Sunday, 19 June 2011

Reversed Moods and a New Experiment on the Table

I have had very fierce cravings these days. No, not for bizarre meals or even shiny jewelry, but to make art. Loads and loads of it. Do you think it's possible that the dead creativity moods I had during my early pregnancy has finally taken a reverse? I just have these ideas swirling in my head all day, and there seems to be a huge magnet that keeps pulling me towards my drawing table. Now I can sit there doodling, drawing, painting, with the baby kicking and nudging nonstop inside my tummy. Even the cramps seem more bearable, or at least I've found a way to try and ignore them. :)

Here is the last project I did, while trying new things into my usual work by putting a good use to a lot of craft materials that's been sitting away collecting dust. You see, I get all excited sometimes when I go to craft stores and almost never strong enough to escape the craft demon that lures you in to buy stuff... which all usually stay unused inside a box under the table. :)

And this is the star of the project. Meet the girl in blue with her sleeping fox friend. I painted her on a thick  recycled paper board and added glossy varnish just to keep her safe from nasty grubby hands.  I then made two adjacent little holes on the top corners, and worked a satin ribbon into them, tying a double knot on each end. Of course, you can be more creative and use other things like lace or beaded strings. 

Then finally (finally!) I used my favorite little trinkets, that the demon had seduced me into buying, to make a line of charms, which I also combined with the same satin ribbon to add more accent. I attached them to one corner of the painting, giving the girl in blue a whole different look compared to the other girls I've done before...

Quite a change, isn't she? Well, to be honest I was happy with the end result... she really cheered me up for the day.  So I'm naming her "Gwyneth", which by the the way means "happiness", and she's now available in The Wish Forest, in case you'd like to give her a little visit.

Now, I wonder where this new mood is taking me next... :))

Amalia, oxx


  1. That is really cute! And I think I know that demon! :-D Yesterday I was out for a walk when I suddenly thought about all the stickers I have in my drawers. And the brads and the chains which don't go with any pendants and all the beads... and... and...

  2. Yes Amalia, I do believe after a long, fallow period from creativity that it comes back with a force, and sometimes sending one is different directions~~which I have always found to be GOOD.
    I almost expected her to be wearing a necklace, but putting the length of charms with the hanging tie is lovely!
    I'm anxious to see where you head with this too! :-)
    Keep experimenting!!!


  3. It is nesting time, I see! A beautiful touch to an already beautiful image. I hope you are getting enough rest.

    This is so exciting and I can relate, except in my case, I will purchase all the materials and work in a frenzy for a while and then put them away for years... The only thing that I have stuck with, all these years is painting and/or drawing - ah! a one-trick pony!!!

    Hope you are well. Continue making beautiful images. Are you having a girl or a boy? My guess is a girl, based on what I see.


  4. oooooo, love it Amalia. Love the charms too. I had fierce cravings to be artistic when I was pregnant with my youngest also. Some pretty cool stuff came out of it even though my friends thought I'd lost it at the time. ;)

  5. Ah this is so magical, it looks like the beads are hanging from the tree branches :) This is a lovely, fresh approach to your artwork Amalia, can't wait to see where your experiments will take you next!

  6. It is wonderful to see what you are inspired to create. I love the outcome, a wonderful way to present your art.

  7. I love this creativity!!! She is so unique and wonderful! I have to laugh as I have the same thing happen to me when I go to the craft store - usually give myself a strict budget before heading in and most often forget all about it while in the store :-)

    Lovely piece!!
    How are you dear Mama? feeling well I hope!

    Smiles and hugs,

  8. Ooooooh! What a fabulous idea! This is a playful way to showcase your beautiful painting. The charms are like wonderful hair accessories! And the little fox is so adorable!

    I'm glad to hear you're in an inspired mood. Baby is being bathed in your happiness as well. :) You know, I used to have a torrid love affair with the craft store demon. I try to stay away now. It's my kryptonite.

  9. It must be very exciting to try something new in your art! And the result is really beautiful! This lovely line of charms is giving a magical scent to your painting which is adorable as always! I like all girls from the last series you showed us recently!! Their eyes - a little bit melancholic or sad, keep some secrets, which remain unrevealed... I like the new header, too - all in translucent blue!!!
    If you feel passion for painting, drawing and crafting, just keep following your heart! I think your baby takes part in the creating process, too!:)
    By the way, the sleeping fox is so quiet and charming, that I hope it will apear again in your painted fairy-tales!
    I am with you in my thoughts, dearest Amalia, hoping with all my heart that you are feeling well!!!xxx

  10. Wow! Accessorizing the artwork! You’re a creative genius Amalia! I love the fox! He ROCKS and your “happiness” girl is so sweet and perfect. What a perfect compliment of color and charm(s)!

  11. She is simply gorgeous! I love how you added some beadwork to the art. It is indeed so dreamy. Love where your increased creativity is leading you!!!! xoxo

  12. Amalia, I am happy to hear you are feeling better and being drawn (no pun intended) to your drawing table. All those mixed feelings going on with being pregnant are sure to bring some wonderful creative things to the surface for you. This piece is so special. I love the addition of the charms. So sweet, Amalia.
    ♥ audrey

  13. Wowza, are one amazing inspirational person ya know that? How do you even have the energy to do all that you do whilst so pregnant?! Awesome I is so fabulous that the mood has reversed and you are in the zone...this piece is gorgeous!! I think it turned out so beautifully and I think the process must've been so wonderful for you to discover and pursue without any hesitancy. Always so wonderful to visit you - and thank you so much for your sweet words!!

  14. Yes, I believe that as creative souls, sometimes we have surges in creativity and it can just take us to places we have never been! Your on a wonderful journey with the addition of the charms! I love that idea!!!! beautiful indeed. I adore the painting, too! xo

  15. Oh, I didn't see this post! It's a great idea! It looks beautiful!!

  16. So beautiful! :) I like it a lot!


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