Tuesday, 10 May 2011

In my Dreams

I have had very similar dreams for the past week. Everything looked so vivid yet surreal, and I had awakened from each one feeling like it had been real. Have you ever had dreams like these? Ones that give you flashbacks throughout the day and make you wonder if they mean anything?

To be honest, I have never been the obsessive type when it comes to interpreting dreams, and anything that lies within or even beyond the realm of human mystique for that matter. To me personally, the fascination simply goes as far as pouring it down onto a piece of paper, and keeping the curiosity as a reminder of greater secrets kept safe in the universe. I'm just thankful that at least I have a way of streaming out the curiosity into something that gives me peace of mind.

Jatuh Berkeping-keping, 2011, mixed mediums

This particular illustration is in fact a perfect example, and it was also created for Benny Arnas' book cover that I had worked on. So in a way, some of my work are actually glimpses of my own personal 'mystique'. Not a bad way to compete with Albus Dumbledore's Pensieve, eh? :))

Well, maybe I'll find a way to sneak some of these new dreams out of my head and onto paper very soon. Meanwhile, I hope you're having plenty of play times with your imagination.

Amalia, oxx


  1. Delightful Amalia! And what a nice little reference to H.P.!!!
    I love the reversed shadowed vision....makes me wonder more about the color one in the forefront!
    Beautiful....as always. :-)
    Take care ♥ and dream well!


  2. I love the contrast of the gray shading and the bit of color! Very dreamlike!

  3. oh my, dreamy wonderful this piece is!

    Yes I have had dreams that stay with me, sometimes feeling more real than day time reality feels. So interesting. Wishing you wonderful rest as you sleep.

  4. What a thought provoking post... I have recurring dreams all the time. One day I will have a mural on my wall of one that recurred for a long time, now still periodically.

  5. So sweet and serene! Lovely!

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  7. Wonderful work Amalia. Excellent!!!

  8. I sometimes turn my dreams into poems.
    A recurring theme for me is flying, but it is a gentle hovering, not a soaring and I always wake up from these dreams genuinely confused that they are not real and that I can't really do it. Then a couple of weeks ago I dreamt that I'd lost the knack. I am genuinely disappointed!

  9. poético, como siempre. Me gusta especialmente la sensación dorada del fondo. Buen trabajo!

  10. your book cover
    IS dreamy..
    & she is
    your work/presence.

  11. Amalia, this is a dreamy and a lovely sensitive picture.

    I feel creative people often have very strong dreams because our imaginative minds are working overtime! ;-)
    I have surreal dreams too. I'm kind of used to them now!

    Best wishes,

  12. How lovely Amalia! The girls in the picture look like they're dreaming themselves, being taken away into the adventure of one's mind :)
    I've had a few similar dreams before, but they don't often happen to me. I often find myself thinking about my dreams throughout the day if I can remember them, seeing certain objects sometimes triggers memories of what I dreamt the night before :)

  13. So pretty, Amalia!!! I adore all your work!!!
    Btw.... I am a dreamer..... sometimes I wake up during a dream and try my best to get back to sleep so I can finish it...LOL

  14. Now this is a dream I would love to have over and over again. She is a tranquil beauty. I love the feeling of drifting freely. I don't have vivid dreams often, but it's a wonderful feeling of having briefly visited an alternate reality. A nice confusion, no? :)

  15. What a beautiful, dreamy book cover, Amalia. What kind of book is it?

    And the reference to Dumbledore. ^_^ I figure you're a bit of a fan, too!

  16. So perfectly dreamy and beautiful, Amalia. I love the soft dusky shades and the look on the girl's face. Sometimes I remember my dreams...often they are odd. LOL I would prefer to dream of birds...two nights in a row I dreamed of saving dogs. It is interesting where the sleeping mind takes us...Theresa

  17. This drawing is a little bit melancholic. Exquisite and tender. Quiet. Intimate...
    I'm not a person who remembers his dreams. Sometimes I just keep the feeling about the dream or a scene from it. I'm in a period when I dream about things from my everyday life that look quite possible. Nothing specil. I forget my dreams maybe because I go to bed too late, very tired and I fall into a deep sleep. But I undesrand you very well, Amalia! You are an artistic, sensitive and impressionable person and if your dreams insist on going out under your pencils, don't stop them!:)
    I hope you are feeling well and happy! xxx

  18. Hello! How come I missed this? Ah dreams. I am a dreamer. I believe I go to sleep just to dream. I sometimes dream when I am half asleep and awake and hear myself talking to the next person in dream state. Thankfully, it is only with someone very close. Now this illustration is a dream!

  19. Hey Amalia! Love this! Great composition. Keeps drawing me back to the center of your work. Great "dream" piece! The most real dream I ever had was when I was about 10 years old. I drempt that I found a bag of money and put it under my bed. It felt so real, that I looked for days and days before i realized that it had been a dream. (or my little brother took it) ;o) Another stunning work dear Amalia!

  20. I enjoy your blog so much. Your artwork is very creative and so beautifully rendered. I also enjoy reading about your thought processes as an artist. And this painting is wonderful!


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