Friday, 22 July 2011

To be Something or Everything?

I often wonder about my profession and what it is that I do. Most of the time I just 'label' myself as an illustrator, you know, a commercial artist or someone who illustrates... as the dictionary puts it. But then what kind of illustrator am I? I mean, does it even matter? Apparently when you've plunged in and currently swirling in the pool of the so-called professionals, it does. And professionals being...? Well, basically those working specifically in the field, making money out of it and rubbing elbows with the others to get to a certain level of recognition (...which just adds to the things I need to ponder on). To be honest, at first all I wanted to do was to become a children's book illustrator, earning a proper income from making children happy. much, much, earlier work in the old days...

But surely enough as humans do evolve, my interests shifted little by little and suddenly I found myself creating work that selfishly revolves more around myself, mainly as a medium to translate all those scattered little pennies of my thoughts. So what sort of illustrator exactly am I? I now ask myself, especially after this nice gentleman laid down the same question the other day (as if there should be a specific genre where I prefer to map myself...)

 ...attempting what used to be the unknown (digital mediums)...

Am I...
A children's book illustrator?
Novel covers enthusiast?
A digital illustrator?
Perhaps a traditional one?
Or maybe none and all of the above because I do a lot and also very little of them, depending on my moods and needs. It's funny isn't it when sometimes you are forced to present yourself as a specific type of  'something' when your heart tells you that you can be just about 'everything' you want.

 ...a new found love of mixed media art...

 Andromeda the Stars Keeper, pencils, watercolor and digital medium latest work, which I created solely from watching a Nat Geo's program on galaxies (^_^)...

One thing I know for sure. Creating art, whatever the form, makes me feel alive and happy. I have absolutely no idea what's the next agenda for me... would I find myself facing a giant blank wall to paint a mural? Getting tangled in threads attempting my first piece of embroidered work? Or maybe even carving a statue out of wood? Illustrator, artist, art maker, whatever the label people or myself might pin on me, I think I would be happiest thinking of myself as a student. Preferable one that never graduates! :))

Happy weekend, my lovelies!

Amalia, oxx
PS: Original work of Andromeda The Stars Keeper is available at The Wish Forest, prints available at RedBubble


  1. You are Amalia, whatever you want to be! I say this because your artwork has a particular style to it, you've found a way of expressing that is unique to you. I spent far too long trying to be a different kind of artist and realised after a long time that what I really needed to do was to be true to myself.xx

  2. As long as you're happy doing those things, then I think there's no need to force and limit yourself in a certain category. You are a creative person and have your own unique style, so whichever way makes you happy is more important ^__^

  3. Amalia...
    I have to agree with rachel ~ you create magic in all forms. There is no need to label yourself in any specific area. You are an artist, talented in many areasand your happiness shows in all your work. Do what you want with it.
    ♥ audrey

  4. Isn't it funny that people want you to label yourself; to put yourself into a specific niche even if you can and want to do more? You would think that being able to create with diversity would be respected and sought after, but it seems to be the opposite for the most part. I have to repeat Jessie's sentiment, you need to be true to yourself because that is what will bring you happiness and joy.

  5. I ask these questions myself sometimes, it's hard to decipher what to refer to yourself as at times!
    Regardless, I don't think it matters all too much as long as the art is something beautiful, and yours definitely is truly beautiful. It was nice to see the development of your work, you can really see how you've progressed and grown as an illustrator!

  6. You are an artist! And you follow your own muse. I find that's the best way to do things, anyway :) I feel like I do my best work when its something I'm passionate about, Im sure you feel the same. And I feel like as long as people will pay money for your work, you are professional and an artist. Art, above many things, is so hard to label. You can just be yourself :)

  7. What you are is an amazing artist. Your work is filled with ethereal beauty and spirit. It has feeling. No matter what you create - just follow your muse. It will head you down a most joyous path. :)

  8. If you love what you do, does it matter? As an artist you should be able to express yourself in whatever way you want to. Your work is wonderful and has a strong style and identity. Although I studied Illustration at college I always enjoyed 3 dimensional work and felt that something was missing when I didn't do it. Years later I have satisfied that yearning. ;) x

  9. I agree with almost all the other comments.
    Everyone is unique. You are unique.
    "One thing I know for sure. Creating art, whatever the form, makes me feel alive and happy."
    Your path has a hearth, an it is your heart. Feel the beatings, follow them and you will never need a label on your forehead! And so, you will be ever alive and happy and bring happiness to many people. Like me seeing your fantastic work and its changes as times passes by. That's LIFE!

  10. ah so close to my heart is the idea of the student who never graduates, the only thing I hate about evolving is the dying part, you know, so many things to do, so many experiences to experience, so many people to meet, so little time.... the one that resonates with me is the suffering one top right - it has beauty and humanity, we see the animal in the ethereal.... ethereal is beauty though, eh?

    ahh I ramble today, that's because it's Thursday :)


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