Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Warming Up for Halloween

It's just coming near to September and already Halloween is making its magical spooky entry everywhere. If you're an eager devotee of this particular holiday, here's a little something from me to get you warmed up for the coming event...

Signs Wallpaper

Feel free to download this desktop wallpaper for your personal use through this link. I hope she brings a little eerie chill every time you turn on the computer. :)

Amalia, oxx


  1. i like all of the details in this- the black rose and the crow! yay, I love halloween

  2. powerful
    she is indeed
    in touch with
    what the winds

  3. you are just amazing. This one is so wonderful... I was wondering do you ever do anything ugly?? :) *smile*
    beautiful work, xo sandra

  4. This is so beautiful! And really puts me in the mood for fall :)

  5. That's very kind of you Amalia. :) I love the tree and the birds! They feel as though they're swaying!xx

  6. hello Amalia,

    this is wonderful and I thank you for your generous heart! so fun to think of Halloween in the later days of summer.

  7. Hey, well she is giving me an eerie chill already :) Hey, maybe the door is open... hmm I didn't leave it open. Well she is a beautiful witch thankyou :) I can put her with my pears .... let me go and read your comment again. :) Ahh I love the pic of the small rolls with people names on them in the last post. You are very generous!

    see you from oz :)

  8. She's very very lovely. Selamat Idul Fitri, Amalia. Hope you have a great one with your family:)

  9. Well, Hallooween is not typical for Bulgaria, although during the last decade it "appeared" and found its place mainly in the hearts of children and youngsters. We do have a feast to contribute the souls of the dead - Arhangelovden, on November 8th...
    I admire your drawing, Amalia, I like to see it again! I'm really impatient to put it on the desktop of my laptop when Autumn comes... THANK YOU!
    I hope you feel well, full of strength, joy and sweet expectation!xx

  10. Ooooo Enchanting work Amalia! Halloween is such fun for illustrators...isn’t it?


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