Friday, 3 June 2011

A Hidden Secret No More

Once there was a girl who had a million wishes.
She kept them safe within a place where no one has ever been...

Now the gate has finally opened
And she welcomes you inside to meet

The Secret Society of the Wish Forest




They are only few of the hundreds lingering inside the gate of the forest.
Among the shadows you will also find thousands of tiny lights
creating wishes and dreams for all...

Upon Waiting

Sunset Rendezvous

To find your dreams and wishes, follow the tiny lights and enter the gate

Special note:

Thank you for taking time to see my little show and tell. I have been slowly and patiently working on these for quite some time and I can't tell you how happy I am to share them with you now. It's a wonderful feeling to finally open my new shop, and although I'm still pushing myself to list more art, you're welcome to visit and linger. Just to show how much I love all of you, I'm giving away a surprise free bonus of original ACEO with each purchase...AND... a set of surprise goodies for the first 20 buyers who purchase my art!

 You'll notice that I only have original art available in the shop, but you can still purchase prints of my previous work over at RedBubble.

I hope you enjoyed this little show as much as I did making them.

Amalia, oxx


  1. Oh my god! You have been so busy. These are amazing. How could you find the time. I feel like a slacker compared to you. Oh goodness. These are so beautiful. You are truly inspired!!! Tsup!

    Take care. Rest!

  2. Ah Amalia....these are delightful and as usual, there is so much more beneath the initial first glance! I cannot pick a favorite~~they all evoke a different emotion!
    Love the frames against the deep blue background.
    A visual feast my dear! (especially for a woman who has spent half the day plumbing and needs some beauty right now!)
    Brava ♥


  3. each and everyone is a treasure Amalia! I visited your shop, it looks wonderful! I wish you lovely success, always and forever.

    So glad you enjoyed Jane's website. I do too!

  4. Very sweet and romantic illustrations! I so love Irena :D

  5. qué bonitos retratos, son de personas reales? me prestan mucho.

  6. Wow, you have been busy Amalia. You must be feeling much better. I'm so inspired, I need to get to work now. :) Beautiful as always.

  7. Wonderously Fantabulous! Wow! I am loving the one with the octopus. Such fun, you certainly have a brilliant imagination. Glad you're feeling better!

  8. Wow Amalia, looks like you've been working really hard! Each one is on a whole new level of beautiful, wishing you success for your lovely new shop :)

    The girls are beautiful, incredible in the colour and detail

  10. I love them all, but especially 'Wait no more'. I really like your title 'A Hidden Secret No More' and the words that go with it. So excitied about your new shop : )

  11. FABULOUS, fabulous, fabulous! Oh my goodness, it's like you've been hit with a sudden burst of energy! Redirected nesting instincts, perhaps? They are such beauties, and I LOVE the idea of a wish forest! I shall be preparing myself for a visit.

    Star light, star bright....


  12. Congrats!!!! The shop is so lovely. I wish you oodles and oodles of success!!! :)

  13. Amalia, oh talented one in the mountains :)! There must be something in that there air that breeds artistic genes hey?

    I love these girls, how they transfix the v iewer, how they speak to us, it's l ike they have so many secrets they wish to share, it's almost like each one is you, living in a slightly different dimension, each a sliver of yourself, so fine, each a faccette of your character hmmm, I will go and look again and do a character reading :)

  14. Mbak Liaaaaaaaa aaaaaaahh iri iri iri seribu kali dengan bakatmu! >.<

  15. You've been so busy! I love your new series. How are you? I hope you're doing well

  16. i take off my sandals
    & softly step into
    the wish forest
    & breathe deep & free
    with a sense of wonder
    & my hair is braided
    & i am singing.
    i love it here
    so very much.

  17. Amalia my dear! You are so full of creative energy! Every time I come for a visit I am astounded by all you are doing! First of all... your book looks simply amazing! Each page a work of art! Thank you for holding my hand as we stroll through the wish forest. The wonderous things that catch my attention here! What a magical and delightful place. I will be back to visit often for the enchantment and the wishes. Your work gets more captivating! Many blessings on your shop.

  18. Amalia, I am so impressed with your shop and all the work you have done!! I love the name of your shop, too. All best wishes!!!

  19. These look amazing, Your pieces have a magical dream like quality to them, so imaginative.


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