Friday, 5 August 2011

A New Collection and a Giveaway!!

Hello my lovelies... The time has come, for us to talk of many things! (so the Walrus said...). First of all, I have something brand new, something I've been keeping in my head for a while now and have anxiously waited for the day to finally make it happen. Yep, as of today, I am launching my very own illustrated clothing collection! Here's a little peek for you....

The collection itself mainly features a number of my past illustrations which I have selected and gathered into one single concept. The designs you see here are only a few of them, and you can see the full collection at my shop. I'm just so excited because this project gave me so much freedom and I had a blast creating it!

To make things even merrier, I'm giving away...

ONE illustrated t-shirt for ONE lucky winner
TWO $15 vouchers for TWO lucky winners to use at The Wish Forest

To win the giveaway, all you have to do is...

♥ Follow my blog and leave a comment stating which design you would like to win
(View the full collection by clicking this link and choose whichever you like best!)

For a bigger chance of winning, you could also...
♥ "Like" my Facebook Page and leave a comment there
♥ Follow me on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway

I'll be drawing the winners on the 20th August 2011 and announce them on this blog! So make sure you circle that date and meet me back right here.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend ahead...wishing you all lots of fun and happy times!

Amalia, oxx


  1. Amalia! These shirts are lovely!!! Leave it to you to make a simple T-short into something beautiful. What a great idea and I know you will do well with your clothing line.
    Should I be lucky enough to win, I would choose "Little Rhizome" because of my love for trees and plants.
    I wish you well with this new venture, Amalia.
    I hope you are feeling good.
    ♥ audrey

  2. Ooooooo....BEAUTIFUL!!!
    These are lovely Amalia!
    (pick me! pick me! heeheehee!)
    I am glad to see you putting your art out there in different manners; they look GREAT!


  3. YEY! I'm so excited about the giveaway! But how could I possible choose a favorite when I love them all so much?! If I HAVE to choose...I'd say the "Traveling Companion" is my favorite.

  4. Oh wonderful - I think they are beautiful - would love to be the lucky giveaway winner! I'm already a follower and just "liked" and left a comment on your FB page!

  5. These are so beautiful! It's hard to decide, but I think my favorite is Little Rhizome. So peaceful and lovely.

    I liked/commented on Facebook (Hannah Jackson), and tweeted about this/followed you as well (hannahthebird on Twitter)!

  6. Hey there Amalia, Awesome works!!!! Thanks for bringing my attention to your awesome designs! If I am lucky enough to win I would like to receive the one you most want to share... Thanks! Chelle

  7. These are brilliant Amalia!!! I am in the middle of researching this type of project also for a few of my drawings. I just LOVE how these turned out!!!

    As always I leave inspired!!!

    How are you doing? How is the little one growing? :-)

    Hugs and thinking of you often!
    Thanks for the smile!!!


  8. Wow Amalia you have been busy! These illustrations look fantastic on tee-shirts! I've no doubt you'll have plenty of sales. My favourite is the Travelling Companion.xx

  9. T-shirts look really amazing. The Refuge one is my favorite even though it was hard to chose. :) I hope I get to win it! Thanks for the chance. I'm already your follower.

  10. wow!!!! I want them all!!!!!!!!
    Don't make me choose!!!!umm. ...
    Midnight traveller or refuge LOVE LOVE!!
    Brilliant idea!!! I'm so excited you are doing this! I'm all Into art that is practical at the moment..yay!

    I'm having my first ever give away today too!!! come on over and play!
    Love Helen xxxx

  11. how exciting! Congratulations on your new line. They look wonderful. It is so hard for me to choose. Forest of Playground has always been a favorite of mine,,,,, but then there is Little Rhizome.

    Last night I had company and they were oohing and ahhhing over your art!

    I do believe I already follow you on FB and tweet tweet.

    lovely day to you.

  12. Oh Amalia!!!! These are LOVELY! I adore them all! LOL But if I HAD to choose - I love Refuse and Forest of Playground. :) Thank you so very much for doing this, Amalia - and congrats on the new line!!!

  13. I follow you on Facebook! :) By the way, did you enter my giveaway? There is still time if you haven't. :)

  14. I follow you on twitter - and will send a tweet in the morning!!! :) Thank you again!

  15. Gee Amalia, you have the gift. I'll come back later and be inv=credably amusing :) Hahahahahaha :)

    Oh but seriously, these are beautiful. I love how you use your talents. You are a gift in yourself.

    hugs from oz :)

  16. Oh as far as designs I like them all! I think there is strength in the bottom two how their elements are their own mask- but I like the oval vignette of the top one. The middle one is the most emotive and reminds me of your present physiacl warmth joyness and snuggerhappiness (where is my dictionary :) )

  17. O' Wish Forest... I wish I could win the "Little Rhizome" T-Shirt. I'll always be in your Followers and I have left a comment in your FB which I really LIKE!

    Thank you for this wishful opportunity.

  18. Congratulations Amalia, They all look great. It was so hard to choose one, but I think I will choose 'Refuge'.

    All the best with this exciting new venture. =D

  19. Oh my goodness these babies are going fly right off of your website!!! How fabulous is this. Wonderful and beautiful!

  20. silent nurturing is my favorite.
    LOVE these! thanks for the giveaway chance!! xoxox

  21. i just "liked" you on facebook (& i really do like you!)

  22. They are all so lovely, but should I be lucky enough to win I would choose 'Refuge' or 'Midnight Travel' or ...

  23. Oh, such wonderful t-shirts! I cannot follow more blogs :-( because I'm already following 300 blogs and Blogspot don't allow me to add more. But don't mind, I can enjoy your t-shirst just seeing them in these photos :-) Thanks for show us and for your generosity. Kiss!

  24. congratulation on your new clothing line; you sound so very excited I can feel the happiness in your post! The line is absolutely gorgeous and i love your art work.
    Wether i win or not. :) :)
    have a great week end.
    xo sandra

  25. Dear Amalia K, your blog is so artsy and your illustration style is very beautiful. Anyway, I decided to make you as one of my inspiring artists. :)

    Well, I'm so craving for your giveaway T-shirt, thanks for the chance. If I may choose, I want that 'Refuge' one. It reminds me of the 'dryad'. Stunning fairy, ever. And you describe her image in a very stunning way. I love mythical illustration. ;)

    P.S: I also followed your twitter and spread the news (is that okay?), I'm @tweedledew.

  26. such wonderful creations amalia & sweet offerings...
    i'm a new follower, and 'liked' & left a comment on your fb! i think my fav is little rhizome.

  27. These look great Amalia! I'm so glad you are putting your lovely images on t-shirts. They are really beautiful. I think the second one is my favorite one.

  28. They are so so so beautiful!
    I love Little Rhizome the most, I think, because it reminds me of how I felt when I was swimming in the sea in Italy. And it's so so so pretty.

    I'm a follower and a fb fan <3

  29. I think it's wonderful that your lovely artwork is reaching farther and farther afield, Amalia! Refuge is my favorite so far, but I love them all! X <3 Linda

  30. Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous! I would LOVE to win any of these, but I think my favorite is Forest of Playground!!! <3

  31. I am, I believe one of your followers, on your blog, and now will follow you on FB too. I have to say I am drawn to the girls who are protected by the nest and what looks like it. I can see three of them. It brings some security and I
    would be proud to show it on my chest!

  32. These are really lovely! I think my favorite shirt design is the girl and bird in the nest. I think it is called Quiet Nurturing. What a fun give-away. I have been a follower for a long time. I will check out your Facebook page!

  33. exactly all shirts is amazing. i love it all.
    I already follow this blog, ur twitter as well, like ur fan page (fb) and leave comment.
    I would love to be the lucky giveaway winner!
    have a nice day amalia :)

  34. Congratulations on your new enterprise, Amalia...these are truly lovely, and such a beautiful and unusual addition to the t-shirt world. May you prosper! My own particular favorite image is "Midnight Travel"...and I had not seen this sweet and dreamy one before. :-)
    Sending a big warm hug, Susan

  35. How gorgeous! I'm your newest follower - I adore the tree!

  36. I 'like' your FB page - really stunning work!

  37. On the last design, the way you entwined the hair into the roots of the tree is just marvelous> Beautiful work, I wish you much success wit it!

  38. These are stunning and what a fabulous giveaway into the bargain. Hard to choose which I like best but this is it.

    Lots of luck with your venture I have followed you and am now going to share this post

  39. I love them all, but my favorite is the midnight travel! Great giveaway!

  40. ... and Liked your FB page as well!

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Oh Amalia, your illustrations are wonderful, I am so glad to have found you through Artsee Bloggers ! Please I'd love a chance to win ♥♥♥
    I would choose "Refuge" eventhough chosing is soooo hard !!!! But I looooove trees, so that's why ♥

  43. sorry had to delete my previous comment, made a mistake....I also "Like" your FB page now ♥ Love to spend time here ♥

  44. oooh, supermega delightful giveaway! they are all so beautiful, but my favorite is the travelling companion!
    *fingers crossed for the shirt*

  45. Dear Amalia, what a lovely idea! These t-shirts are amazingly beautiful and they'll have success! I like all of your drawings, but my favourite one is "Silent Nurturing". What a generous giveaway! You'll make the winners happy, but we are all happy, admiring your art, that makes us smile and dream!
    Take care, my dearest!xx

  46. Your artwork is beautiful! I especially love "Midnight Travel."

    Thank you so much for the chance to win. I'm now a follower. :-)

  47. Also liked your FB page with my personal page and fan page! :-)

    I tried following on twitter, but for some reason the page didn't pull up on the link provided.

  48. Darn! I missed the giveaway! But, I still think your designs are awesome and I'm still going to be a "follower!" Congratulations!

  49. waooo ! espectacular trabajo !, felicitaciones.


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