Monday, 27 June 2011

Garden in the Forest (IF-MIdsummers's Night)

I found a Garden in The Forest
where I often sit and linger
to get lost in my own thoughts...

 Garden in the Forest #1-3, acrylics and colored pencils on board

Hi all. I have been enjoying painting these days, making more "crafty" art and finding it to be quite a relaxing thing. I suppose not working for deadlines plays a major role in this... as some of you may agree, yes? Well, I think I'm just lucky to have the kind of occupation that gives me plenty of freedom and space to keep things flowing according to my own needs. And of course, these girls are now available for adoption in my shop, so please feel free to pop in. :)

Now talking about luck, I have had plenty lately too. First of all, a dear blog friend (and a terrific artist!), Sara Lynn, has passed me The Versatile Blogger Award and I'm excited to pass it along to a few friends who I think deserve it:

Tammie Lee of Beauty Flows
Theresa of Welcome to My World with Faerie Moon Creations
Cris of Mommy's Midwest Mountain Folk Art
Lauren of Fair Rosamund Art
Maria-Thérèse of Afiori

On top of the award, I was also very very fortunate to have won a giveaway from Kaspian Shore!!! Have you ever seen his art? Well, I was blown away the first time I saw it, and have remained an admirer ever since. Here's a little peek of his work, but I really recommend you to visit his blog and find yourself lost in the serene melancholy that he captures in each of his paintings.

So, it's been a good beginning to the week for me so far... I hope you'll have plenty of luck and happy moments in your days too!

Amalia, oxx


  1. really like your new girls. they have a thoughtful look about them, like they are lost in deep thought or perhaps they are just enjoying being lost in nature?

  2. Thank you so much for the nice little feature, Amalia. :"> That's too kind of you.
    Your print and I are off to the post office now! :)

  3. Hi Amalia, I really like your 'crafty' paintings, I can just imagine how beautiful they would look hung up on a wall with all those beautiful trinkets and embellishments! They all look so sweet and dreamy too, this is what I like most about your work :)

  4. hello friend,
    I love the girls and their "pink" cheeks! yay and congratulations on the awards. I will pop into visit all that you have shared with us.
    And the Kaspian Shore art is gorgeous! have a great week! xo

  5. They are amazing as always, dear!! So beautiful! I've just read your comment in my blog. I'm so sorry to know that the translator doesn't work :-( When I use it is ok, I don't know what is wrong now. I wish my English level was more high so I can translate the whole post to you, but it isn't :-(( Anyway, I can say you that the poem said something like that: I don't like the summer, the hot is very bad for me, and in the hot night, I just was "wait" the inspiration to write a poem... But this inspiration didn't come. Only the moon came to me and she told me her "sins" through the "confessional booth" of my window blinds :-) (It was a metaphor, of course, ha ha, like in the pic). I hope you can understand all this bad mixture of words. Sorry for my awful English :-D

    Thanks for visiting me, dear Amalia, you are always so sweet with me and everyone xo.

  6. Thank you for thinking of me with the blog award! Your latest creations are amazing. I always likes "girls in the woods" and the trinkets are a fun addition! Kaspian's art is magnificent. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I absolutely LOVE these new paintings.....they are relaxed and full of life and, well, it is very apparent you are enjoying the work!
    And isn't that NICE??? (from someone who has done her fair share of the other type of work...)
    And you ARE a versatile blogger!


  8. I love your new girls, Amalia! Glad you can do what fulfills you!! That is wonderful!!! : )))))

  9. Why don't I ever see these little beauties when I go to my forest? You are an enchantress, dear Amalia. The first one looks like she's practically emerging from the board! And I love all the charms.

    Oh wow, Kaspian Shore's work is incredible! I will have to go take a good peek. :)

  10. Hello, dear Amalia! Your forest girls look slightly different and I don't wonder why - they walk among trees, sleep under trees and "live" on wood.:) I don't know why but they remind me as a whole of Snow-White. I feel a certain melancholy and a nuance of anxiety in their look... I just wonder how big the paintings are (they look small).
    Congratulations on the blog award. You deserve it!!
    Kaspian Shore's art is breathtaking and "unique au monde"! And it was so nice to share it here!
    Big hugs, precious Amalia! I hope you are feeling well and happy!xox

  11. Those three girls are adorable. They look slightly different from your other illustrations, but still show Amalia's style. I'm happy to hear you were having fun creating them.

  12. Heydi! Can't be long now till you are up and dancing and climbing mountains! Ahh yes your girls are you, when I look at them that's what I see I know I said that before but reiteration doesn't make it true, Kaspian Shore too! what a wonderful artist hey//?

    see you in a while crocadile

  13. dear Amalia,
    your paintings are so lovely
    and charming, I love the details of each piece~
    congratulations on your win, Kaspian is someone I found just recently and I am amazed in the beautiful art Kaspian makes.

    Thank you for the lovely award, so kind of you~

  14. Beautiful!!
    You have such a wonderful style,
    It's always nice to see your new pieces :-)

  15. What happened to my comment? I was already here and I swear I left a comment. Dearest Amalia! These paintings are absolutely juicy. The colors jump right out of my screen! More effective than coffee to remind me Iam alive! You really are a prolific one. These are real beauties. Hope you are well dearest one! Tsup!

  16. Great new work Amalia, love the way your paintings have such a fluid movement about them.

  17. love how you incorporated the little trinkets!

  18. lovely work.... congratulations on your award.How exciting!

  19. Hello Dear Amalia!

    I thought I left a comment on these beauties earlier, but I don't see it! Hmmmm!
    I am in love, the embellishments just make them that much richer and unique!

    And thanks so much for the intro to Kaspian's work - really amazing artist!

    I have to say I sure appreciate your comment about my latest know you are an artist that I admire sooooooo much and your comments and feedback are so appreciated and treasured.

    How is that baby growing? How is Mama?

    Big hugs and smiles and more hugs

  20. Hmmmmmm, I thought I already commented on this post Amalia, but I don't see it sooooooooooooooooo, I will try again. I am loving the illustrations with the little knick knack charms. Too cute. Love the other artists works too. Beautiful.

  21. Please forgive me for being so late! Thank you so so much for your kind blog award!!!! I am most grateful for your generosity. Your new pieces are absolutely amazing - I love each and every one of them. :) Congrats on your giveaway win - Kaspian Shore has lovely work!

  22. Amalia..your girls are beautiful! How wonderful that you are crafting and enjoying each step of the process..they have turned out so beautiful! Congratulations on your award, and how wonderful that you won at Mr. Shore's blog! Thanks for introducing us to him..his work is quite stunning! Have a lovely weekend ahead, dear Amalia!

  23. Me encantan los colores y tonalidades que le has dado a estas ilustraciones.

  24. Thank you so so much for this and sorry about my late reply! Been incredibly busy. Flattered! Hugs!

  25. Hi Amalia!I am soooo sorry that I am so late thanking you for this lovely award!! I am truly honored! :) And I love your new little paintings, I am always so excited to see what beauties you will come up with next :) Take care and big hugs, Lauren

  26. Have just stumbled across your blog! :) Such lovely artwork! :)


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