incredible, the way you have wrapped her with the bird is so perfect! I just love your work!


  22. Congratulations Amalia! What a blessing! Hope you feel well soon so you can enjoy this special time more. Take good care of yourself.

    This is such a lovely piece!

  23. Congratulations! I am very happy for you! My first child was born a couple of days before my 30th birthday and then I had two more within 3 years! What a ride that was! I know how you feel! You will have your energy back soon--promise! Take care of yourself!

  24. Hello wow that's wonderful news :) The world needs more people with your good genes so we are expecting more after this new baby - so don't relax :)

    Amalia, but seriously congrats! :)
    Your piece is so serene by the way, you hit that note of pleasant harmony - your head must be a good place to be :)

    glad you are well :)

    Oh did I tell you I have decdided to research feminist literature with specific regard to the diversity of destinies inherent in traditional fairy tells and the existential relationship between father and daughter in said tales.... :( :)

  25. Eeeeeppppp!!! Congratulations a million fold! Oh, Amalia..a third! This precious gift will be such a loved child, I just know it. I hope you have a smooth rest of your pregnancy and that you get loads of rest in the months ahead. Take care, Amalia.

    OH, how can I forget..what a gorgeous illustration, Amalia! She is simply dreamy. Big hugs to you! xoxo

  26. Congratulations Amalia, that is wonderful news! I hope you're feeling well soon too :)
    I can definitely get that sense of a loving embrace from this beautiful piece of art and the sweet innocence of both the bird and girl!

  27. Dear Amalia,
    It means the world to me to have you commented that I'm one of the most productive artist *watery eyes* O_Q It feels like someone recognizes the sweat and effort you're putting into your work!

    I hope you're enjoying your pregnancy and having great time~ :D

    Yee Von

  28. Amal, congrats on your pregnancy. It's okay to be away from blogging for the sake of your little bundle of joy:) That illustration is beautiful!

  29. Thank you for your sweet message, dear friend. Bless you and your wonderful efforts for Japan as well. I hope you are feeling a little better these days. :)


  30. I've stumbled here by way of Andrew Finnie's blog. He says your art is amazing, and he was right. The innocence and charm in your work is touching. Your children are blessed to have a mother such as you.

    And congratulations! Children are a blessing.

  31. A huge congratulations to you Amalia!!! :) I hope you are doing wonderfully :) ~Lauren


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