Monday, 11 July 2011

A Peaceful Day for Mommy

Hello everyone, I hope the sun is shining brightly and bringing smiles to your face. Today, the school holiday officially ends and I woke up early in the morning hustling bustling away to get my kids ready for school (it's my little boy's first day in kindergarten and I was fussing over everything like mad!). But after everyone's left, I had a sudden feeling like I was in another world. It was so quiet, that it actually took me a few minutes to recover from the shock! Haha! Well, after over two weeks of constant loud noises and the bickering every now and then between the little people, my ears had gotten used to the havoc. So I'm happy to say that overall, this day has been a lovely peaceful one for mommy at home. :)

Speaking of lovely, do you remember the giveaway I won from Kaspian Shore? I was so excited when a package arrived from Germany a few days ago and I just love, love, LOVE what I had found inside! It was a print of his original illustration, Stellar Dreams, which I think fits in with the title so beautifully. Thank you again, Kaspian, for the wonderful gift.

And what better way to celebrate these little joys than giving away something in return? As you can see, I have recreated my Wishes artwork into a desktop wallpaper design and you can download it for FREE, for your very own personal use through this special link.

Enjoy! I hope you like it...

Lots of hugs, Amalia, oxx


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  2. Thank you for posting a photo of my print at your home, Amalia! :D ❤
    I'm glad you like it so much!

    How many kids do you have? You look so young in your picture!
    Anyway, I hope that you can enjoy your free time when everyone's busy at school. :)

  3. Always it is a pleasure for me to visit your blog. Unfortunately, my level English isn't still very high :-(( and I cannot understand all your words and sentences, I'm sad about this, but, just watching your drawings makes me so happy... I send you a big kiss from Spain, dear :-)

  4. Hi, Amalia!!
    I remember my daughter's first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday!!! It's a bittersweet time. I Actually....I cried following a school bus two years ago remembering that moment. She is now 20 and going into her third year in college!! Time flies!!
    Sending you hugs and kisses!! xoxo

  5. Those gold tones are so lovely. I'm glad you got some peaceful moments to do your artwork. But those moments with the kids running around playing and laughing can also be peaceful contented moments if you let them.

  6. Dearest Amalia, I can imagine how you are feeling! There’re such moments when a parent has the silence at last, but misses his children… It's nice that you could take a breath, slow down the tempo and recharge! The evening is going to be emotional, because your kids will probably need to share with Mummy and Daddy their first days at kindergarten and school.:)
    Thank you from all my heart for the wonderful gift! Your beautiful painting is already shining on my desktop! And do you know what? It fitted perfectly - no need to replace the icons, all of them are visible... Oh, what a joy!
    Kaspian Shore's print is very tender and magnifying and it'll prettify your home!
    I hope you are getting well!Kisses!!xxx

  7. Hya Amalia. Ca va? Sorry I bin on holidaze :) Ahh what a beautiful photo of yourself on the blog, you have that glow of motherhood, and freedom perhaps? Thankyou for the wall paper, it has the same glow as yourself.... so what you been upto, now you have all this free time :)?

    Do we get another book soon? :)

    see you hope you are well

  8. What an awesome gift! And I love your wallpaper... it'll definitely grace my lappie as an inspiration :)

  9. your style of art is awesome, i really like your work!


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