Friday, 10 June 2011

Magic Comes in Small Forms

Hello my fellow woodland are things sprouting in your neck of the woods? I for one have been busy rearranging things in the home, thanks to this crazy "nesting" period I'm going through. It's a good thing I'm not a collector of heavy old furniture, otherwise I'd be driving everyone silly (and out of breath) pushing them around the house.

Between tidying and cleaning up, I've been treating myself to making more art in small sizes. If you remembered how rarely I make ACEOs, it's strange how I've been finding peace in creating them recently. Maybe because I'm not expected to spend too much time on the drawing table with this growing belly in front of me... :))

Here is how my typical working session goes...

 I start with the black and white sketches...

...and start painting, just a soft blush across the faces.

Coloring the hair... definitely my favorite part!

Adding more colors... I like how they seem to become alive as I do this.

And just a bit of shading and accents with colored pencils to create more details and depth.


...and voila! These girls are done (minus cramps on my tummy!) :)

If you like any of these faces, I'm actually giving each away for every purchase in my shop. Of course you can choose whichever you like, just let me know your pick. And don't forget, I have a surprise set of free goodies for the first 20 buyers too!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

Amalia, oxx


  1. Oh gorgeous :) Can I say that... only if I say it in a deep voice - so you have to imagine that. :)D Hah I invented a knew emoticon in praise of your wonderful work :)D there see?

    Your girls are amazingly alive and individual and full of Zing Amalia. And thanks for showing the process, beautiful to see how the come to life

    so we are calling you "BB" now?

    :) thanks for your advice on my book with the other IC crew!

  2. BB has a ring to it actually :)

  3. These are awesome. I wish I could own some of your work. It is beyond amazing

  4. I really enjoyed watching your process Amalia! They look so lovely all set out together like that.I'm sure you'll get lots of sales. :)xx

  5. They are ALL beautiful Amalia, and the best part was seeing the process. I love your work, and have often *dissected* it in my mind (can't help it--I do that with art when I see is it done, what comes first, etc....) but it is wonderful to have the photos!
    They change so much, don't they? Come to life, have a personality and distinct character!
    Beautiful post!


  6. These are so lovely! I've been working on some ACEOs recently too, my first set... they're so relaxing, aren't they?

  7. Amalia, they are all beautiful and very expressive... I enjoyed watching your process and your new ilustrations.

  8. These are so beautiful! Your girls have such sweet, expressive faces and I love getting to see your process!

    Btw, I've nominated you for an award over at my blog!

  9. These are brilliant, Amalia! I'm so delayed at congratulating you on your wonderful beautiful new shop! Oh, everything is lovely..and your small ACEOs are no exception. I am wishing you all the best and am so glad you are well and happily nesting as you prepare for your little one. Keep up the beautiful mesmerizing work, dear Amalia!!

  10. I love to see the progression of this beautiful drawings. I love it!! Kiss, besos, guapa!!:-)

  11. How lovely to see your working process - I always find that interesting, and the results are beautiful as always !

  12. They are ALL so beautiful, Amalia. I loved seeing your process on how you create your lovelies. :) Hope you are feeling well. :)

  13. I love reading and seeing your process, thank you so much for sharing that. They are wonderful, sweet, lovely to see. And how generous you are being, oh my my!

  14. Wow! These are most excellent. They are so pretty. They are addictive, aren't they? You start one, you end up doing hundreds. You are a creative wonder with your process. Hope you are well.

  15. A bevy of beauties!!! Oh wow, I loved watching you work. And they certainly DO come to life. The shading really brings out the ruffles in the one girl's dress. Lovely!

    You always make me smile!

  16. Hehehe. I KNEW hair was your favorite part! :D

  17. wow, these are lovely! You create such sweet girls :)

  18. how wonderful to see the progression of your girls. i always marvel at an artists processes - pure magic

  19. Wow! I love seeing the process of artwork. Your girls are awesome.


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