Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Getting Ahead of Time

Ok, I'm cheating now.

Due to the fact that my creativity juice level is stubbornly standing on 'low', I'm afraid I have no choice but to post whatever I have up my sleeve... just to soothe my shaky self-esteem and convince myself that I still have it in me. (^___^)

Anak-anak yang Kembali, 2011, mixed mediums

This one is another illustration I did for a book by Benny Arnas. As you can probably tell, I've been using more digital mediums in my work lately. Well, other than giving myself full liberty to stay connected to technology (knowing how much of a cave woman I am), it is also a great way to keep time from getting ahead of me. So, thank God for technology! At least an ill feeling pregnant illustrator could still find comfort to know that she can finish her work. Eventually.

Now, I must share with you a lovely award that was given by my beautiful friend, Ana Márquez. If you visit her blog, you'll see that her creativity juice level is constantly marking the top spot, both in art and in writing. So thank you for the award, Ana. You are so very sweet.

To spread the love, I'm passing this award to all my bloggy friends and those who follow my blog. I only hope to give you a teeny bit of sunshine to accompany your day. Much love to all of you! ♥

Amalia, oxx


  1. Amalia, you have *it* in you...and more! You are just fine~~it's the hormones making you question things.
    Absolutely love the nesting bird and the three flying; BEAUTIFUL!
    I admire you with the digital work; I am such a Luddite I am just now figuring out how to do a layer...omg... ;-D (yes you can laugh!)
    Take care, and take care of your little package too!


  2. That's cute.

    I can completely relate about the creativity part.

    I know that will change once the weather picks up. :)

  3. Sweet Amalia,
    Your talent will never leave you - it is in your soul. After this little one is born, your creative juices are going to flood to the surface. Mother Nature is making you take a break, that's all.
    And, judging from this lovely bird piece, you still have tons of talent.
    Take care.
    ♥ audrey

  4. Thanks to you, dear, for sharing with us so awesome, wonderful works :-)


  5. It's lovely Amalia and you will always have it in you. Even if it does decide to sleep once in awhile it will be awakened again. Babies tend to do that, drain us of our creative energy that is. Then one day you will suddenly feel full of creative energy again. :)

  6. Dear Amalia,
    First of all congratulations!
    I did not know you are expecting a baby. ;-)

    The bird nesting illustration is very appropriate and lovely. You should never doubt your creativity. You are a very talented artist!

    Take good care,
    Jo. xx

  7. Thank you Amalia :) You do 'have it'. You might find it hard to see it at the moment what with the naughty hormones but your work is as stunning as ever!xx

  8. Oh Amalia, your talent will never ever ever leave you, ever, I can see this from every illustration you post! I think everyone has a phase where they don't want to do anything for various reasons, but eventually the inspiration and motivation flows back into you. I think once you have it, it will always come back to you when it disappears. Besides, you have proved this with this beautiful illustration right here :)

  9. Thank you for the sunshine, Amalia - I'll take it. :) Congrats on your award - it's well deserved. And trust me - you STILL have it. Your bird is absolutely beautiful and so serene. :) Hope you are feeling well!!! Theresa

  10. Gooday luv, 'ow'sit goin'? See we'll teach you Oz, and she'll be orright!
    Avin a goodday?

    Well Amalia, never fear your talent has not snuck out the window while you slept, it's still there, just behind your eyeballs :)

    Oh it's good you have embraced 2011, but don't do it too hard, your hands on work is a rare gem - even when you chuck tea leevs on your work, it works :)

    Hey I tried with tomato suace the other day... can't recommend it. :)

    just think, not long to go now, then you will have plenty of time

    ahh this work? Well black birds are so emotive eh, more emotive than doves, it's good how the dark side is so attractive to us :)

  11. hey I didn't get a magic word - :0


  12. Dang, I nearly missed this one!

    Hey, I'm all for a hand from technology when I can get it. This is beautiful! She will stay with her nest, no matter where those black birds take her. I am marveling at the intricate way all the twigs are woven together. Gorgeous piece!


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