Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Yearning for the Night Sky

Last week had been a long exhausting week for me and I don't think I've felt this tired for quite some time. What's funny, I wasn't even overloaded with work, but really just playing the "Mother". Well, you know what they say, there's no tougher job than being one... especially during the holiday season! Yep, kids can be more than a handful, and as my mom keeps saying these days, "Remember, there will be three of them soon..." Yeah, no need reminding me there, Mom! :D

Well, with very little time for myself, I have been thinking a lot about the past and missing all the nights I used to spend with my old friends back in college. Nope, we weren't the sort who went out constantly to clubs and shook our booties till dawn. We just loved going out for meals and then spent time together outside to chat, savoring some fresh air and the night sky. Times like those really bring people closer together, believe me. I even fell in love with a friend once...whom I married years later. :)

Here are some beautiful and inspiring images that have accompanied me in my thoughts while reminiscing the past...

Altitude by Robert Cadloff

 Dandelions by Anne Solfud

 Beauty of the Stars by Esra of Sunshine Art Design

Twilight Garden by Anna of My Little Pixels 

Night Sky by Erin Reynolds

So inspiring to me in fact, that I then decided to recreate my old ACEOs as new artworks and they are now both available as fine art prints and greeting cards at my RedBubble shop.

 Rose in Dreams, acrylics & digital painting

Lily at Midnight, acrylics & digital painting

So anyway, I have no doubt that this week will be another exhausting one for me, and I would have to steal away some alone time for a breather now and then...at least until school starts again. :))

Here's wishing you plenty of peace and serenity...

Amalia, oxx


  1. Let's run off and have a vacation....stare at the sky and count stars, laugh and tell stories until the moon is high.
    I think we all need that now and then.
    This lovely post was very much that for me....thank you Amalia!


  2. Dear Amalia, the lack of time for myself, when I want it, when I need it badly, makes me nervous sometimes... In your case you were occupied with something so important - to BE with your children, paying attention to their needs and wishes, forgettig about yours. That's it to be a Mum!! Later on these memories will appear and will make you happy (when your kids, already grown-up, won't ask you anymore to play with them)! Pretty soon you'll have a new focus in your life and the priorities will change (but you know this better than me!)... So you are making the best thing - to spend more time together with your children.:)
    It's always exciting to go back to the beautiful moments that have passed... Well, the sky is still there, as well as the twinkling stars, your sweetheart is close to you, so... maybe you should go out for a meal and a sweet talk?...
    Your girls are so adorable that will reach a lot of hearts, I'm sure!

  3. I am a schoolteacher, I love the summer months when the kids are home with their parents and I'm free! The images are gorgeous, and your paintings are enchanting. Please continue to find time for your art, don't push it aside for 'later'. Your children will grow up respecting you even more for the productive, successful role model that you will be to them.

  4. Beautiful! Just everything! All I can say is the same. Take time for yourself and do what is important to you. Best to you.

  5. They're beautiful Amalia. Who'd have thought they were the size of ACEOs? They're so detailed and make fantastic prints. :)xx

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  7. I love your selections!They are beautiful and serene.And your textures in your own art are as beautiful as them!
    Thank you for including me in this wonderful collection.

    Best wishes ,


  8. so lovely to hear your memories
    meals and walks and talks with friends
    that is a good life

    your art is so lovely, as is all the art you have shared with us. wishing you some time to yourself....

  9. Oh just look at all these beautiful skies! This is exactly what I needed to see right now. And your ACEOs make the most perfect greeting card designs!
    My college days were similar, I never had any interest in partying and clubbing, there're other things I would so much rather do :) It's really nice to hear your memories, and suddenly I'm feeling very nostalgic, hehe.

  10. aah school holidays. It must be exhausting for you to entertain your kids, but I hope you can find some time for yourself. Those images are beautiful, especially your artwork:)

  11. Coming visit you, always is a pleausre and a beautiful gift.
    Kiss, dear.

  12. Dear Amalia, I have often felt the same as you. It's okay to be wistful about years past with wonderful friends. I know the future will hold many more wonderful memories for you! :) I love the new look to your blog - and what a beautiful photo of you! All the work you've shown here is so lovely - your work has a such a soft romantic feel to it! :)

  13. Wow Amalia! I am so in awe of all you accomplish on a weekly basis! ... and as a mother to boot! You are an inspiration my dear friend. Your books are amazing! Your aceo cards are extraordinary! Glad you are taking some Amalia time. Fantastic pics that you have posted. I love that night sky....Ah... Memories......

  14. Ah, those are gorgeous images, Amalia..and such beautiful art you create..truly! I know what you mean about the busy days of summer with children..some days fly by, others are filled with time. I never have enough time, though my little ones sometimes feel that there's just not enough to do in their days..so I often tell them that they can do chores (ha ha!) and that sets them off to go play/make tents/read. Anyhoo..hope you have time to enjoy those little ones before #3 arrives...and time to enjoy creating your beautiful art too. Big hugs, Amalia!

  15. There is nothing quite like gazing at the night sky, is there? I know those kiddos can wear you out. I had 3 of them in 4 years--sheesh! But now they are all in college and I sort of miss those days. They all still live at home though and it is hectic, but in a different way. Enjoy them while they are little--I'm sure you do! The sky, moon, and stars will always be there waiting for you!

  16. hi there... your banner is soooo pretty!! I too have been struggling a bit with the lack of time to create..ie kids home for the summer!
    I too have not been able to catch up with al my fav blogs..bu here I am. in pretty land!! Those photos are just breathtaking! I always love dandelion ones..

  17. Lovely work Amalia!
    and the photos are so dreamy!:)

  18. Relax and gets creative growth!
    Cheers from Italy
    ;) Fede

  19. these are lovely and so peaceful! Yes, I remember those long leisurely evenings when you could just do what you wished! but these little ones are only little for so long....we have to enjoy this too :) mine is nearing school age, and I'm looking forward to the changes that will bring!~

  20. I love your choice in imagery - beautiful!
    Your girls look great!
    They'll make wonderful cards - good idea :-)

  21. Wow, somehow I missed this post Amalia. I have been overwhelmed and busy with kids too. Only one is "grown" another is halfway there and my grandson is thrown into the mix. Every evening I wonder where the day went. Such beautiful images, makes me want to draw right now. ;)


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